The Ancient Vegan Zen Masters

“Our original Buddha-Nature is, in highest truth, devoid of any atom of objectivity.” — Huang Po It is in our nature to eventually observe with a clear mind.Objectively speaking vegan food is healthier than any other food. Especially if it is raw organic plant food. The mind can easily say otherwise. The whole situation cannot.For … Continue reading The Ancient Vegan Zen Masters

Eating The Pain Of Others

Art by Blake Kathryn It is a constant reminder.A positive reality in mind.I often eat the pain of others.Until I realize, it is mine. This has to be alright with me.If I say it isn’t — dark abyss of another’s!Learn again from this next line:I often eat the pain of others. . . . . … Continue reading Eating The Pain Of Others

More Than A Video Game My SPIRITUAL quest continues as I sit down to write these words. Of course, spiritual is a relative word. It seems to be the case, that everything we do has that quality. We all live spiritual lives whether we are aware of it or not. However, once aware, the real fun begins.I found myself … Continue reading More Than A Video Game

Windsong Fountain Rain

Bliss ever bliss thy be done will be said and undersung.Words make no sound and form no illusion, never taught.What gives; takes not — unless sought? Make sense yet no sensation to arrive. 1.6 times 10 to the -35 Overfound rivers wise. Nothing amidst in tree of lies. Haha!You get me right? I speak of … Continue reading Windsong Fountain Rain

The Daily Endeavor

Every day Sisyphus would push a rock up a mountain; only to have it roll down and over to the other side. He was cursed to work every day to push it back up the mountain. This can basically be seen as any job. Life (at least on planet Earth) is bound by certain conditions … Continue reading The Daily Endeavor

Reality Is Subjective

Art by Corinne Reid In a circle, gathered around the projection of light— each individual sees a slightly different image. Each individual notices a small shimmer, that no one else can see.In this way, reality is constructed from a fundamental level. It is a reality that is entirely subjective. Meaning that it is dependent solely … Continue reading Reality Is Subjective

Spirals Of Life: Why You Never Fall Backwards

Glory Window in the Chapel of Thanksgiving— Amaury Laporte In between our excitement, peace, or boredom, life on Earth can often feel like an obstacle. Especially, if we assume we have transcended certain aspects of our life, and the same exact situation pops up again, to test our resolve. This can lead many of us … Continue reading Spirals Of Life: Why You Never Fall Backwards

Burning Up Time, Burning Up Karma

Searching for an image online, I picked this one. I never really use any of my own artwork, because I rather it be an image that looks good. While searching for this image, I noticed another one that sort of seemed similar to my own art style, a kind of cartoonish look, with hardly any … Continue reading Burning Up Time, Burning Up Karma

Arhats And Bodhisattvas: Compassion To Self And Other

Life can be seen from a number of differing perspectives. But, when one looks around at the world they live in, and sees the great amount of suffering around them and inside them, they are usually gently guided towards a path of higher principles. In these higher principles, there is an immense amount of joy … Continue reading Arhats And Bodhisattvas: Compassion To Self And Other

Ad Hominem Is Not The Truth

It is the new moon! A solar eclipse event and ostensibly a day of powerful new beginnings and change. This sounds really good! Yet, I know I will only experience it, as just another normal day in my life. Perhaps, a few cool synchronicities will crop up here and there, or a very blissful dream, … Continue reading Ad Hominem Is Not The Truth