Light Of An Invisible Sun

Album Art of Electronic musician β€œArgus” I felt like I was in a video game. I was shooting zombies mindlessly until I began to question the ethicacy of what I was doing. I was then swarmed with a series of thoughts that were not my own β€” hard to grasp what they were saying. They … Continue reading Light Of An Invisible Sun

The Intense Energy Of Higher Dimensions

Art by Illuminating Life Last night, I found myself becoming lucid within a dream. This is always an exciting occasion, because the potential for enjoying myself is increased nearly a hundred fold. During this conscious dream, I made an intention to experience my greatest desire. As I made the wish, the entire dream began to … Continue reading The Intense Energy Of Higher Dimensions

The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil

During my dream last night, there was some kind of paladin sitting before a great abyss. I saw one of my dream friends enter this abyss and was transformed into a massive demonic entity.I began to run away from this entity. The dream bordered on astral presence (by that I mean the visuals are astonishingly … Continue reading The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil