What Is The Purpose of The Higher Self?

In mysticism, there is no higher and there is no lower. Nothing is a competition, and nothing is superior to anything else that may be exploring itself within a limited paradigm. While this is all true, perhaps less so, is the truth of the mind to distinguish between differences. Differences exist so our physical mind can grasp an idea within linear time.

This term is like many found in the spiritual community. When I came across it, I was dazzled by its profound implications. At the same time, I was hearing it as just another word for the mind to divvy itself up into another separate entity, further delaying the Enlightenment of being one’s self.

But, still I found use in the distinction. Unlike the shadow self (or negative ego), the higher self represented the potential in all of us to become an expanded version of our own self. This was akin to Enlightenment, which seemed to always place itself in a future timeline as one of our next incarnational cycles, as well as our own innate spiritual guidance. Our “lower self” is therefore the physical structure of our consciousness. That which looks at situations and acts based on the best guess of what is preferable.

The higher self was popular term in more westernized spiritual texts (such as New Thought, Thelma,. However, it first emerged as an idea within The Hindu “Atman”, The Greek “Logos”, and Gnostic “Monad”, all of which, represent the higher self as a type of union with a greater ever-holistic entity of entities.

Since all time is now, we can see the higher self as us right now, experiencing life through a thick fog of physical limitations. But, as we attune more with the higher self, we are able to do what we could only dream of doing within the material realm. Dreams, in fact, seem to be one of the ways we connect with the higher self. In dreams we can fly, move objects at will, and change shape all with the subtlest of non-thought. As well as receive important messages from these higher entities. Since we have more freedom in this dream world, we have more connection to our higher self. So in some sense, we can say that the dream world is more real than the physical world because of the freedom we experience. It is in this way, that the higher self seems to set up the obstacles and synchronicity that may occur within our life. Seemingly, without any effort of the physical body to act. Like a movie stage that changes depending on what the director (higher self) knows must take place next. Yet, the reality of which can cause the protagonist (lower self) to change any number of things within the scene, and improv any number of lines that they see fit. Either way, the movie will play out all the necessary scenes according to the circumstances set up by our incarnation.

The qualities ascribed to our higher self are known to be that of a humble pride, trust in our intuition and abilities, loving connection with others, and a creative outflow of expression (no matter how it may be perceived). In our society, this is not such an easy task. The higher self is often confused for ego, in some cases. Mostly, because the knowledge that is being relayed down from the higher self is not accepted as being useful from the lower self.

This has lead many to want to connect with the higher self through a type of channeling. In these channelings, they may connect with future lives described as extraterrestrials or God-like archetypes that assist their soul with wisdom from the higher planes. In any case, these states of being all have to be translated through our human paradigm. Information comes through a filter that is best suited for the personality that is performing the channeling. Thus, the information places emphasis on those points that would allow the channel to feel most comfortable.

For me, I have also attempted this type of connection with my own higher self. I had very brief communications with a variety of entities. Some were jokesters, some gave me interesting insight, others simply reinforced information that was already prevalent in the spiritual texts I have read, and still more didn’t speak at all. It made me consider all the stories of ascended masters and guides who were able to reveal themselves to a few humans here and there. The stories would always have these masters in astral light with glittering robes, and magnificent golden structures around them. These masters could send rays of bliss (or something!) by command to anyone near them. They could manifest any object at will or send any magnanimous image to those that were nearby. And always they would speak of wisdom that is scarcely known in our world. This state of being they always make clear, will be our inevitable destiny in the future. We will all ascend to embody those aspects of our higher self.

In meditation, I can often find that still place of heightened elation. This, I suppose, is the real emphasis of what the higher self represents. It does not have to come in a form of a vision, or in telempathic thought. Nor does it have to be assumed as a future experience. It often comes through a sensation of wonder that is beyond the usual mundane feelings of our world. In these states of being, I realize that the distinction indeed, does not quite fit into the experience. Dividing the self up into so many parts, seems to play a useful role in changing our belief structure to something more positive. But, once we are in this harmonious state, the divisions we make don’t seem to matter all that much. We may feel something close to pride, superiority, or God-like power, but those words are no longer accurate in the abiding.

This is because we are all one. Our mind is one whole. And the mind of everyone in the universe is but one greater whole. We may have the experience of division, talking to our self as though we are two separate entities, but the actuality is of one flowing wave of being. Easily, this is why some have denoted that we can’t even call ourselves “one”. As one implies there could be something that exists outside of that “one”.

In any case, this verbiage is a constant reminder that wisdom is infinite, and ever-expanding. That when we obtain to a trust within our knowledge, we can always come to more light. And in that light we become aware of reality from a more expanded point of consciousness. The higher self only remains as a pointer to that greater experience.

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