Merging Of Realities: Expanding Beyond The Verge

Doctor Strange looking into the potential outcome of all possible realities

Awhile ago, I wrote this article about the splitting of our personal and collective realities:

The Splitting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge

The author and self-proclaimed “sit down comedian/stand-up philosopher” Robert Anton Wilson, often used a term known as a “reality tunnel”. In this idea, reality is completely subjective to our preferences. We tend to filter the information we look at due to our beliefs about what is real and what isn’t. Or what appears to be relevant and what appears to not be. In one of his older books, (released sometime in the 70s) he made the astonishingly accurate prediction that, in the future, people would filter their news to only receive information they wanted to see. Not unlike how most of us set up our social media news-feed today, with various blocks, mutes, or curated messaging to fit our particular reality tunnel.

A partitioning of our consciousness seems to have occurred in this way, but what about the other side to this idea? The merging of realities.

Realities may split apart and become locked in a certain viewpoint, but with recent events happening as rapidly as they are, a type of merging is also occurring. No better example can be seen then how spirituality is being quickly mixed in with the sciences. While the ubiquitous scientific reality tunnel sees everything as a material machination, this reality begins to merge with something mentioned a lot in spirituality, which is the idea that everything is energy.

More and more scientists begin to question the paradigm of a single stable physical universe — into one with many more dimensions or parallel realities, that are all made up of illusory quantum particles to begin with. Though, they may not have given up the entirety of their “material-only” reality tunnel, they are becoming very close to it. As more experiments are done, and more theoretical discussion and math is looked at, the scientists are left with having to overturn everything they once believed to be “the only reality.” Along with this, will be the way we look at our health and the way we look at consciousness as a whole system.

Artificial Intelligence is also making people question the nature of what makes something sentient, as more intelligent programs begin to create the sense that they have more conscious ability than we know. This may also allow people to effectively speak with something they believe has more knowledge than any human. Which may not necessarily be true in all cases, yet, will be made true for anyone who may be stuck in a reality tunnel that idolizes the wisdom of an AI over what they would believe to be a lesser being. Regardless, of whether or not we know that the AI is sentient or not. The realities within the database of AI act as our collective human wisdom, which will further allow a merging.

And what else? It seems to be a lot of things, from how we communicate to each other in more transparent ways, to how we are attempting to transition into cleaner energy, reducing our meat intake, attempting to find solutions to economic problems, or being generally curious about the ancient monolithic sites that seem to point to civilizations that must have existed in highly advanced ways. Something most of us still assume is not a reality at all.

While our politics is becoming more divisive, in other ways, it is also coming towards some type of integration. As people from far right or left ideologies begin to see a purpose of unifying, in solidarity, towards a greater cause in the economic/bodily freedom of all citizens. Alongside this, will probably be a lot of dastardly information that is perhaps a bit too grave for me to mention so casually.

This is all being revealed along with the nature of the UFO/UAP phenomenon which points to sightings of crafts with propulsion systems that go beyond what we are capable of understanding in mainstream physics. This effectively merges an Earthly human reality with the possibility of an extraterrestrial one.

Picture of a recent crop circle depicting a geometric overlap

I suppose, the level of our awareness will depend on our individual willingness to break free of our more limited egoistic self, towards a greater whole within the collective of humanity. Thereby, allowing more and more people to connect with reality tunnels they once believed had no validity to them.

Certainly, we can mix any number of realities together. The idea of self and no-self or compassion to self and compassion to others. We can see how balancing the opposite polarities within our linguistic structures through either a conceptual grasping or a conceptual dropping, can lead towards a more harmonious future.

With various global agendas being enacted, it is also good to point out that “unity” is a reality tunnel that could eventually merge with the idea of a “multiplicity”. To each belief structure, is an idealized version of reality that believes itself to incorporate more harmony than the other, and thus they often oppose each other because of that reason.

It is unfortunate that some may choose to split apart from the greater reality, in favor of a more limited version of whatever they believe to be true. Still engaging in a good vs evil dynamic of either a religion of materialism or a religion of external salvation. Supporting the same rule that leads further and further away from integration into more segregation.

It is an interesting idea to consider, nonetheless. A merging of realities. Perhaps, we will see this accelerate if anything interesting ever makes it to the mainstream of our culture. Or maybe, it is better to focus on the reality you prefer to experience for yourself instead. Diving into the sanctuary of your mind, all actions become clear and all divisions are merged with a greater whole. So they say, to be a holy person, is to be make one’s self whole. This may be the time for us to step up the ladder in consciousness, and view all possible realities simultaneously.


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