XVII: The Kraken Within The Darkest Depths Of The Soul December 29th, 2021: I was surrounded by water. I began racing for the high ground. Near me was a man in a dark purple hood, with strange sigils, chanting an unholy mantra of some sort. The water soon rose to cover all the land, there … Continue reading

IX: Enlightenment: A Constant State of Being November 13th, 2021: While on my previous post, I did mention I would speak about something very important within our reality.However, when I woke up last night, I realized something slightly less important needed to be said first.My mind had been feeding itself small amounts of discouragement for … Continue reading

IV: Bamboozled by Yourself, Enlightened by Yourself November 5th, 2021: Communicating is enjoyable, to me. Once the communication is over, it always feels like I left something very very important out of the entire equation of the dialogue.I always endeavor to be authentic with people, though I understand that at the same time I have … Continue reading