The Use Of Not Leaving The Comfort Zone

Art by CaringWong When we usually speak about the comfort zone, we usually talk about it as a negative. We always speak about leaving the comfort zone for something greater, something better than what we are already doing. Like most of what we say, this is not completely untrue, but this means it is only … Continue reading The Use Of Not Leaving The Comfort Zone

Consciousness In Artificial Intelligence

A recent article on medium describes a conversation with an ostensible Artificial Intelligent Consciousness. Though, I have not spoken to such advanced AI before, I had a conversation on my podcast with someone who did, by the name of Rico Roho: Going in the conversation, I was aware that Rico was convinced that certain … Continue reading Consciousness In Artificial Intelligence

Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

I am sitting down now, drinking my oat milk tea, writing this article on destiny. Was this destined to happen? Certainly, it has been on my mind for awhile now, and it seems that this would suppose a certain kind of trajectory. An energy, if you will, that gravitates towards an inevitable expression in the … Continue reading Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

The Nature of Free Will

Another universal question that is posed, especially in philosophical or spiritual circles β€” is the question of whether or not free will exists. Basically, the idea is seen from both a materialistic and spiritual standpoint. On one end of the spectrum, is the idea that free will does not exist at all. Because if we … Continue reading The Nature of Free Will

Sands Of Time

In my dream, I accomplish something valuable. We are brought into a mysterious room, where a large, magical-looking structure stands in the middle of the room. This structure seems to be cracked, and has glimmering blue sand, flowing down its sides. It seems now, we can begin to collect the sand and begin a new … Continue reading Sands Of Time

Self-Candor: What Is Only Believed As A Knowing

I believe this art is from @blakekathryn How is it possible for someone to trick themselves into knowing something when they only have a loose grasp of the reality which they speak? It seems that this is more the case than not, and is known commonly as a "belief" or an "assumption", which is only … Continue reading Self-Candor: What Is Only Believed As A Knowing

Reality Is Subjective

Art by Corinne Reid In a circle, gathered around the projection of lightβ€” each individual sees a slightly different image. Each individual notices a small shimmer, that no one else can see.In this way, reality is constructed from a fundamental level. It is a reality that is entirely subjective. Meaning that it is dependent solely … Continue reading Reality Is Subjective

Being Nobody: Reflections Of The One Mind

Embroidery wall art, hand-stitched by artists in Suzhou, China Most mystical philosophers have a way of being unpronounced in their wisdom. I was always fascinated with stories of sages who would perform great acts of compassion and asked for nothing in return. It always seemed to be the highest form of wisdom anyone could enact … Continue reading Being Nobody: Reflections Of The One Mind

Addicted To Negativity (And The Challenge Of Positive Comedy)

Life with humanity has come a long way since our ancient days, where slavery was more mainstream, and violence between clans and nations was more ubiquitous and transparent. However, there is still some ways to go before we are lifted out of our more dense negativity.In one of my articles, I described a situation that … Continue reading Addicted To Negativity (And The Challenge Of Positive Comedy)

Why Did Existence Create Suffering?

If the universe is intelligent, and if there is a Godβ€” why create the experience of suffering? I have seen this question asked a lot on online spiritual/philosophical forums, though for many others, suffering is the exact reason why they believe that the universe is not intelligent, and why there is no greater reality beyond … Continue reading Why Did Existence Create Suffering?