The Human Potential Is Unbelievable (An In Depth Look At Super Human Abilities)

Humanity is capable of some pretty amazing feats. We can use our mind to create inventions of steel birds that transport us in the sky, illuminated boxes that transfer images and sound from one to the other, and works of art— as concrete architecture that can provide us a sense of awe and wonder.

Everything we do is a type of superpower, in this traditional sense. From cultivating life in gardens, to speaking words as magical spells that can uplift people, and cause them to organize in harmonious acts of compassion. But, of the myriad possibilities that are well known in our world, are the acts of latent powers that go above and beyond the idea of material sense making.

In India, these have been known since time immemorial, as siddhis. Siddhis are a type of superhuman ability or occult power. These powers range from levitation to telepathy, and for most, are radical and unbelievable feats. Unbelievable because they will be rejected without consideration, and radical because if known— could push the limits of human society into unimaginable areas of advancement.

While, certainly there are many instances where these abilities have been shown to be unreal. Equally, are the multitude of first-hand accounts that these siddhis are shown to be quite real in some format of our reality. The basic principle is that anyone has the potential in realizing any of these abilities.

As an example, we can look towards a previous article, “Humanity Cannot Live On Bread Alone”. This writing talks about the “breatharian” Ray Maor, who was able to prove on Israeli national television that the human body could survive without food or water for up to 8 days. This siddhi is known by many as a type of super human ability that anyone is capable of achieving, given enough information and time exploring that possibility. It is said to be a transference of energy into sustenance where the human body could potentially live indefinitely, without food or water.

Next, we can look to Wim Hof, who have proved to small sample of doctors that the human body could trigger an immune response through will power alone. Wim Hof is known famously as the “Ice Man” because of his ability to withstand below freezing temperatures in ice water, for a long duration of time. This has also been known as a siddhi for thousands of years. Withstanding and overcoming pain is seen by the sages who are able to walk over fire coals, hold their arm in the sky for years or survive a lethal amount of snake venom. We can also see it with the Shaolin Monks, who learn a type of “iron body” training in their monasteries— that allow feats of strength that seem impossible.

He is actually thrusting his full weight into the spear with his throat to make it bend upward.

John Chang, a qi-gong master known as “Dynamo Jack” or the “Electric Eel Man”, has also revealed to several scientists about the potential for humans to utilize superhuman abilities. Cultivating chi (or energy) through his lineage of masters in the tradition of qi-gong, he was able to manifest fire from his hands, perform acts of telekinesis and much more.

While, all of this can certainly always be explained away as some kind of clever magic trick to the eyes, it cannot explain how there are so many eye witness accounts that verify the truth of these abilities. Books such as “Paramahansa Yogananda‘s Autobiography”, “Bells of the Himalayas”, and “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”; have documented many cases of these siddhis proving to be more real than astute parlor tricks.

Yogananda was a spiritual teacher from India who came to spread knowledge of Kriya Yoga to the west. He was a very well respected eye witness to several accounts of occult ability. Telling stories of Indian sages who could manifest objects out of thin air, predict the future with perfect timing, live for thousands of years, and even teleport their body at will. All seemingly impossible feats, that he has sworn by in the testimony of his life’s work.

Then there are the Tibetan masters residing near the Himalayan mountains, who are also teaching monks how to develop many of these superhuman abilities for themselves. They talk about it, as though it is matter of fact, and a necessary tool to grow in Enlightenment.

The central idea is that these abilities are possible for anyone. And if we are ever able to learn how to interact in such a way. We would be able to overturn our mundane reality into a very magical one, that would require far less material effort and resources to reside within.

Most of these abilities require a great amount of dedication towards God realization to be awakened. However, latent psychic abilities are cropping up for more and more for people who are only receiving just a little exposure to the concept of meditation. Many ordinary people who have no esoteric training from a guru or master; have awakened siddhis that include psychic abilities such as telepathy, seeing auras, remote viewing, astral projection, and more. Just by watching how-to videos on the internet! Of course, the amount of control one will have over these abilities will likely be very limited. And for the most part, you will probably not be able to prove their worth to anyone who is not already open to the idea. Yet, this opinion will change over time.

These abilities are often unlocked through something as simple as meditation. Visions of higher beings, energy manipulation, communication with trees, animals, and even extraterrestrials— all are quite possible in our reality.

But, perhaps you are still wondering the relevance of this phenomena? In a world where there is rampant pollution, destruction of the environment, war, sickness, and poverty; what is the use of speaking about this?

Perhaps, the greatest siddhi of all, is that of compassion. It has been noted that this is a definite skill that can be improved upon, just like any other. It seems to be the case, that a certain level of compassion is required to even be able to perceive the possibility, and therefore attainment of, these types of superhuman powers. So to, is the case, that if anyone abuses these abilities they could be revoked by greater influences.

But, no matter the case, it is clear that compassion is needed more than any superpower. Cultivating compassion through the usage of meditation, and any other technique is actually the greatest way to realize superpowers. It is all connected in that sense.

Having some kind of telepathic ability, for example, is a type of empathy with other beings. You are connecting to the same thought or emotional form at the same time. This can allow anyone to more easily recognize when their compassion is needed, and when it is not; and to what degree they need to act in order to assist all involved. This is why some monks and initiates are taught any number of these abilities. There is nothing to lose in expanding consciousness to higher ideals.

Have you ever communicated with the material kingdom? Do you really know what an animal is feeling? What would Earth say to you? What about the other planets and stars? This can be known on a deeper level when we approach these higher ideals within our own body and mind. As well, when we connect to the dream realm, the astral realm, or higher sources— we can receive information from symbolism, masters, guides or friends that can push us to even greater heights in realizing our compassion with self and other. There really is no limit to what can be achieved if we do not de-emphasize the possibility that these potentials exist within every single human being alive today.

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