UFOs Will Become Mainstream

Phoenix Lights 1997, Depiction and photo. This event remains one of the largest mass sighting of UFOs in history. Recently, the US government held open congressional hearings solely on the topic of UFO/UAP encounters (unidentified flying objects/unidentified aerial phenomena). This proceeding has allowed our attention to once again, briefly focus on the idea that these … Continue reading UFOs Will Become Mainstream

Following Experts Can Lead To Disaster

Experts are often our greatest source of guidance. They can allow us to perceive knowledge on a deeper level because of their ability to teach any lay person the esoteric truths they may have. But, how can we know to rely on the knowledge of experts? Because, just like any human being, an expert can … Continue reading Following Experts Can Lead To Disaster

Why Health Is Confusing And Enlightening

This article may seem highly naive to those who read it. For, I am not a university trained doctor or physician. I have no degree that officiates my knowledge nor my decrees. If my karma ever allowed myself to become severely injured through some kind of accident, I would probably require the assistance of those … Continue reading Why Health Is Confusing And Enlightening