Sands Of Time

In my dream, I accomplish something valuable. We are brought into a mysterious room, where a large, magical-looking structure stands in the middle of the room. This structure seems to be cracked, and has glimmering blue sand, flowing down its sides. It seems now, we can begin to collect the sand and begin a new stage of our quest for more light.


Ostensibly, the only barrier to any real sense of freedom. Any deep feeling of ecstasy and fulfillment is only brought about by shortening the gap within the experience of this strange limiting phenomena, known as time.

I have began to realize this more and more. Recalling, the eminent mystical philosophers who would all emphasize the same point, over and over again. Can you still your mind? Or at the very least, can you imagine ways where your mind is at least content within the moment, as it is.

Whatever the method, or whichever the path that a spiritual guide provides — always, the intention is to dissolve the experience of time.

Time is essentially thought. It seems to drag our experience out as a burden. As though we aren’t exactly where we are meant to be, or are not doing what we are supposed to be doing. This is a very exacting state of being to deal with, because it seems so true and real.

Though, sometimes thoughts can be quite intriguing and positive — profoundly, insightful or exciting. This too, usually turns around in a quick beat to something that is far less than that. Before we know it, we will have begun a string of trivial or negative thoughts that seem to become the theme of our life’s endeavor. This continues the illusion of time, and any misery or difficulty that we may come across on our journey.

The solution always seems more boring than engaging in the artifice of thought. Because the solution has no fantastic story attached to it. No blissful images of sanguine sanctuaries or mystical phenomena. No, it is dwelling in the dead silence of open space.

However, the idea that it is more boring is also a subtle thought. More accurately an overarching belief of what is real and what is not. This belief then generates a feeling that we may become more bored if we sit with our silence, and thus we often indulge in the activity of our thoughts instead.

So they say, a word is worth one gold coin, but silence is worth two. – The Zohar

This whole writing actually came out of a state of non-thought. I was mulling in my head what I was going to write next, and this one thought passed by. The thought was not followed up at all, but instead by mere action alone.

A Sensational Life

The key to our life, is indeed action. When we walk in a park, it is not ideal to think about our life situation, the woes, turmoils, comparisons with others, traps and tribulations, directions and relationship inquiries. Instead, it is far better to act. Walk, sit, look, breathe, and sense the surroundings.

This type of heightened state of being is superhuman. Suddenly, life makes sense again. Figuring out things in the head is still an acceptable path, but it is a difficult and fragmented one. One that has to eventually be transcended for more silence, if there is ever to be any hope of a higher state of awareness.

This is where it can be realized that being in the moment, actually solves all difficulty. The actions you plan on taking in the future (through various thought forms) will usually have some amount of uncertainty attached to them. This uncertainty will always setup opposites against each other in your mind. As though you were fighting with differing aspects of yourself.

Yet, when we visit nature, or look at interesting architecture. Nothing is more important than what surrounds us. Suddenly, the sanguine beauty of all is realized. Problems seem to clarify as actions and words passed through the gate of non-thought. Truly, your thoughts will be challenged to consistently know what way to act in the future. But, your actions will always remain pure.

Thus, acting more fully in the moment seems to bring about a euphoric synchronous timing in all things. Time itself, no longer becomes a barrier to anything.

Taking Out The Grains of Sand

Yet, can this be maintained? Can we see it through and through in the instant of this moment and drop our negativity once and for all? I believe so, but I have not fully embodied that within my own life. Thought seems rather necessary for a number of activities. Yet, at the same time, I know it isn’t at all necessary if one has enough trust within the universal process of all things.

Before my father passed away, he use to advise me consistently on how to solve any problem. Being an engineer, he told me to, “Just look at it!”, in the most stern voice possible. Looking at anything, is all that is needed. Thought, is only a commentator to what is before you. Looking and taking action can solve anything, but thinking may delay insight.

It is quite interesting, while writing this, I had an enormous deja vu experience. Didn’t I write this before? This exact piece? Certainly, I have written about time before, but I notice this as another interesting synchronicity. A signal that it is on the correct track to accelerate spiritual growth.

Our sensation of time will surely change… over time. This must be the process of expanding our consciousness with more of ourselves. In turn, I feel that it will allow more balance in our world. The everyday problems will be solved from a level of the self that like bits of rolling glittering sand, will flow out to the greater collective.

Please be well! And do your best to not think about any of what I just said.

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