The Model Of Spiral Dynamics

My previous article talked about the idea of “Spiritual Advancement” as well as the counter-balance to the idea, that ultimately there is no advancement at all, in the idea of a playful existence: “The Mystery of Spiritual Advancement

However, for this article, let us assume there are spiritual degrees that one can create in the mind. For in these distinctions, we can learn a lot about ourselves. Similar to the levels of densities briefly described here: “Exploring The Different Levels of Consciousness

There are also models of spiritual advancement in relation to our self with society known as “Spiral Dynamics”.

In this model there are varying levels of advancement through conscious expansion. Starting from a very instinctive mode, following all the way through to a very holistic and integrated view of reality.

The important thing to be considered here, is how all aspects of each proceeding stage are integrated into the stage before it. Climbing a spiral of advancement in each level, thus harmonizing with the more limited stages of conscious awareness.

Every stage has its positives and its negatives. There is no reason to assume that any one aspect of the spiral is not supposed to be as it is. It is just that within a limited point of view, there is more ground for the possibility of conflict. While in the more advanced stages, the possibility of conflict is nullified by a greater awareness of our present situation.

The subjective nature of this particular model has to be clarified, as it is making sharp distinctions in the nature of our cultures in conjunction to a more connected, peaceful, and knowledgeable planet. Erasing the lines of bias, domination and segregation is the point of looking at this model.

It is possible that within the lower stages, the higher stages may seem as a threat to the more traditional ways of life. Whether, it is by introducing new concepts, new technologies, or new lifestyles. All the advancing stages have to balance the duality of self and other, as we all strive to live on the same planet in equanimity. Each go about it in their own way, and yet only the higher stages have the knowledge that could integrate all societies to a healthier and more joyous existence.

One of the highest stages is turquoise. It is known to be the realm of the mystical. Achieving qualities of a cosmocentric and holistic state of being. This is an exceedingly rare consciousness to embody at this time, but is potential for anyone, at anytime, to be made aware of. It also utilizes the idea of our more psychic nature and self-transcendence — which has the uniqueness of allowing us to realize a more connected principle within the entire universe.

The final stage is coral. This approaches the idea of embodying non-duality. In this state, anything is possible for humanity to achieve. Anything that can be imagined or otherwise will arise in the individual, in which to inspire turquoise to even further heights than what they were already capable of. An intriguing prospect for the collective of humanity.

In the end though, this only remains as another map of consciousness. It must be pointed out that maps are not the territory. They are only delineations of the territory and can be quite limiting, as they confine the parameters of what is possible for any stage to experience in life. However, if we meditate on the various versions of this model, it is possible to reach new insights in how we behave with all that is. In this, we can approach towards higher ideals within our own life, and not see advancement as a threat to a more conventional outlook.

A type of positive globalism is possible. One free of a dominance mindset, and imbued with the aspects of unconditional love and harmony towards even those without these ideals. In this, will we see magnanimous feats of our conscious will, to ascend towards more of our divinity. As a consequence of the spiral, the future of humanity will involve itself in a much more enlightened endeavor. One that not only considers Earth, but the whole of the cosmic planes.

Then a real conversation can be had.

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