Corrupting The Virtue: Spirituality And Politics

Twin Peaks inspired art by MrDodgeDart

It seems to be the case with even our spiritual leaders, that they will have a rather innocent view about the way our current political system functions. For me, I know that mentioning the words “spirituality” and “politics” in the same sentence will turn a lot of people off. It is true that on one level they have nothing to do with each other. They even appear to be polar opposites. One being a power hungry game of control and manipulation of people or events, and the other being politics (Just jesting! Don’t hurt me). Despite our definitions, we have to make choices within our world, and these topics are as interlinked as any other aspect of our life.

To this day, I see many still assuming that if we vote in just enough red or just enough blue— everything will be sufficiently solved. I suppose this would be the time to admit a type of spiritual bypassing.

Recently, I had a podcast with my friend Raffael. It was a good talk, because he reminded me that it is best to stay positive in the world, while being aware of any possible negativity. Something that most people stumble with a lot. And unfortunately, this is the case with many spiritual individuals, who seem to trip at the first mention of politics. Something that can easily be avoided, by merely spending more time engaging with a variety of perspectives. In this, it is easy to find the thread that binds them both together.

I was mildly amused to find out that a particular spiritual scholar, was more than willing to send money to politicians that are well-known to only heed the demands of corporations, over the needs of the many. Despite their passionate promises otherwise. Even blue politicians have voted to send a 40 billion dollar war package to people who are being treated as canon fodder for a proxy war with another superpower. All of this money could have been used to alleviate poverty or help with any other crises that we have yet to acknowledge.

Instead, our politicians continue to make promises that have the outward appearance of helping us. Like sirens that have an alluring beauty until the moment their jaws close in. These promises sound so good, that one can’t help but to express their allegiance to politicians that, at least in their speech, sound perfectly moral, righteous, and unifying. Yet, when we look at their actions and who finances them, it almost always tells a different story. Under a blue politician president, children are still in cages, minimum wage is the same, unions are busted or corrupted, our withdraw from the Somalian war was reversed and our other endless wars continue, land was opened for oil, green energy infrastructure was ignored and no new helpful services have been provided for anyone. While under a red president, it was barely any different. Some have even suggested we might have been slightly better off! But I would refrain from assuming this, for the moment.

One can always discuss the positives in anything— the point is that the negatives have an overwhelming preponderance of evidence to reveal the complicit corruption or indifference of both political parties (in America) to change things for the better. And yet, many people continue to believe that things will change by simply voting for the side they assume, is more “loving”. Even the populist politicians that have claimed radical change, have all but conformed to the will of the establishment. Perhaps, a third party might be more effective, but still remains the problem of our representational system that places the power outside ourselves. It seems as though our empathy is often hoodwinked by the outward appearance of compassion and left to dry when our attention becomes distracted.

Unfortunately, these words could easily be perceived as “misinformation”, yet it only remains as a perspective to consider. Our media doesn’t at all help our efforts to unify humanity in solidarity with one another. In place of that, it always seems to find some ways of making us fight each other from a very limited left to right dynamic. Social media, and our news is saturated with agendas that will exaggerate headlines or conveniently leave out important information. Whatever might grab the attention or ignite someone’s anger for a fellow human being.

For me, I never see myself as judging anyone for the way they behave or whom they support. I only do my best in using the words that will allow information to be more easily accepted into the consciousness. It is better that we realize the relative validity of all perspectives, rather than assuming disparaging insults can help anyone come to more of the truth. Only in treating each other with respect and dignity will we move towards a more preferable path. This signifies the importance of seeking out alternative views, sharing and gaining perspective from others. Most of all, it highlights the value of not being afraid to change one’s mind instantly—with no shame or frustration when new information comes to light.

We have to know when to end an abusive relationship. If people in government have continued poverty, war, environmental desecration or unequal treatment of individuals for so long— how can anyone expect that by doing the same thing, we will create a new world?

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