The Splitting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge

Recently, I have been engaged in politics as a type of exploration into any potential for more integration within a limited society. I recently got myself involved with the green party in order to see if we really could elect someone with the integrity to make some kind of significant change. Though, after learning about the various ways they tax, ways they contain limiting viewpoints, election rigging in their nominations, and Jesse Ventura’s comments about how suspicious they are of anyone who doesn’t have their particular principles, I have slowly grown back into my former understanding of politics. The idea is left for those who desire power over others, though perhaps they will create a slightly better arrangement, it is far from being completely harmonious.

In my podcast episode Wisdom From the Howl of Coyotes, I desired a change through something other than red vs blue. Such as perhaps a third option. This might be what occurs in 2024 with Andrew Yang’s new political party (or another), but I still see that as woefully lagging behind a grand awakening to a completely different paradigm altogether. It will not be called anarchy or communism. It is greater than that.

This grand awakening will be spiritual and may come through in part by a concerted effort of positive forces, as a variety of disclosures within society, but in it’s complete form, it will be manifested by our own will to change course to something new. People are already beginning to find ways of forming communities that take no part in a system that is fueled by division, exploitation, dishonesty and war. Instead opting to create something that is fueled by our willingness to express unconditional love at whatever capacity we recognize it.

In Joe Rogan’s podcast with guest Theo Von, they described how strange everything now felt. “Its weird” they humorously mused, “like everything shifted into another dimension” using the analogy of picking up multiple radio stations at the same time.

This parallels what Dolores Cannon (as well as a lot of channeled material) has been saying about a splitting of Earths into one of more fear and one of more love. Since we live within a subjective universe, we shift to whatever Earth is more commensurate to the vibration we are. And so on one timeline, people of fear will likely accept some kind of authoritarian dystopia where they will live out the rest of their lives on a planet that will eventually die out. The other timeline will create a new Earth altogether, based on the principles of unconditional love.

This idea that many will be left behind can sometimes make me believe this concept to be absurd. The subjective nature of reality may not always hit me in full force, therefore sometimes I see all people on Earth wanting the same freedom and bliss that I know. It seems like an awful injustice that some people “won’t make it” simply because they have been bamboozled by the way society is currently structured. Yet, no matter how I feel about it, it remains the case that the metaphysics of our reality is decided upon by our higher selves and not our lower conscious.

It is free will that decides the fate of any individual and so by forcing them into a way of life that is more vibrationally harmonious can be seen as an injustice to their current way of doing things, which is partaking in activities that induce fear, division, and hatred among the vast majority of other individuals. As Nahko sang from one of his songs “If we are all one, why are we so divided?” It is the way we have collectively chosen to interact with one another (I wonder if he got that lyric from anyone?).

That fear was accelerated in 2001 with the crashing of the twin towers and the restricting of our freedoms. Twenty years later, we have arrived to perceive a deeper set of fears. With the virus being probably manually introduced to our population (and evolved through testing it with animals in biolabs), it has caused our government to hype up the dystopia levels by introducing a two-tier society. One of the vaccinated (who will have to comply to the booster shots every few months to keep their jobs) and the unvaccinated who simply desire to have their own medical freedom. It has very little to do with our safety and health, otherwise we would have been provided with other free medicine, and would have also considered our diet, stress levels, exercise in the overall equation of health.

Comedian Jimmy Dore, has done a decent job at exposing how the vaccine is not very effective for how it is being rolled out. As well as other suspicious activity that line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and the distasteful mandates that are required to have a job in society. All of this becomes even more suspicious when we consider that people who are given the vaccine are not protected from having or transmitting the virus and often are hit with various damaging side-effects. With these growing concerns, Merriam-Webster has opted to change the definition of vaccine from an injection that provides immunity to that of something which only triggers an immune response. Which is something similar to that of Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novel, which explained how the upper class would start dictating how words are defined to others in order to save face.

Fear is an illusion of the mind. Only love is the reality. Which makes it all the more odd to see fear in action. As with the media induced partitioning of the vaccinated “vs” unvaccinated. Many are calling to shame those that are not vaccinated. Many companies, and venues are asking for proof of vaccination which means individuals now have to have their papers in order for them to access to the amenities that use to be provided to all. These are all aspects that require a steady mind to hold in balance with the more positive aspects of our reality. I have learned that it is always good to have energy feel free and blissful, despite the circumstances that are currently taking place in the world.

The bright side of all this is that out of these events, many are awakening to how deep the corruption has always been. Also to the idea that perhaps something more than a vote is needed this time. We are growing in awareness and thus it is all of our destiny to ascend in vibration to a better society. It is only that some are choosing to take a detour. Eventually, no matter how long it takes, we all learn how to access and hold the higher vibrations of a new, more harmonious Earth.

Though this is a rather simplistic explanation for what is actually taking place. There are a multitude of timelines that are possible for one to experience. For not everyone is on the same wavelength in terms of health, scientific insight, political insight, and spiritual insight. This to remind ourselves that there is an infinite number of Earth’s we are constantly shifting with our subjective observation. This is relaxing to know, because it means we are on the train that we desire to be on right now, and existence is working out the details of where we need to end up in order to accelerate our spiritual frequency to its highest standard. But, we can’t get caught in the idea of indulging in thought as it would create conflict in ourselves. Equally the case, is our awareness of where our passion would be of the most service to the world in any given moment (a understanding of higher self intuition).

An interesting metaphysical prospect this turns out to be. Certainly, we might be noticing how we are interacting with some people less and others more, even though as a whole we are still part of everyone within the society and all our lives effect each other. You may find an interesting synchronicity will happen to you in the near future that sets you on the path of a new more integrated community with the desire for pure freedom and unconditional love. Or you may find yourself in a city, where you take part in a revolution of some kind. Others still, may opt to tune out of this completely and simply choose an existence where anything is possible in the confines of their virtual reality.

As for me, I know I delved into the virtual reality long enough. So the next time I write, I will touch on this one absolute truth of existence. Anything is possible in the actual reality. Anything you can imagine. And anything that goes beyond it.

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