Money As The Spiritual, As The Spiritual Is Love Of Money

In life, it is perfectly obvious that it feels good to take action on what you enjoy doing the most. If that fun thing can be made into a career, where people offer you money for it, it will prove itself to be an ideal way of life. I look into my own life and … Continue reading Money As The Spiritual, As The Spiritual Is Love Of Money

Trust Fall Of Society

At this point in time, I am not certain where the money will come from for my rent and utilities. I have recently decided to quit my useless job and trust that my passions will be able to support me. When I was young, I would often trip into a pitfall of mystic haze. I … Continue reading Trust Fall Of Society

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Art by Cody Kuiack I was thrilled to have one of my favorite musical heroes, Orion from Thought Beings, on my podcast. It was a shift of my consciousness into speaking with more people, whom I consider, to be more engaged with the public, and thus, have a greater potential to make more positive change … Continue reading The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Kid Kraken

I wrote a book titled: “Trusting All That Is” . An outcropping of spiritual philosophy that places an emphasis on the empowerment of the individual and an immutable trust of a higher compassionate consciousness which secretly edges all sentience towards expansion. However, there have been many times, since writing that book, that I have fallen … Continue reading Kid Kraken

No Loss, Nor Sever

Art by Caring Wong I continue my quest for more Enlightenment. So I am told, Enlightenment is the cessation of suffering and an expansion of consciousness into a more complete holistic view. A state of being with many degrees of self-knowledge, and with none. Recently, I have explored the idea of abundance. While this concept … Continue reading No Loss, Nor Sever

The Golden Chains Of Freedom

As it were, I have material desires. And I have noticed that perhaps the only way to fulfill those desires is through my own will to integrate more with how society functions. A strange occurrence indeed. As I use to be able to give up any thought I had to do anything differently, by assuming … Continue reading The Golden Chains Of Freedom