The year is 198X. In a small town near Kansas City, USA— some kind of mystic is born. But, I am not exactly certain why you need to care about that right now. I mean if you look at most of his life, it seems like he just played video games all day. I can’t quite pinpoint the significance of this person, yet. It’s like they are trying to do some creative endeavors and everything, but it misses that unique something, that would propel them towards a supreme awesomeness.

I think I know what it is. But, maybe it is beyond my thoughts? Maybe the love of all, is not just a veneer in personality? Playing the sacred video games, reading the sacred writings, watching the sacred animations, they are all very quaint, but it misses the jolt of magenta-ecstatic electric energy.

It’s just that…

I don’t know how to say it…

Jaron is a lot cooler in the future.

We all are.
And we can only make that reality now.

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This is the central point of my work. Anything beyond is better left undefined.

Arising not with violence in the heart
The Emerald Sword is found

Transcending to, given within
An Ascension of ethereal beacon

This time, one begins to melt the frost.