Everything Is Good! Beyond Positive and Negative: Finding the "Greater Light" January 5th, 2022: Everything is awesome. But, also everything is really awful.Though if you had to choose one, of course, there is no question to what would be more preferable to experience.Spirituality is the term used for those who are balancing the insane dichotomy … Continue reading

VIII: The Splitting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge November 12th, 2021: Recently, I have been engaged in politics as a type of exploration into any potential for more integration within a limited society. I recently got myself involved with the green party in order to see if we really could elect someone with the integrity … Continue reading

IV: Bamboozled by Yourself, Enlightened by Yourself November 5th, 2021: Communicating is enjoyable, to me. Once the communication is over, it always feels like I left something very very important out of the entire equation of the dialogue.I always endeavor to be authentic with people, though I understand that at the same time I have … Continue reading