Channeling An Entity

If I am familiar with an entity I can call forth a portion of their energy and channel a personal message through to you that can assist you on your spiritual journey. As well, you will be able to ask this entity any question you may have.

Entities I am familiar with:

⦿ Athena (My Spiritual Guide) 20% energy
⦿ Ji-Gong (Zen Master Daoji)
15% energy
⦿ Jesus Christ of Nazereth (Yeshua Ben Yosef) 15% energy
⦿ Padmasambhāva “The Second Buddha” (Guru Rinpoche) 5% energy
⦿ Archangel Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and Metatron 15% energy
⦿ Thoth the Atlantean (Hermes Trismegistus) 5% energy
⦿ the Sassani (Race of light-blue skinned ET) 20% energy
⦿ the Pleiadians (Race of ET from Pleiades system) 15% energy

Feel free to ask to see whom I can channel through!

This service costs $200 for an hour session
E-mail me at to ask how to get started

You may pay the fee at several locations here: