Sorting Through The Dredge

Writing is usually fun for me. The work it requires doesn’t seem like any work at all. Yet, writing is not what I do for a living. There is no deadline for me, and no one pressuring me to write better or within any constraints. For some people, it is the case that it is very easy to find bliss and passion in what they do, especially if they work for themselves or with friends. Though, for the great majority, it is usually the opposite of this.

Ever since I decided to move out of my home and get a typical job, I have made it my spiritual quest (aptly named for dramatic purposes) to seek out ways of enjoying the job I do. This feels like an absolute necessity for me, because I always desire to feel good in any given moment.

Yet, the majority of humanity would point out — that feeling good all the time is an impossibility, and work is just one of those times where we have to suffer in order to receive our just reward. While this is partly true, we will always face challenges and pitfalls in our blissful endeavor — I, however, don’t see how suffering would be worth any type of reward.

Since our thoughts feed our soul with beliefs of what is positive and what is negative. Literally, every thought has a charge of electromagnetic energy that ignites in the synapses of our neurons and channels throughout the the entire nervous system, affecting all aspects of the body. Providing us with a very real sensation of either subtle bliss or subtle agony. Since these thoughts are well within our control (a positive belief that would be very wise to adopt now), we can manage our state of being by endeavoring to realize the truth of the positive reality.

Accordingly, I have found that it is best to have a gratitude of service for helping your fellow human beings with the work you do. This way you feel good knowing that you are assisting people with their daily lives.

Though, of course, another more negative perspective remains quite real. Most people speak of work as a type of forced labor. Being overworked, underpaid and the constant dread of being fired and ending up homeless, is what causes many people to think of the world as some kind of hellish prison sentence. While this isn’t wrong, it just won’t help you at all if you still have to go to work. You will find that you begin to blame something outside of you, for all the problems in your life, and your energy slowly begins to drain into an unseeing abyss of negative thought.

Balance is key. You see what you have to do in life and make actions towards that ideal. Some people find that engaging more in politics helps this, or a more entrepreneur route is what will assist them and society more. Others may find solace in meditation retreats or creating new societies. Whatever the case, keep in mind that you are serving humanity in whatever endeavor you do.

This is the first step in finding bliss within the dredge.

In the times that follow, I will lay out more guiding posts to illuminate this particular foggy path. Follow me, watch my entertaining twitch streams or listen to my podcast and I will be happy to follow you back! My website contains much more content to further enlighten the soul on its journey towards supreme AWESOMENESS.


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