Tales Of Sedona: A Mystical Journey

Photo I took of a statue in Sedona I am reminded about my journey to Sedona, Arizona.In the past, I saw many speak about this location as a place of high spiritual quality. Many of the locals spoke about the area being a vortex of accelerated energy, that anyone can attune to. I thought this … Continue reading Tales Of Sedona: A Mystical Journey

The Use Of Not Leaving The Comfort Zone

Art by CaringWong When we usually speak about the comfort zone, we usually talk about it as a negative. We always speak about leaving the comfort zone for something greater, something better than what we are already doing. Like most of what we say, this is not completely untrue, but this means it is only … Continue reading The Use Of Not Leaving The Comfort Zone

Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

I am sitting down now, drinking my oat milk tea, writing this article on destiny. Was this destined to happen? Certainly, it has been on my mind for awhile now, and it seems that this would suppose a certain kind of trajectory. An energy, if you will, that gravitates towards an inevitable expression in the … Continue reading Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

Scattered Remnants of Mystical Visions

Caverns by Adam Varga Perception changes everything in our life. I am reminded of the β€œMake Everything OK” button website. Everything that is going awry in our life is because we perceive it so. This is not to say things are the most preferable they could be, but it is always the case, that we can … Continue reading Scattered Remnants of Mystical Visions

The Nature of Free Will

Another universal question that is posed, especially in philosophical or spiritual circles β€” is the question of whether or not free will exists. Basically, the idea is seen from both a materialistic and spiritual standpoint. On one end of the spectrum, is the idea that free will does not exist at all. Because if we … Continue reading The Nature of Free Will

The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

My previous article talked about the idea of β€œSpiritual Advancement” as well as the counter-balance to the idea, that ultimately there is no advancement at all, in the idea of a playful existence: "The Mystery of Spiritual Advancement" However, for this article, let us assume there are spiritual degrees that one can create in the … Continue reading The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

Burning Up Time, Burning Up Karma

Searching for an image online, I picked this one. I never really use any of my own artwork, because I rather it be an image that looks good. While searching for this image, I noticed another one that sort of seemed similar to my own art style, a kind of cartoonish look, with hardly any … Continue reading Burning Up Time, Burning Up Karma

Paradise Lost: How Pandemic Paranoia Has Destroyed Our Way Of Life

From my perspective, our treatment with the outbreak of coronavirus has been a disaster for our society. The lock downs and specific mandates we implemented, were not an effective strategy in reducing our pain of disease. Not only that but, domestic violence, drug abuse, depression, economic loss and suicide all went up during these protocols. … Continue reading Paradise Lost: How Pandemic Paranoia Has Destroyed Our Way Of Life

Unlocking A Quantum Leap In Our Ability To Learn And Create

Any creative process is very difficult to master. We may pick up one or two skills in our life that we hardly assume we have a "mastery" of. It is the case in how our physical reality operates, that a very slow and often addled methodical process, is required to become good at any art. … Continue reading Unlocking A Quantum Leap In Our Ability To Learn And Create