Everything Is Good! Beyond Positive and Negative: Finding the "Greater Light" January 5th, 2022: Everything is awesome. But, also everything is really awful.Though if you had to choose one, of course, there is no question to what would be more preferable to experience.Spirituality is the term used for those who are balancing the insane dichotomy … Continue reading

XIV: Language As The Barrier. Language As The Way. December 23rd, 2021: I always attempt to do my best when I communicate to other people about any idea or situation. Talking, for me, therefore comes with a high level of difficulty attached. Because, the great majority of individuals are identified with the way they have … Continue reading

X: Ascension Over Transhumanism, More Than Virtual Reality November 15th, 2021: On one of my previous articles The Spltting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge, I explained how Earth is apparently metaphysically splitting into, mainly, two civilizations. One that will be built around the novel idea of unconditional love and the other that will seep even … Continue reading