The Electric Walk

During the week… I work, and when I have free time I find myself working some more β€” usually on various projects to help provide me an independent income for the future. It is effort I do alone, and for myself, though I entrust myself to not get carried away and always keep in mind … Continue reading The Electric Walk

Emulating A Master

Art by Cody Thomas Kuiack One day I was riding my bike while listening to a certain spiritual audio book. The book’s content was the usual uplifting message I have heard in many other places. The idea is that we are all essentially Gods as consciousness, and that nothing is actually impossible in our seemingly … Continue reading Emulating A Master

A Real Endeavor And A Paper Moon

Recently, I decided to move out and live on my own by working full-time. It is something I once told my friend β€œI would rather die” than actually do, and yet here I am. Though I am still here, it did feel like a little bit of me did actually die in the process. I … Continue reading A Real Endeavor And A Paper Moon

A Future Spiritual-Journey-Supreme

A powerful thought keeps entering my mind, and it seems nearly impossible for me to extinguish. I previously wrote an article about the unlimited nature of human potential: The Human Potential Is Unbelievable The idea is that once we begin to look at what consciousness really is, any number of seemingly β€œsupernatural” phenomena, that we … Continue reading A Future Spiritual-Journey-Supreme

One Who Ventures A Strange Dream, Is No Stranger To Circumstance

For many people in my generation and the generations that follow β€” we have rejected the idea of being a β€œwage slave” for a living, and have instead opted for the loving support of our parents or some other kind of living arrangement. However, I have only recently (as of 33 years of age) decided … Continue reading One Who Ventures A Strange Dream, Is No Stranger To Circumstance

Sorting Through The Dredge

Writing is usually fun for me. The work it requires doesn’t seem like any work at all. Yet, writing is not what I do for a living. There is no deadline for me, and no one pressuring me to write better or within any constraints. For some people, it is the case that it is … Continue reading Sorting Through The Dredge

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Art by Cody Kuiack I was thrilled to have one of my favorite musical heroes, Orion from Thought Beings, on my podcast. It was a shift of my consciousness into speaking with more people, whom I consider, to be more engaged with the public, and thus, have a greater potential to make more positive change … Continue reading The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

A Blank Slate Is The Scariest Thing You Will Ever See

I spent a few years in a community college learning game design. Though I felt as though I didn’t learn too much, I was reminded about one time when my professor went to erase the white board. When he was finished wiping the porcelain clean, he made a statement that stuck with me. β€œNow let … Continue reading A Blank Slate Is The Scariest Thing You Will Ever See

Exploring Expectations

We often dream up negative experiences in our mind to protect our ourselves from being disappointed. Is this a point of stability or an abuse of our imagination? Perhaps, we are barring ourselves from true mastery?[This article was originally written as a post to a Facebook group] I am exploring the idea of having β€˜no … Continue reading Exploring Expectations

Sweeping Away The Dust

It is a quiet night as I sit alone in the break room of my work place. It feels good to be the only here, as I can endeavor to deepen my ability to meditate as I work. Like monks who had to clean the floors of a monastery or pull weeds from the garden. … Continue reading Sweeping Away The Dust