Finding True Bliss Or Hooking Back Into The Matrix

Most days I ride my bike up to my gym to relax or workout.

The route I take, will always send me passed a McDonalds where I can smell the fresh genetically modified potato fries. This is often a pleasant nostalgic trip for me, because I have made resolutions to never engage in certain activities anymore. One of those resolutions was to NOT purchase anything from McDonalds as it is sorta the symbol for the somnambull society that is ever pervading, within the overindulgence of the shadow self.

Still though, the fries smell really good. Nearly every time I pass by, I have to actually convince myself that it would be foolish to consume some, as they are known to contain ingredients that are not fully conducive to the the physiology of the natural human system. Though they recently removed Dimethylpolysiloxane (which was contained in silly putty), they still use Russet potatoes which contain pesticides within the genetic modification of the food, as well as other ingredients that are not exactly beneficial.

Knowing these things, doesn’t at all prevent my shadow self from desiring the food at times. Every time I pass by, I have thoughts that tell me, “Maybe I could grab some french fries, this one time?” Like a siren beckoning me to a hell world because of a promise that it will be better.

I also made another conscious decision to not consume meat (for it is also not conducive the natural human physiology). However, I sometimes fantasize about eating some within the imaginations of my past, because it felt like I had more freedom in the food choices I consumed. Since nearly every restaurant contains food choices that are unhealthy, it was always fun to have the freedom to assume that everything would be ok no matter what I decided to put in my body. (Such as the sages of India who can consume venom and not die)

When I consumed the meat, completely ignorant of it’s health effects, it would feel good for the ten minutes or so— as I was consuming the meal, and that was enough to convince me that it was raising my vibration to a higher quality. In fact, it was, but only for the ten minutes or so. Later, I noticed that I would catch a cold, feel an upset stomach, have headaches and all kinds of problems, that I just naively assumed was caused by something other than what I was eating every day.

Of course, this is interesting, because I willfully chose to ignore the knowledge that I was already exposed to, in favor of being happily ignorant in my conscious decision. A famous example is the allegory of Plato’s Cave, where people spend their whole lives looking at shadows, and anyone who even mentions that the shadows are just veils of a projected light would be ridiculed as being “nonsensical”.

A better example, is that of Cypher from the Matrix. Where the character actually chose to go back into the Matrix without any memory of the real world because it appeared to be the more preferable option. The famous scene was him conversing with Agent Smith over the taste of steak, knowing full well it was just a simulation, it still tasted good to him.

This is exactly what, the (you could say) “demonic” entity, in me, lured my mind into believing was a more preferable state of being. Though, the idea of remaining in the more natural self has a much stronger foothold now, than in my spiritually inexperienced days. The last time I consumed meat was on my 30th birthday. I was mostly vegetarian at the time, and decided it would be alright to have a festive time, and consume whatever junk was available.

I went to some buffet and ordered burgers, fried chicken, tacos, ice cream, lots of sodas and more. It felt alright to indulge while it was still daylight. During that night, however, I felt a powerful fever come over me. It was intense. I felt like I was “upgrading” (because my waking mind often interprets everything as having purpose), until I realized that I was simply detoxing everything that I normally did not consume. I woke up in order to splash water on my face, I was so overheated, and I passed out instead, hitting my head on the bathroom counter.

I would say, that was the proper karmic effect for what I chose to do on that day (commensurate to the knowledge I did contain). When I woke up the next day, I felt perfectly fine because my body was able to quickly detox. However, most people are choosing this daily and wonder why they have so many health ailments, or other aggravating consequences from not following a more integral way of life. Though, I understand much more is spiritually involved than just diet.

McDonalds is but, one symbol of our external bindings. There are many companies that I do my best to not support as their tendency is towards destruction of everything. I found that this left me with very few options in the marketplace. As most if not all companies have some kind of way they are not being as totally ethical as they could be. This also relates with politics, where the choices of a completely integral individual, to vote for, is probably close to zero or is in fact, zero. Even if they promised the dissolution of all corruption within the system as it stands, they will likely not be able to follow through. It is why it is up to us to create new ways of interacting with ourselves. Which is currently happening in small pockets around the world and in small part due to our individual actions.

I found it very useful to forgive myself for all past actions. It doesn’t matter what heinous activity you supported or gave praise to even moments ago. In the next moment, you are literally a new individual, that can make new choices. An individual that has shifted from one reality timeline to the next within a billionth of a second (the smallest interval that can currently be measured, of which contains the constant shifting of noncontinuous atoms—thus literally meaning that all we are is renewed within each billionth of a second).

Often though we are stuck within the matrix of believing ourselves to be the culmination of all our opinions and attitudes. This does not necessarily need to be the case. If we can break free of our identity for even a moment, we can start healing ourselves and the world in the very next. And with that, accelerate the spiritual dimensions of our personal vibrations (to that of supreme awesomeness).

There was a time whereby synthesizing all these various views; did not allow me to communicate to anyone for days. People then threw me in a mental hospital for my “unusual behavior”. After some time there, I was able to once again use language to speak with those around me. One patient was speaking of philosophy of some kind and I asked him about Socrates. He quickly snapped back to me “Yes, I know what Socrates said, Ignorance is Bliss, and Bliss is Ignorance” in a flurry of vocal aptitude. And at that I was at a lost for words, and could say no more.

Now I can say more. Ignorance is Convenient, for Bliss is Knowing. This I find to be more accurate. Once you know something holds true despite anyone’s belief or assumption to the contrary, then it is no longer a matter of doing what makes you temporarily happy. You do, because you know that it is more blissful. A higher vibration is one that remains as a subtle carrier wave to all other wild emotional states of being. It is an inner trust that all will be well. Certainly, the external world makes everything seem like a struggle, but once unnecessary actions are placed to the side, bliss is easy to find.

So while I could easily fall for myriads of bamboozlement at any moment, I know I can forgive myself for taking a step back to the lesser ways. Chögyam Trungpa made a statement on awakening as a type of warning. Because once someone goes down this path, inevitably one finds that there is no way to go back. This is a good thing. It may seem as though society has an eternity to go before they catch up with you, but in fact, you are the sole reason that they have to begin to transmute their pain and reform the way they live as well. Once something is exposed, it becomes harder and harder to willfully hide it from view.

In time, society will completely change course and re-create itself from the bottom up. In which case, the ethical and integral actions will be just as convenient as is to make unethical actions today. What more can be said? It is still up to how one interprets the words. For nothing has to be taken so seriously. Life flows over whatever stream is necessary for more Enlightenment. In our Enlightenment, we will look at all of which tangled us in theory and action over the millennia as a single solar ray, jettisoning out in defiance, as the sun sits peacefully attuned to the eternal play.

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