The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Art by Cody Kuiack

I was thrilled to have one of my favorite musical heroes, Orion from Thought Beings, on my podcast. It was a shift of my consciousness into speaking with more people, whom I consider, to be more engaged with the public, and thus, have a greater potential to make more positive change in the world.

Having explored the spiritual (or philosophical) realm for some time now, I often wonder if or when the more esoteric nature of our reality will become more ubiquitous and easier to talk about in the mainstream? Since right now, it only appears in bits and parts here and there. And only by a few people that can somehow get away with talking about it, without any trite remarks such as, “Are you high right now?” or “What drugs are you on?”

One reason, as to why it isn’t as popular for us to delve so deeply into, is because it is very challenging for people to uproot their normal consciousness into something more expanded and integrative. This also, can lead people to go insane and become very disoriented with how things usually work in our society.

I know in my personal seeking of knowledge, I found myself ignoring the truth about how the material reality basically functions in terms of the market. I got down on myself for not interacting with more people since I started to, unfortunately believe, that they were less “spiritual” than me.

Luckily, this whole cynical cycle began to slowly grind itself down over time. After many years of meandering, I decided to commit to working a job — just so I could prove that my spirituality was real and not just some whimsical fantasy that was spoken in whispers by the crazy wizards and mystical magicians of the ancient past. This was a leap towards a more grounded way of life. Instead of griping on my podcast about how the world was, and secretly harboring thoughts of my apparent genius being ignored by the masses of people. I decided to simply help people, and get paid for a honest day’s work.

However, this is still not the thing that would satisfy my sentiments. The job is a nice change of pace that is allowing me to expand my comfort zone to have more people in my life and more service to humanity, but it is still a job, and even though I am enjoying the work at the moment, I know I won’t want to do it forever. This is where I realized that I have been forgoing another aspect of society. The “dark cauldron” of business and marketing. The one thing that allows anyone (fortunately or unfortunately) born into a capitalist society, to acquire more freedom.

Still though, I wasn’t quite ready for this particular leap. My whole life, my whole soul, was always a statement against this type of wolfish behavior. So instead, I picked up an interesting audio book called “The Science of Getting Rich”. Which was a great blend of spirituality and greed. Though the book would not call it greed, as such! Merely, having one’s basic desires fulfilled. This began to shatter my current assumption of how to approach my life, using the same principles I already knew a lot about. Now, it just feels more real.

This book saw right through all of my spiritual bypassing. It knew the exact reason why I was reading that book, and it wasn’t afraid to tell me why. Paraphrasing some quotes: “You know why you are here. You are here to get rich”. “It is time to let the dead bury the dead.” “Stop thinking about poverty.” “Stop reading spiritual books.” “Focus on getting rich.”

This astounded me and shook my compassionate sentiments. I felt the book was brainwashing me into a corrupted state of mind, but it had many good points. It told me that it was going to be perfectly alright to put myself out there and acquire wealth. And at the exact same time, it held my hand during the process, by reminding me of my spiritual values, stating how useless “competition” and “bragging” is for anyone who wants to get rich.

This calmed my nerves and really got me excited for the future. I feel as though I am starting to understand more of the spiritual struggle. The unspeakable still within me, the idea that spirituality and greater concepts are still widely unknown. All of this is surely reaching some sort of apex. And yet, I intuitively see that it will be a very long time before I reach there. I suppose, and I hope, that once I do reach there — that I can transmute the negative karma of people that were born after me. To perhaps, help their life avoid the pitfalls I made when entering this realm. And to help us all, reach a more unified planet and a cosmically conscious future.


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