The Daily Endeavor

Every day Sisyphus would push a rock up a mountain; only to have it roll down and over to the other side. He was cursed to work every day to push it back up the mountain. This can basically be seen as any job. Life (at least on planet Earth) is bound by certain conditions … Continue reading The Daily Endeavor

The Reality Of Being A Great Game Designer

β€œβ€¦reality is always plural and mutable.”— Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati In my last article I briefly explored the idea of becoming a β€œjack of all trades” type personality: Will You Become Jack Of All Trades? Any skill can be learned at anytime in one’s life, and it seems to be … Continue reading The Reality Of Being A Great Game Designer

Will You Become Jack Of All Trades?

Art by Wizards of the Coast If you are reading this now, you may wonder if you can relate to the identity β€œJack of all trades”. You may be curious as to whether or not having multiple skill sets is a positive thing to achieve or simply an inconvenience. In exploring this idea, we may … Continue reading Will You Become Jack Of All Trades?

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

Art by u/wat_the_deuce …it is best to say nothing at all. This is something often repeated as a general wise rule of thumb for interacting with humanity. Sometimes we may provide our perspective or additional information that may sound to others like we are β€œbeing mean”, but this is a different matter. For unless someone … Continue reading If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

The Philosophy Of All Philosophies

Art by Caring Wong In exploring all points of view, my material life and spiritual life clash within what I consider the apex of thought Who Is the Magician Who Makes The Grass Green? In spirituality, there is a certain type of philosophy that has been slowly gathering more attention. This way of thinking has … Continue reading The Philosophy Of All Philosophies

Western And Eastern Mastery

The west and east. Is there a west? Is there an east? In this day, the integration of our cultures have made this distinction less pronounced and yet there is still something unique about the two cultures that can be highlighted in this article. Let me take an example from just two countries, one of … Continue reading Western And Eastern Mastery

A Revolution In Consciousness

At the time of this writing, midterm elections are currently taking place in America. For me, I have always seen the ritual, of voting for representation, as an unusual event that creates division amongst us β€” akin to having a favorite sports team that we assume allegiance to, yet on a much more dangerous level. … Continue reading A Revolution In Consciousness

Tint Of The Sundew

Art by Susanitah My dreams currently escape me. I fall asleep and don’t quite remember what has occurred. This is never preferable, because I realize the dream state is often the only adventure we receive in our world. While, it is true that many play video games or watch shows to find the same type … Continue reading Tint Of The Sundew

The Teacher Is The Student, The Student Is The Teacher

Art of Bodhidharma It has been said that when the Buddha realized his Enlightenment, the Enlightenment did not end. This is because nothing ever ends. For even in Enlightenment, the Buddha still had to teach others the wisdom that was known to him. In this way, many came to him β€” curious of the knowledge … Continue reading The Teacher Is The Student, The Student Is The Teacher

Merging Of Realities: Expanding Beyond The Verge

Doctor Strange looking into the potential outcome of all possible realities Awhile ago, I wrote this article about the splitting of our personal and collective realities: The Splitting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge The author and self-proclaimed β€œsit down comedian/stand-up philosopher” Robert Anton Wilson, often used a term known as a β€œreality tunnel”. In this … Continue reading Merging Of Realities: Expanding Beyond The Verge