UFOs Will Become Mainstream

Phoenix Lights 1997, Depiction and photo. This event remains one of the largest mass sighting of UFOs in history.

Recently, the US government held open congressional hearings solely on the topic of UFO/UAP encounters (unidentified flying objects/unidentified aerial phenomena). This proceeding has allowed our attention to once again, briefly focus on the idea that these are likely spacecrafts that are not of this world.

While, the topic trended on twitter, there was the usual concern that this whole subject was just a “distraction” from the real issues. Going as far to suggest, that our government might have even planned this occurrence. However, from what i have seen, the media only made concise mentions of the UFO hearings. As well, the event appeared to be pushed, not by the government, but by people within the UFO research community— who desired for this to be more accepted and known to the public.

Keeping that all in mind, the Pentagon’s position on this entire phenomena is rather headlong. Their assumption is that these UFOs could be a threat to national security. Of course, anyone who isn’t part of some weapons industry, would have the sense to not buy into that narrative. The assumption of a threat, can only lead the military into justifying more funding for defense. An assumption fueled by fear and greed and not the situation at hand. If ever there was a distraction on this issue, it would be this point.

The reason many are lead to believe that these crafts are not a threat is because they have shown it to us many times. If we were to assume that they have the advanced technology to arrive here from light years away, why haven’t they destroyed us already— if truly, they are a threat? Of all the legitimate sightings of these crafts, they have only appeared to just move around in the sky, probably observing our behavior. Some would even claim they go further than just observation. Sometimes, they actually communicate to us through their lights or movements.

Not only that, but in some cases, there have been reports of UFOs disarming nuclear weapons. Through, the lens of a military official, this may seem like some sort of act of war. But, as a conscious individual, one can only see this as a message— that they do not desire we destroy ourselves.

All in all, the hearings were only a minute step into our growing acceptance of this topic. Before the hearings were held, I predicted with one of my animations, that they would be seen with nearly the same amount of skepticism that they have been in the past. Only leaving just a tiny more portion of the population with some new questions, insights, and interest in the discussion.

Inevitably, this information will become more mainstream, there will be another mass sighting over one of our major cities and, the discussion of UFOs and ET life— will heighten as our entire view of reality evolves.

This is not a brief entertainment for those who have experienced this phenomena. For the kinds of technologies and ideas that are implied with such sightings are profound. As more come to the reality of the situation, it will mark a new era for humanity. When we can begin discussing this situation sincerely and harmoniously to each other, without being seen as crazy. In this, we will begin to shape the way we could experience our future. Which like a steady hand, seems to be elating our consciousness, in unimaginable ways.

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