Where Sleeping And Waking Reality Meet In Our Dreams

Art By @blakekathryn

Our dream world and our real world have far more in common than we may have ever considered before.

The Dream World

Aside from potential aspirations of our future — dreams occur every time we go to sleep, whether we remember them or not. During this time, the frequency of our brainwaves slow down from the higher cycles of Alpha or Beta, to the lower cycles of Delta or Theta.

Our dreams can often seem automatic, as though we are simply watching a movie play out, or a story that doesn’t need any sense of linearity at all. However, during states of greater awareness, we can sometimes experience what is known as a lucid dream. When this occurs, it seems as though we can do much more than we ever could in reality. Flying, shapeshifting, manifesting objects, and possessing any other sort of magical power, is a common occurrence in a lucid dream.

Some would say, that if you have this amount of freedom within a lucid dream, then that would mean that the dream world is more real than the waking world appears to be. Since in the lucidity of a dream, you have less limitations, less restrictions and more ability to fulfill your desires.

“Nooooo! Not true! IMPOSSIBLE! My life is real! REAL, I SAY! “ — the average reader right about now

Well, of course it is real. Be calm friend! There is always more to learn.

The Real World

The real world is still quite real! I am not going to take that feeling away from anyone (lest I be BARRAGED with series of comments that say something to the effect of “What drugs are you on right now, lol”). Because, for the most part, the waking world is far more real than any dream we may have ever had. Yet, it is super boring and limited in comparison to some of the most fantastic dreams we may come across. This is mostly because of how we normally perceive “time”, and the consistency that is involved with our experience of it.

But, in what way can we utilize the fantasia of our dreams with the mundane existence of the real world? How many times have we wished that we had an impromptu conversation with a stranger, or gave them a spontaneous hug? How many times did we desire to join an event we assumed no one would want us to be present at? How many times during a conversation, did we wish to change the subject to something far more risky, and far more interesting to talk about?

Linking Up The Worlds

So it seems to be the case that when in our dreams, we tend to act differently than we normally would in the real world. It doesn’t have to be flying or magical powers either — often it can be as simple as being more social to people or strangers we would otherwise ignore in the real world. It is probably the reason why we dream to begin with. The desires unfulfilled in our waking world seem to spill into the dream world, so that we may feel more complete.

With that said, what if we started to believe the real world was more akin to the dream world? Without taking it too far (such as jumping off a building in order to fly) we can instead act more freely and make decisions based on what we would desire to do in the moment but, what we are often too afraid to act upon, because of societal norms and our own negative beliefs.

Quickly, the dream world and the real world will start to blend. You will begin to interact like you would a dream. Saying what you want to say and doing what you rather be doing. Mundane existence will begin to look a bit more magical as you begin to influence outcome instead of merely being an automatic experience of circumstance.

Soon your real world will have a similar kind of atmosphere as your dream world does. As your “free will” begins to open up with new potentials within your new reality.

As you start to act as though you were in a dream, your waking experience will begin to reflect that. It is still a process of course, and we all have our fears of what people will think, say, or do to us if we step into a more dreamy experience. But, these things also allow us to change how we perceive ourselves and how we further interact in our new dreamy waking world.

Having undergone this transformation, it becomes easier and easier to continue doing more of what we rather be doing, in the moment. With these words as some sort of guide, you may find yourself wide awake, wondering if you are in a dream. Or perhaps within a dream, wondering if you are awake.


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