Why Did Existence Create Suffering?

If the universe is intelligent, and if there is a God— why create the experience of suffering? I have seen this question asked a lot on online spiritual/philosophical forums, though for many others, suffering is the exact reason why they believe that the universe is not intelligent, and why there is no greater reality beyond the rational mind.

This question is important, because it highlights an apparent flaw within our universe. The idea that anyone would want to exist only to suffer. Though, this assumes that no existence is better than none at all. However, “no existence” is not a possibility. Perhaps, some mystics would describe states of “non-being”, but this all takes place within some type of sensational phenomena. Even when in the deepest sleep, there is interaction taking place on some level, no matter how subtle it may be.

Still, why suffering though? If we see that some type of existence must take place within the subjective nature of reality, why did it have to create pain, disease, anxiety, and suffering? Now we are getting closer to the truth.

When this question is asked to a master, they often reply back; that this question, is not a correct question. Suffering exists. Whether we know the reason or not does not change that fact. Just like how the color blue exists. Why blue? Why not?

Why not suffering? If God plays as the universe, why would you not want to have an experience of what it would be like to completely forget that you were connected to the source of ever-flowing bliss and pleasure? You might be missing out on something important like a new fragrance or a song that sends chills down your spine.

As it turns out, we weren’t missing out on much! Suffering sucks, we don’t like it! Most of us have realized this and yet it continues, because we still secretly enjoy indulging in its tempting allure. This is the motive of masters telling us to forget about the question of “Why”? And instead replacing it with “How?” “How do we end suffering?” A better question because it is closer to the reality of our experience. We have experienced suffering, and we realize it sucks. Now we just want to know why we keep experiencing it.

And that is the current endeavor of our lives. It is perhaps why we were born on a planet of suffering instead of a planet of Enlightenment. To end the experience of suffering. And that experience can only be ended by our individual will to change through our passion, our meditation, and our positive action.

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