Money As The Spiritual, As The Spiritual Is Love Of Money

In life, it is perfectly obvious that it feels good to take action on what you enjoy doing the most. If that fun thing can be made into a career, where people offer you money for it, it will prove itself to be an ideal way of life. I look into my own life and … Continue reading Money As The Spiritual, As The Spiritual Is Love Of Money

Trust Fall Of Society

At this point in time, I am not certain where the money will come from for my rent and utilities. I have recently decided to quit my useless job and trust that my passions will be able to support me. When I was young, I would often trip into a pitfall of mystic haze. I … Continue reading Trust Fall Of Society

Time To Embrace The Cringe

Writing Joe Rogan’s name into my Death Note (This is a gaff right guys? R-right?) The content I put out seems to melt like chocolate on a sunny day, into a gross blob of spirituality and other fringe topics. It has yet to stand out towards a larger audience. Thus, recently, my life has been … Continue reading Time To Embrace The Cringe

Digital Age Mystic

For most, it is something we make up out of thin air and place into our fantasy films or video games. The very notion that one can communicate with other realms is non-sensical to the common way of seeing reality. This creates a divide between scientifically minded folk who like to point to the hard … Continue reading Digital Age Mystic

Duncan Trussell At The KC Improv

I dunno, I guess I was jealous at his wisdom and stuff. So I sent him a very informative e-mail. I assume he never got it, and if he did, it was taken out of the context of the horrifying pain of reality. And that pain is as follows… I am vegan. Vegan WARLOCK-110-B demonia … Continue reading Duncan Trussell At The KC Improv

The Vegan Prime Directive

I was driving home from work when I started to imagine myself writing this article. I instantly saw a purple and red light flash briefly before my eyes and entered my body. It felt warm-cold and was as though I was before a small hearth of pleasure. Then a possum of some kind, started to … Continue reading The Vegan Prime Directive

Writing For No One, And Then One Listens

Art by @BlakeKathryn Today I had an experience where I didn’t know how much information to reveal about myself. This can happen to anyone at anytime, you may have not done it in awhile, but it can happen in the future. The probability of understanding information is different for each individual. It seems as though … Continue reading Writing For No One, And Then One Listens

More Than A Video Game My SPIRITUAL quest continues as I sit down to write these words. Of course, spiritual is a relative word. It seems to be the case, that everything we do has that quality. We all live spiritual lives whether we are aware of it or not. However, once aware, the real fun begins.I found myself … Continue reading More Than A Video Game

The Electric Walk

During the week… I work, and when I have free time I find myself working some more — usually on various projects to help provide me an independent income for the future. It is effort I do alone, and for myself, though I entrust myself to not get carried away and always keep in mind … Continue reading The Electric Walk