Writing For No One, And Then One Listens

Art by @BlakeKathryn

Today I had an experience where I didn’t know how much information to reveal about myself. This can happen to anyone at anytime, you may have not done it in awhile, but it can happen in the future. The probability of understanding information is different for each individual. It seems as though some individuals can process information very quickly, others it takes long and needs many repetitions or reminders. Schooling can be very traumatic for everyone because it shows the person how foolish they seem, even though everyone has the potential to grows their mind and expand their consciousness in many different avenues.

The body is but one way this can occur, but it is not necessary to only focus on that. However, the body has to be focused upon.

SEX! I capitalized my words just now! DOES THAT SURPRISE YOU? MAKE YOU FEEL ANGER OR FRUSTRATION? Or am I simply reflecting your own sexual frustration? It seems as though both have to be considered for the individual to make their own judgement and discernment on the matter. Or give all that up and trust a higher intuition within the spirit world or your own self of Zen-altitude. Which of course, is not the whole of Zen.

Number 1. Patience.

Why be patient when one can be excited? The two are often interlinked. We have to be patient in our mind sometimes, especially to fall asleep or to meditate. We have to be patient for our growth sometimes, especially when changing diets or in learning something new.

Our greatness is not limited to these avenues.

Number 2. What happens after death?

I think and imagine death often. It is not something that is preferable in this reality because a torturous painful death is not what anyone desires. And if it is true that the laws of physics runs within counter to the ideal form of science (which is always within the realm of discussion and belief, as it can be with religion). Then it has to be considered what the best option is for any person to do at anytime and which beliefs need to be looked at or reexamined so that a life can hold preference. I believe that the best course of action is to see everything within multiple spheres of influence and what is more likely to occur in the future than what is less likely.

For example more people are consuming plant based foods than ever before. Perhaps there is a way to increase that nutrition within your diet and allow yourself the pleasure of gaining more abundance and health by first eating clean and freshly than by slowly integrating it with the rest of the diet you are already upon. Slowly you will crave the foods that are more conducive to the human physiology and become blissed with the new scientific understandings of the future.

This has to be experimented and intrigued, so that one day our blessed Earth, will come to some kind of mutual understanding in our mind’s eye. And our faith will be restored in compassion or love, being spread more often and with less pain.

Free will is always yours and what you believe stands true so long as you know what of the positive will turn into the negative and for how long.


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