More Than A Video Game

My SPIRITUAL quest continues as I sit down to write these words. Of course, spiritual is a relative word. It seems to be the case, that everything we do has that quality. We all live spiritual lives whether we are aware of it or not.

However, once aware, the real fun begins.I found myself recently having a desire to be a twitch streamer. Although, I work a custodian job to pay my rent and find a bit of pleasure in knowing people need my help, I wouldn’t want to do it forever under my current pay. Because it still feels like I am under a type of restriction in my life. This restriction is interesting because it is an illusion in my mind and yet a reality I face up to in every day experience.This is why I felt I needed to shift into some new personal bliss.

I sought out many sources of inspiration, both spiritual and otherwise and knew I strongly desired to play video games for a living. With e-sports and all kinds of social media to share content with others, playing video games for a living is an actual reality for people.So recently, when I got Twitch Affiliate I was very pleased, but only until I realized that this reality is only shared by a very slim percentage of anyone who tries (less than 1%). I knew it would be improbable but, I had no idea it was this improbable.Some may say, why chase this desire? Is it worth it? Why not go to school and pursue that? These are all valid questions, but to me it simply seems riskier to not fully envelop myself in it, as I believe it would be help me balance myself in meditation.In truth, the balance in meditation comes from a trust that we are on the right path. Paradoxically, we must also be acting in a way that makes that feel true.

A type of pressure and anxiety occurs in our body and is either surrendered to or redirected into bliss or pain. This is a type of ultimate realization that seems to only ever evolve into more refinement of words that can be used to describe it, and sensations that can be experienced to deepen the enjoyment of it.All in good timing, I say! Everything will work out in the end and yet it is still up to us to make that true for our local conditions. Expanding that outward we may find a planet that enlightens itself into greater peace, abundance and joy for all. What will be possible then is beyond our imagination.To experience more (and quite possibly RAISE YOUR VIBE)Listen to my short podcast:


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