To Increase Desire

Many of us have the desire for much more in our life. We see where we are at, and we are not satisfied with how much money we are making, our love life, or are ability to create like others. Sometimes these desires might be masked in a type of stoic or spiritual bypassing, that makes us believe that we don’t need to push further in life, even when we secretly and subconsciously, very much do.

This fundamental dissatisfaction can start to be lifted by understanding three very simple principles!

1. Be Satisfied Where You Are At

Not so much a satisfying thing to hear, is it?
You may say: “What do you mean be satisfied where I am at?!
You’re going to have to do better, because my life is hopeless!”

Emphatically, dear reader, it is not.

It only seems hopeless because of your belief that you will never be able to gain what you desire. This negative belief actually drains you of life in the moment, blocking your potential for any kind of constructive action in the moment and in the future.

Since the past cannot be altered, and the future is not yet here, you would be wise to feel grateful exactly where you are at, now!

2. Take Action On Your Excitement

Since we aren’t bypassing our situation with lofty ideas of transcending the material plane or some kind of global doomsday/utopian event in the future — it is time to take action now!

Start by acting towards your general desires. If you want money, find something you love doing, and then do it until you get good at it. If you are good at nothing, keep trying out different things until you realize what you want to do more than anything else. Then keep doing it until you master it!

Start talking with people! Go online, go outside, go anywhere where people are at, and start talking to them about what you love. They often will be able to provide you with some tips or suggestions on how to improve your endeavors, so that you can increase the probability of success (which may not even seem related to what you love, but nevertheless will still be useful in your life!). As well, you will make new friends, and possibly meet that special someone. All because you decided to take action.

3. Drop All Expectations On An Outcome

Your actions will consistently be met with apparent failure. So what? Drop all expectations that the results of your actions have to look a certain way, and you will begin to not care. Speaking with people will also be consistently awkward and rife with misunderstanding. So what? Embrace the impact of this energy and move through it quickly and smoothly in your psyche. Over time, it will effect you less and less.

You have now increased the probability of success

Read over those points again!

So long as you remain in a positive state, take action on your passion/excitement/joy in any given moment, and assume nothing about the outcome or results of your actions — then you will succeed in and overflow of abundance and love. Through this awareness, you will learn more about life, and more about yourself — thus your intelligence will be exponential!

Keep approaching wonder, sweet friend! You are here for a reason.


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