Ad Hominem Is Not The Truth

It is the new moon! A solar eclipse event and ostensibly a day of powerful new beginnings and change. This sounds really good! Yet, I know I will only experience it, as just another normal day in my life. Perhaps, a few cool synchronicities will crop up here and there, or a very blissful dream, but nothing extraordinary is expected.

Not too long ago, there was a time where I use to believe that almost any day could be the coming of the mystical eschaton. Which has been foretold, in most spiritual texts, as a type of glorious return to our more natural sensations; and a compassionate reunion with the All. So I would see, any day that had any sort of symbolic undertone, as an exciting potential for our greater Enlightenment. I would believe that perhaps, this is where humanity lifts our collective veil and begins a more enlightened endeavor within our sincerity and meditation.

However, that kind of continual let down became less and less fun over time. It did seem to have a strange type of utilization, that was akin to the placebo effect. Wherein, my excitement would create synchronicities and dreams that seemed to expand my consciousness. Yet, all the same, was the reality of the impinging nocebo, that was also apparent while hyping myself for any future event. It seemed as though I would simply allow myself to do nothing but play video games, watch videos, and sleep; as I figured the mystical eschaton would arrive and all my problems would be solved.

Now I see rather clearly that it is up to us to create that eschaton. Nothing outside ourselves can create the change for us. And especially unlikely, is anyone who is fixed firmly within high institutional positions (such as a governments or corporations). These prophecies were highlighting the inevitability of that positive outcome, but the speed to which we accelerate towards it, can only be defined by our actions as a whole.

These actions are a result of what we believe to be true in our life. If we believe in limitation at any level, then our actions will reflect that. Thus, slowing down our progress by the nature of what we can see as possible. Every individual action contributes to the whole of what is possible.

I see, quite often, within our social media. A very low level of consciousness. Not that I am judging the consciousness as “any less” than the consciousness that could be. But, it is definitely, noticeably, slowing down any possibility of great change.

As stated earlier, beliefs are the root to all our actions. When we share knowledge that is rooted within a core of empowerment and holistic love for All, then it gives someone the opportunity to adapt to that belief, wherein it can become known as a matter of fact and become their own self-knowledge. This is how the light spreads among humanity.

But, when we share knowledge laced with venom it ceases to be empowering, or holistically attuned with love for All. The words become dead and lifeless. As though someone is using them only to gain favor with the shadow self (ego) instead of their higher self (which is more readily connected to every other human).

Many times I have seen individuals use ad hominem as a legitmate way to spread what they call “knowledge”. This is not an unusual way for humanity to interact, but little do they know, it only creates deeper trenches for those that they desire to change. In fact, there is nothing we can change in another. All we can do is share ideas that may or may not be accepted. But, surely if we call anyone “stupid”, a “liar”, a “fraud”, or their speech as “bullsh*t”, we will not be able to allow them to see the truth for themselves.

Because in the truth, we are not any insult that can be said. We are in fact, perfectly intelligent, perfectly honest, and perfectly attuned to the higher wisdom on all levels. If we can’t see that, it is not because we are “too stupid” to get it, it is because we are wading through a thick atmosphere of human trauma that reacts to any small sliver of an apparent threat, as a challenge on our entire existence.

This has manifested in the myriad forms of tribes and teams of idealogy that we fight tooth and nail to defend. Despite, any new knowledge that may challenge those rigid lines of conflict. When we speak to another as though they are “stupid” for being on one side. Even if that individual sees the truth of their statement, it is near impossible for them to shift their perspective so easily. Because the statement already contains a half-truth. “You are stupid”. Those words alone, are enough to create innumerable wars and verbal battles up the line of our sluggish ascension to a greater cooperation.

I often expect this kind of behavior from individuals who have a rather limited view on reality. Wherein, they believe in either one religion, or one type of philosophy as being truthful and real. And everything else is seen as the enemy or untruth. It is easy for someone with that type of belief system to attack what is seen as untruth with the harshest words they know. But, what about those who claim to live in a “spiritual reality”? They too seem to fall for it all the same!

Why? I don’t know! You would think there would be recognition that there reality is amidst as much turmoil as anyone else’s but, their spiritual realization is only grasped at a very shallow level of verbage. To no fault of their own, it is that when we mix politics in with our spiritual realization, it just seems like the “right thing to do” to throw everything out the window— so that we may safely turn off our minds once again, and enter a most comfortable good vs evil dynamic. “They are evil, because of their ignorance, and therefore that makes my anger righteous and my venom justified”.

But, if words are spoken with venom or harshness; light and truth they do not create. And if we call ourselves “light workers”, “spiritual”, “mindful”, or “conscious” people, then we would have to reveal that statement as factual by speaking with as much compassion as possible. We are all God. Part and parcel of the All. That means everyone has the potential of understanding anything we say. In this knowledge as well, is the idea that if we call any part of ourselves “stupid”, then we are saying that “we are stupid”. We are only demeaning our own self. God is all that exists. If we dis-empower any part of God, we are saying our dis-empowering our self.

This is very challenging to undo. Our irritated sarcasm or cynicism will often expel out of us like a demon trapped in a bottle, whenever anyone shares a limited perspective. But, when we take into consideration the spiritual responsibility many of us (and especially anyone reading these words) has to our fellow human family, then we can see the value of choosing words that have nothing to do with one’s own personality, but rather the idea in of itself.

As well, it is kinda hilarious to demean people. It’s just funny sometimes, because we are addicted to dis-empowering others. Our culture has entertainment built solely for finding ways to cleverly slight anyone that is holding a limited point of view. This, in turn ,teaches our children to act in the same manner. The only way to break the cycle is to break the addiction of action. It is all well and good to laugh in private. But, best to never practice the outward cause of increased suffering. Just as it is possible to play violent video games, or watch violent movies, knowing full well we would never engage in such actions. But, be aware! Even those activities can create subtle sub-conscious reverberations in the way we act to others!

In the bliss of our meditation, it is far easier to act according to the greater harmony. You can tell someone is limiting themselves by the words they use. They require a type of love that no one is currently offering them. When we provide that love to ourselves, we can more readily give it to another. And in this spreading of light (wisdom) and love (compassion), we accelerate to a very real mystical eschaton, where we are not beholden to a few authorities in places of illusory power. Instead, we are beholden equally to each other. Everyone becomes the student, and everyone becomes the master. This is a non-dualistic state, that is ever free flowing and changing. Free to be wrong, free to be right. Because we are no longer identified with any righteous outcome, but with the enlightenment of our soul.

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