XVII: Upholding the Dignity of the Human Spirit January 2nd, 2022: My adventure time to the magical isle is coming to an end for me. I am now back in my old home in Kansas and will continue my spiritual endeavors by myself. Often my soul yearns to travel somewhere away from my home to … Continue reading

XIII: Being One's Own Self December 21st, 2021: Society has created every avenue to repress our natural joy and background bliss through a variety of unusual outlets. The way we structured our life has forced a variety of demands on our physical nature through the horrifying injustice of having to "earn a living". So that … Continue reading

IV: Bamboozled by Yourself, Enlightened by Yourself November 5th, 2021: Communicating is enjoyable, to me. Once the communication is over, it always feels like I left something very very important out of the entire equation of the dialogue.I always endeavor to be authentic with people, though I understand that at the same time I have … Continue reading