Following Experts Can Lead To Disaster

Experts are often our greatest source of guidance. They can allow us to perceive knowledge on a deeper level because of their ability to teach any lay person the esoteric truths they may have. But, how can we know to rely on the knowledge of experts? Because, just like any human being, an expert can often come to a conclusion that is limited.

One such example is the idea that many doctors believed cigarettes were completely safe. Not only did a majority of them believe it was safe, but they even agreed that it was healthy.

Over time, this was collectively accepted as a misnomer. Cigarettes are now known to cause cancer, and are extremely dangerous for your health. It seems as though other interests can blind anyone to what the truth may be telling them. But, more than that, is how we all come to the truth in actuality. It may not be readily accepted, but reality is subjective. Subjective to our own views of what make it up. In this way, discerning and interpreting information is not a task we can defer to anyone outside ourselves. Because that is a physical impossibility.

An “appeal to authority” is known as a logical fallacy that undermines that actual situation at hand. When we defer to any authority, we are saying we are incapable of reaching the conclusion with our own knowledge. In which case, how can we trust your authority to be accurate, if you yourself are incapable of understanding the knowledge of the authority? You see, because when we pick an authority to speak for us, it is still our own decision to choose which authority we believe is most truthful. Like this, it still remains our conclusion, and our expertise. The subjective reality cannot be escaped. We must decide for our own individual self— which knowledge is real, and which knowledge is irrelevant to our life.

So experts are quite useful in disseminating information to us, but useless in deciding for us. This is especially apparent, because experts disagree all the time in every aspect of philosophy, science, and spirituality. If we assume the expert is always correct, we will be lead to wherever a few people desire us to go, instead of the collective deciding for themselves. It is up to us to use the information that has been provided by anyone (expert or otherwise). We have to individually discern its use, and interpret its reality through our own knowledge gathering, intuitive, and logical capabilities. No expert can’t think for anyone but, themselves!

The best form of action, that I have found in this endeavor is to absorb as many differing sources of information as possible. See all sides of any perspective so that you can know which decision is best for yourself, and thus which decision is best for the free will of our collective consciousness to decide what is right for them— without any need to force a perspective on anyone.

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