The Optimal Window: A Simple Trick To Deepen Your Meditation

Meditating Monk by Garrett Post

Meditation has been used by mystics of the past, to connect with a more real source of energy that lies dormant within them. To this day, we continue to explore the benefits that meditation can bring, which has been scientifically revealed to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, lengthen attention span, enhance self-awareness, reduce memory loss, improve immune system, help with pain, help with sleep, and more.

This knowledge does not seem to make meditation anymore attractive for the common person to indulge in. Meditation is usually seen as either too boring or too useless to bother with, despite the profound implications of engaging in such an exercise. Or the usual excuse of not being “good at it”.

For meditation, skill is besides the point. The real focus is only in the question of whether or not you are doing it. Ideally, one is meditating at whatever capacity they are able. By simply focusing on the energy of their awareness, whenever possible. But, for many who attempt meditation, all they find is that they are sitting down and their mind remains relatively the same, with perhaps only a mild relief.

There is much I can say that can help anyone go beyond a mere relief, in their meditation. One can achieve states of pure ecstasy, and unimaginable wonders, by only a slight shift of behavior.

During my own exploration with meditation, I have found a simple way to go much deeper. Usually, we find ourselves becoming tired during the day. Most of us opt to drink a cup of coffee or take a power nap whenever this occurs. But I would kindly suggest, that one instead— uses this crucial time to meditate.

When I place my back up against a cushioned wall, while I am a bit sleepy, I find myself entering very ecstatic and expanded realms within the solace of my meditation. I believe this is because, while sleepy, our brains are less active in most cases. It is easier to simply sit, rest and focus on our general awareness, with little thoughts obstructing our peace. Bypassing the mind’s usual attempts to distract us.

After the meditation, you will find yourself not needing any sort of pick-me-up to continue your daily tasks. Which is another benefit of doing this type of meditation. It is possible you may fall asleep during this time, but there isn’t anything wrong with that either. Better you fall asleep in meditation, than fall asleep without trying. As well, for those who wake up at 3AM and have a bit of difficulty falling back to sleep. This same trick can be used for some interesting experiences.

See for yourself, the next time you decide to meditate while tired. If you keep a steady alertness, you may be shocked to find that you have finally entered into an entirely different experience. One that will completely change your life.

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