If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

Art by u/wat_the_deuce …it is best to say nothing at all. This is something often repeated as a general wise rule of thumb for interacting with humanity. Sometimes we may provide our perspective or additional information that may sound to others like we are β€œbeing mean”, but this is a different matter. For unless someone … Continue reading If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

Light Of An Invisible Sun

Album Art of Electronic musician β€œArgus” I felt like I was in a video game. I was shooting zombies mindlessly until I began to question the ethicacy of what I was doing. I was then swarmed with a series of thoughts that were not my own β€” hard to grasp what they were saying. They … Continue reading Light Of An Invisible Sun

Being A Fool

Art of β€œThe Fool” When I am around people, I like to make them laugh. It always feels good when my words happen to evoke that response in others. I notice many of us like to act in this way, to β€œmake light” of our situation by turning the table and poking fun of anything … Continue reading Being A Fool

Mastering Decisiveness

Phoenix Wright Our lives are made up of decision. However, since most of us perceive a consciousness of duality β€” a split is often made, between a less preferable choice and a more preferable choice. This creates a needless struggle and anxiety over what decision to make in any given moment. Ideally, we would always … Continue reading Mastering Decisiveness

No Loss, Nor Sever

Art by Caring Wong I continue my quest for more Enlightenment. So I am told, Enlightenment is the cessation of suffering and an expansion of consciousness into a more complete holistic view. A state of being with many degrees of self-knowledge, and with none. Recently, I have explored the idea of abundance. While this concept … Continue reading No Loss, Nor Sever

The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil

During my dream last night, there was some kind of paladin sitting before a great abyss. I saw one of my dream friends enter this abyss and was transformed into a massive demonic entity.I began to run away from this entity. The dream bordered on astral presence (by that I mean the visuals are astonishingly … Continue reading The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil