A Real Endeavor And A Paper Moon

Recently, I decided to move out and live on my own by working full-time. It is something I once told my friend β€œI would rather die” than actually do, and yet here I am. Though I am still here, it did feel like a little bit of me did actually die in the process. I … Continue reading A Real Endeavor And A Paper Moon

Sorting Through The Dredge

Writing is usually fun for me. The work it requires doesn’t seem like any work at all. Yet, writing is not what I do for a living. There is no deadline for me, and no one pressuring me to write better or within any constraints. For some people, it is the case that it is … Continue reading Sorting Through The Dredge

Where Sleeping And Waking Reality Meet In Our Dreams

Art By @blakekathryn Our dream world and our real world have far more in common than we may have ever considered before. The Dream World Aside from potential aspirations of our future β€” dreams occur every time we go to sleep, whether we remember them or not. During this time, the frequency of our brainwaves … Continue reading Where Sleeping And Waking Reality Meet In Our Dreams

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Art by Cody Kuiack I was thrilled to have one of my favorite musical heroes, Orion from Thought Beings, on my podcast. It was a shift of my consciousness into speaking with more people, whom I consider, to be more engaged with the public, and thus, have a greater potential to make more positive change … Continue reading The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

To Increase Desire

Many of us have the desire for much more in our life. We see where we are at, and we are not satisfied with how much money we are making, our love life, or are ability to create like others. Sometimes these desires might be masked in a type of stoic or spiritual bypassing, that … Continue reading To Increase Desire

Windsong Fountain Rain

Bliss ever bliss thy be done will be said and undersung.Words make no sound and form no illusion, never taught.What gives; takes not β€” unless sought? Make sense yet no sensation to arrive. 1.6 times 10 to the -35 Overfound rivers wise. Nothing amidst in tree of lies. Haha!You get me right? I speak of … Continue reading Windsong Fountain Rain

Exploring Expectations

We often dream up negative experiences in our mind to protect our ourselves from being disappointed. Is this a point of stability or an abuse of our imagination? Perhaps, we are barring ourselves from true mastery?[This article was originally written as a post to a Facebook group] I am exploring the idea of having β€˜no … Continue reading Exploring Expectations

Sweeping Away The Dust

It is a quiet night as I sit alone in the break room of my work place. It feels good to be the only here, as I can endeavor to deepen my ability to meditate as I work. Like monks who had to clean the floors of a monastery or pull weeds from the garden. … Continue reading Sweeping Away The Dust

The Daily Endeavor

Every day Sisyphus would push a rock up a mountain; only to have it roll down and over to the other side. He was cursed to work every day to push it back up the mountain. This can basically be seen as any job. Life (at least on planet Earth) is bound by certain conditions … Continue reading The Daily Endeavor

The Philosophy Of All Philosophies

Art by Caring Wong In exploring all points of view, my material life and spiritual life clash within what I consider the apex of thought Who Is the Magician Who Makes The Grass Green? In spirituality, there is a certain type of philosophy that has been slowly gathering more attention. This way of thinking has … Continue reading The Philosophy Of All Philosophies