Why Health Is Confusing And Enlightening

This article may seem highly naive to those who read it. For, I am not a university trained doctor or physician. I have no degree that officiates my knowledge nor my decrees. If my karma ever allowed myself to become severely injured through some kind of accident, I would probably require the assistance of those who better knew the fine detailed specifics within the human anatomy. But, this is not a very probable reality for anyone who has knowledge that they create their own reality.

It is very challenging indeed, to convince anyone that you may have more knowledge about a specific subject to them without sounding pompous, elitist, egotistical, or even stupid and dull. Especially, if you do not have the verified ticket on your wall that says you are an expert.

Of course, I am not saying that these degrees are irrelevant. Much of my knowledge base has been revealed through these types of individuals. However, the greatest of these insights came from those who knew a greater truth about their selected field of study. Which is that knowledge must be seen holistically, in order to become more accurate. It therefore, leaves nothing out of the greater system in which it involves itself within.

The situation we find ourselves today is a growing awareness of this. Yet, many still rather believe the confines of what has only been discovered in the previous 70 years of science— still monotonously taught in university and assumed as the most helpful information within our media. With only a few progressive changes, here and there.

When it comes to our health, we all have our opinion on what is healthy and what is not. Anyone who may come to challenge us on these assumptions is not usually seen in a positive light. And for those that challenge the fundamental paradigm of what health is; they are derided as lunatics and are seen as dangerous to public health. They may even decide to censor you as a result.

Recently, I was craving an expression of my point of view to people that visit spiritual forums. I like to speak on any topic that I can definitively provide useful assistance with to ease the confusion that those types of forums are ripe with.

On one such forum the issue of the pandemic came up. And the moderator decided to shut down the thread, giving no reason as to why, except for their previous abstract stance of disallowing all assumed “misinformation”. Assumption is the key word there. Because how can “misinformation” be known to anyone without a discussion of it first? Having encountered this before, I decided to write an article about it; titled “Reality Cannot Be Censured”. Which is a way for me to affirm the truth that censorship only leads to radicalization of viewpoints and echo chambers that crop out extremists. Unfortunately, most people today, believe they are simply “moderating” their space from bad apples. Despite, it never being quite clear what exactly they are attempting to moderate.

This was unusual to me, because I was being respectful, and willing to change my mind if I found information that went counter to what I assumed was true. However, my main focus was underlining the fundamental holistic knowledge that anyone could realize as their own self-realization. This knowledge was, ostensibly, already known back in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt. It seems to also be widespread in many cultures as was described in many of the spiritual texts and teachers.

As I know it now, consciousness is entirely subjective. While, of course, we interact within an objective collective standard; this standard can bend and mold to our subjective will through various mystical techniques— most notably, that of meditation. Knowing this, is the first step towards health.

When we trust in a more evolved and greater system, naturally our stress levels diminish. Many of our health problems are caused subjectively. Our nervous system may be consistently allocating our energy towards trivial matters of fear, worry, depression, and anxiety. All of which, create a less healthy immune system.

But, no one wants to hear this as a potential solution. This is mainly because we think only in material terms. It is far easier to get a quick fix for our health, in the form of a pill or injection. This material convenience acts as a panacea for any specific problem one may have. It is comforting to know, that no actual change of the will has to take place when we can go to our local health authority and request their health prescription.

This material addiction causes most of us to almost always believe that something external from ourselves has a better shot at healing our pain, than we do ourselves. However, if we do just a little bit of research into the idea of placebo. We can see that our conscious belief can have a massive impact on the health results of any medication. How more so if we ascend from belief into willful knowledge?

That knowledge can be as easy as you like, to take in. Struggle isn’t needed to grasp the physical reality.

During the pandemic, we decided that the healthiest strategy was mass injections of the population, enforcement of masks, and the lock down of every person from social interaction. This strategy was shown to be an unhealthy daunting ritual for the population. I found it very unusual (but not surprising) that we chose the quick fix to our health situation, instead of the more useful methods that have been known by mystics of the ancient times, and the growing number of fringe scientists that are collecting the data for future generations to discover.

