The Electric Walk

During the week… I work, and when I have free time I find myself working some more β€” usually on various projects to help provide me an independent income for the future. It is effort I do alone, and for myself, though I entrust myself to not get carried away and always keep in mind … Continue reading The Electric Walk

Emulating A Master

Art by Cody Thomas Kuiack One day I was riding my bike while listening to a certain spiritual audio book. The book’s content was the usual uplifting message I have heard in many other places. The idea is that we are all essentially Gods as consciousness, and that nothing is actually impossible in our seemingly … Continue reading Emulating A Master

Imagination And The Modality Of Duality

Art by Blake Kathryn Outside the business transactions, entertainment, and general hustle of our world, exists a lofty space of imagination and pretend. You may sense it in a fantastic fictional novel or perhaps see it in a more realistic light within a philosophy, as some kind of potential utopia. It seems that most of … Continue reading Imagination And The Modality Of Duality

A Future Spiritual-Journey-Supreme

A powerful thought keeps entering my mind, and it seems nearly impossible for me to extinguish. I previously wrote an article about the unlimited nature of human potential: The Human Potential Is Unbelievable The idea is that once we begin to look at what consciousness really is, any number of seemingly β€œsupernatural” phenomena, that we … Continue reading A Future Spiritual-Journey-Supreme

Where Sleeping And Waking Reality Meet In Our Dreams

Art By @blakekathryn Our dream world and our real world have far more in common than we may have ever considered before. The Dream World Aside from potential aspirations of our future β€” dreams occur every time we go to sleep, whether we remember them or not. During this time, the frequency of our brainwaves … Continue reading Where Sleeping And Waking Reality Meet In Our Dreams

Windsong Fountain Rain

Bliss ever bliss thy be done will be said and undersung.Words make no sound and form no illusion, never taught.What gives; takes not β€” unless sought? Make sense yet no sensation to arrive. 1.6 times 10 to the -35 Overfound rivers wise. Nothing amidst in tree of lies. Haha!You get me right? I speak of … Continue reading Windsong Fountain Rain

The Philosophy Of All Philosophies

Art by Caring Wong In exploring all points of view, my material life and spiritual life clash within what I consider the apex of thought Who Is the Magician Who Makes The Grass Green? In spirituality, there is a certain type of philosophy that has been slowly gathering more attention. This way of thinking has … Continue reading The Philosophy Of All Philosophies

Scattered Remnants of Mystical Visions

Caverns by Adam Varga Perception changes everything in our life. I am reminded of the β€œMake Everything OK” button website. Everything that is going awry in our life is because we perceive it so. This is not to say things are the most preferable they could be, but it is always the case, that we can … Continue reading Scattered Remnants of Mystical Visions

The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

My previous article talked about the idea of β€œSpiritual Advancement” as well as the counter-balance to the idea, that ultimately there is no advancement at all, in the idea of a playful existence: "The Mystery of Spiritual Advancement" However, for this article, let us assume there are spiritual degrees that one can create in the … Continue reading The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

Spirals Of Life: Why You Never Fall Backwards

Glory Window in the Chapel of Thanksgivingβ€” Amaury Laporte In between our excitement, peace, or boredom, life on Earth can often feel like an obstacle. Especially, if we assume we have transcended certain aspects of our life, and the same exact situation pops up again, to test our resolve. This can lead many of us … Continue reading Spirals Of Life: Why You Never Fall Backwards