The Different Levels of Consciousness

While exploring mystical literature, I came to the knowledge of higher dimensions. This was best described in channeled information (ostensibly transmitted through a human conduit— from seemingly more perceptive entities). Yet, they often do not label them “dimensions” as such, but rather as “densities”. Describing the different experiences, as states of being any consciousness can attune themselves with.

This was immediately fascinating to hear, because I have always heard the stories of mystics having visions of “higher realms” that range from celestial wonders to aspects of reality that are beyond any type of description. These mystics would sometimes make clear distinctions as to the particular density they found themselves within. Usually describing fantastic visions of light and sound as a mere side-trip to a greater glory we could beholden.

But, like most anything in spiritual knowledge; I have noticed that it can be defined from a wide variety of differing perspectives and verbiage. This is perhaps, not mentioned enough from anyone. Also the case, is that we often assume— that what we read first, must be the most accurate way to describe reality. Yet, when we expose ourselves to the multitudes of sources that are readily accessible. We will find numerous different individuals all claiming that their knowledge is the most truthful of anything out there. Even going as far as to say that most information we know is false or useless. Perhaps, for a good reason. As information is more readily heard, if it sounds as objectively true, as possible.

From my perspective, everything is useful— even if they happen to be lies. Sometimes they are especially more useful as a result of being a lie! Because when we understand why anything is being said from one perspective, we discover something more valuable than anything else. More self-knowledge. Since reality is subjective, and a creation of our own consciousness. Self-knowledge is the only real knowledge there is.

In this way, densities have been described. But, generally speaking it is a notation of where we are at, and where we will be going within the restrictions of our linear understanding of consciousness. Like in physics, the more dense matter is, the more solid and physical it is. The less dense matter becomes, the more malleable that matter becomes. So when we rise in density levels, we are actually becoming less dense, less physical and arriving towards a more expanded consciousness; that has far more freedom to experience, as it pleases.

1st/2nd/3rd Density
“God sleeps in the rocks, dreams in the plants, stirs in the animals, and awakens in man” – Ibn Arabi

These densities are easily known to us. We began as matter within 1st density. An experience of which, I imagine, is similar to a type of unconscious sleep.

Then from there, grow the plants and spawn the animals in 2nd density. An experience that would be slightly more conscious and life-like.

And then we meet our everyday conscious experience in 3rd density as humanity. If we were to overlay time onto these densities, we could say that matter is that which only knows what is present. Animals are only aware of what is present and what has happened in the past through their instinct. And humanity, understand past, present, and the ability to predict the future. This uniqueness has allowed us to create in very advanced ways. Yet, at least on Earth, it has created the disharmony between the higher self and the lower self, which has allowed the creation of a negative ego or shadow self. This shadow self appears to be the reason for all suffering known to our world, which is not something most entities ever have to truly experience.

4th Density
According to some perspectives, (such as certain interpretations of the Kabbalah), the 4th density is the true starting point of our creation. By this, they mean that whatever happened to create the shadow self, and a more dense reality; was not exactly a preferable situation. However, like a single spark that lights a forest on fire, it isn’t something that can just be undone with a snap. The purpose of suffering is to understand why it is not needed. So perhaps in the future, we can avoid ever lighting that spark again.

A 4th density state of being is a heightened sense of bliss and awareness. If we were to overlay time into this equation, a 4th density experience would be able to look through 3rd density like it was transparent, as though it was just another illusion. In other words, one would trust all of their experience as a part of the process of consciousness; instead of something that is completely separate from it, which had to be controlled or contrived in the future— or considered from the past. 4th density is the beginning of a more holistic perspective.

However, the subjective nature of reality can always allow the distortion of what is experienced within 3rd density to still be present within a 4th density vibration. Again, this appears to be exceedingly rare in universal terms, but it is the case that consciousness can have a strong sense of unity and cooperation within their own group, and a disunity for anything that is not in that group. This appears to be possible all the way up to 6th density, as a type of solipsism that exists for certain entities to not fully recognize the reality of others to exist as equal. The advantages of this great disparity is found within the acceleration of our consciousness to quicker insight. The disadvantages don’t have to be even talked about! Just look at the suffering we find ourselves within, and remember that this obstacle is very rare and has never really happened before anywhere else.

When some people on Earth speak of being in an “awakened consciousness”. I imagine they mean the 4th density state of being. Though, the level of it varies from individual to individual, it is the beginning of understanding compassion and love. It isn’t Enlightenment, but can seem like it, to someone who has only ever known materialism or religion.

5th Density

If 4th density is an outpouring of love, then 5th density appears to be an out pouring of wisdom. In this wisdom, there is a greater trust within the individuation that we are, with full integrity to the whole. It also is a state of consciousness that is completely non-physical and highly malleable. If you are within this state of consciousness, your physical body is of no use. As such, it feels as though the dream/astral realm could be considered to be around this type of vibration. This state is a balance between self and other.

6th Density

Conscious entities of this type are said to be of one collective mind. Speaking interchangeably with terms such as “I” and “We”. While consciousness here may take form as it pleases, it is under no confinement to do so. They say this is the density where the angel and demon archetype originates from. It is the final realization within any idea of separation from anything else. A very high vibration, this state is a balance between love and wisdom that has been accumulated through the experience of the previous densities.

7th Density

This is the culmination of experience within our universe. A type of “oversoul” without boundaries. It is a connection to infinity and very difficult to speak about, though many a mystic have described being within this absolute state before. A union of the All with the All. A state of ecstatic bliss and varied wonders.

While indeed, there are levels that go beyond what we know as our “octave” within this universe. It does little good speaking about them. Anything beyond this, is unimaginable and hardly describable. Most of these states are hard enough to place into words as is, and very well, these words will only grant anyone a fleeting sensation of their potential reality.

Still, it has been known that the expansion of consciousness dwells in perpetual motion. Climbing to higher and still higher states of being, this universe is our home forever. And we can surrender into the idea that wisdom is ever-eternal. Going into the infinity of the All, we are met with consciousness of still more infinity .At any point in time, we may see this constant motion as the point of existence. This would be Enlightenment. Yet, even in Enlightenment there are varying levels of its prestige. Once realized, one can spread it to the will of their own unique expression or take a vacation within the peace of knowing that everything is how we create it to be.

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