While, the most important aspect of this health knowledge is that you are essentially God. And that God is to be trusted in all circumstances (as yourself). There remains a great deal of objective collective standards that prove to be useful methods in obtaining a more perfect health, as well. Techniques such as deep rhythmic breathing used by yogis and monks have been known to detoxify the body while simultaneously increasing oxygen supply. Age old wisdom of exercising every day to allow blood to flow naturally throughout your physiology. Receiving sun light for the skin and eyes whenever possible. Also, meditating for as long periods of time, which has only recently been given the scientific data; to back up the claim that it can improve the immune system by reducing anxiety, stress, and pain. As well, as walking around nature and spending time near trees, soil, and wildlife.

But, last and definitely not the least, is to reduce our consumption of toxins in our food. Such things as processed foods, glyphosate (found within non-organic products), most artificial ingredients, dairy, eggs, and especially our meats. All these will do nothing to help your immune system. While simultaneously blocking the ability you have to absorb nutrients. Especially the meats, which are often found with their own parasites in them.

The above statement I know will be the most challenging aspect of health to grasp. While, all of the other areas may seem reasonable to you, and you may soon be making the time for those activities. Food, seems to be an entirely different dimension of resolve. Our addiction and desire for delicious taste, allows the mind to come up with myriads of reasons not to pursue. Any reason at all, it will likely accept as a good enough factor. Meanwhile, their health continues to deteriorate, and every time they get sick they wonder what could possibly be the cause?

One could easily reason this away, by saying that they require certain nutrients only from animal products. But, these nutrients are given to you the same way as they are given to any animal that has that nutrient within them. Through the plant life. Thus, all nutrients you need are readily available in plants. Of course, often placebo is far more powerful than the objective collective standard, and even a defiance of what is known to be more conducive for the body can be rejected as long as one holds fixedly to the idea that it is needed. Which means that if that idea is still in some way believed to be better (usually because it feels better to eat what one wants to eat), then the body will become very weak and not find any use in eating healthier. The key then, is a slow transition and to keep a steady pace. Not to readily assume that it is a false paradigm because your strict experimental procedures to see if it is truly healthy or not. As well, it is best not to assume that if you still are creating health complications, it is because you shifted your diet. It is simply being done too quickly for your ego to melt through your previous assumptions of health.

Since, I have eaten only plant food for a year and a half now, my body will instantly trigger an immune response whenever I accidentally eat anything greatly toxic, like a sliver of meat. As a result, I have been able to avoid all disease, including COVID, and the common cold; save for the very short and mild times my immune system responds to such accidents as stated above with a slightly itchy throat or runny nose. This alternative is far healthier, remains mostly energy is intact. I am never bed-ridden, and am always able to continue doing as I please.

With this more harmonious system, why would anyone need a pill or injection? A mask or a band-aid? A lock down mandate or social distancing? These are all very paranoid ideas that stem from a lack of understanding the true potential of the human body to obtain a more perfect health. These external solutions always create more problems than they solve, costing billions of dollars just to make everyone more depressed, fearful and worried about something that is well within their control. The litigation of this pandemic was not so good for our collective immune system.

For me, to reveal this type of knowledge and then have it labeled and censored as “misinformation” can easily be decided upon as frustrating. But, why would I be frustrated? Frustration only impedes the immune system. Better, is to be level headed with everyone we interact with. Always doing our best to be as friendly as possible, as to not cause too much disturbance; while balancing our own needs of expressing higher ideals.

So for me, the emphasis on injections, lock downs, masks and social distancing was a quick convenient fix to a larger situation in life and in health. There is no quick fix, and there is no solution outside one’s own ability to create health within their own conscious will. Everything else is akin to snake oil (not to say it isn’t useful, as it can still be an unconscious placebo for many, and thus would be dangerous to take away so quickly from the comfort of the mind.)

It is a rather unfortunate state of affairs. While, we are just now climbing out of this particular pandemic due to all the ways we decided to control the situation instead of ourselves; we face the definite reality of another contagious virus happening again. Will we be able to this time face with full awareness what is causing our pain? It is not random that a virus is inflicted upon some people with so much veracity while for others they only receive the mild version of it. The amount of consciousness one has about the way they go about life, is the determining factor of how much pain of disease you must face. And you will keep facing that pain until you awaken to the greater truth.

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