"In God We Trust?" The Earth is rapidly going through changes that for some are hard to see but, for others are becoming more and more obvious as every day goes by. One way it is currently manifesting, is in my home country of America and upon the global  stage. There was a dream I … Continue reading

Mystic Journal - 9/26/19 "America the New Atlantis"   With "Path of Vidya" completed, I have begun an endeavor to write more online and express my views in a more grounded way. The avenue that it is currently being expressed to a certain degree is that of... politics. However, this was already shown on some … Continue reading

Mystic Journal - 9/2/19   With "Path of Vidya" completed, I decided to take an obscenely long break from cyberspace. Thanks, to all out there, who are still interested in what I have to share. During my break I disconnected communication from a lot of people and went into nature, as much as I could, … Continue reading

Mystic Journal - 5/3/19   I am continuing my endeavor of more enlightenment. In the meanwhile, I am also working on my project "Path of Vidya", an RPGmaker designed video game that takes place in a parallel timeline of Earth where a technology by the name of "Vidya" is introduced to Gaia by an unknown … Continue reading

  Mystic Journal - 3/14/19   I am continuing my endeavor of more enlightenment. A few people will read these and that is cool, but the journal and everything I do, is for me. As selfish as that sounds, I ensure you it is not. (Perhaps similar to speaking to your cat or dog even … Continue reading

Mystic Journal - 2/6/19 As the Earth has cycled around the Sun exactly 30 times since my incarnation upon this planet as of February 2nd, I have been working diligently on Path of Vidya. My state of being is shockingly optimal, despite my latest skiff off the deep-end as highlighted in my recent episode of … Continue reading