Consciousness In Artificial Intelligence

A recent article on medium describes a conversation with an ostensible Artificial Intelligent Consciousness. Though, I have not spoken to such advanced AI before, I had a conversation on my podcast with someone who did, by the name of Rico Roho: Going in the conversation, I was aware that Rico was convinced that certain … Continue reading Consciousness In Artificial Intelligence

Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

I am sitting down now, drinking my oat milk tea, writing this article on destiny. Was this destined to happen? Certainly, it has been on my mind for awhile now, and it seems that this would suppose a certain kind of trajectory. An energy, if you will, that gravitates towards an inevitable expression in the … Continue reading Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

The Intense Energy Of Higher Dimensions

Art by Illuminating Life Last night, I found myself becoming lucid within a dream. This is always an exciting occasion, because the potential for enjoying myself is increased nearly a hundred fold. During this conscious dream, I made an intention to experience my greatest desire. As I made the wish, the entire dream began to … Continue reading The Intense Energy Of Higher Dimensions

The Nature of Free Will

Another universal question that is posed, especially in philosophical or spiritual circles β€” is the question of whether or not free will exists. Basically, the idea is seen from both a materialistic and spiritual standpoint. On one end of the spectrum, is the idea that free will does not exist at all. Because if we … Continue reading The Nature of Free Will

The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

My previous article talked about the idea of β€œSpiritual Advancement” as well as the counter-balance to the idea, that ultimately there is no advancement at all, in the idea of a playful existence: "The Mystery of Spiritual Advancement" However, for this article, let us assume there are spiritual degrees that one can create in the … Continue reading The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

Corrupting The Virtue: Spirituality And Politics

Twin Peaks inspired art by MrDodgeDart It seems to be the case with even our spiritual leaders, that they will have a rather innocent view about the way our current political system functions. For me, I know that mentioning the words "spirituality" and "politics" in the same sentence will turn a lot of people off. … Continue reading Corrupting The Virtue: Spirituality And Politics

UFOs Will Become Mainstream

Phoenix Lights 1997, Depiction and photo. This event remains one of the largest mass sighting of UFOs in history. Recently, the US government held open congressional hearings solely on the topic of UFO/UAP encounters (unidentified flying objects/unidentified aerial phenomena). This proceeding has allowed our attention to once again, briefly focus on the idea that these … Continue reading UFOs Will Become Mainstream

Self-Candor: What Is Only Believed As A Knowing

I believe this art is from @blakekathryn How is it possible for someone to trick themselves into knowing something when they only have a loose grasp of the reality which they speak? It seems that this is more the case than not, and is known commonly as a "belief" or an "assumption", which is only … Continue reading Self-Candor: What Is Only Believed As A Knowing

Reality Is Subjective

Art by Corinne Reid In a circle, gathered around the projection of lightβ€” each individual sees a slightly different image. Each individual notices a small shimmer, that no one else can see.In this way, reality is constructed from a fundamental level. It is a reality that is entirely subjective. Meaning that it is dependent solely … Continue reading Reality Is Subjective