The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil

During my dream last night, there was some kind of paladin sitting before a great abyss. I saw one of my dream friends enter this abyss and was transformed into a massive demonic entity.

I began to run away from this entity. The dream bordered on astral presence (by that I mean the visuals are astonishingly realistic and lucid). I stuck out my hand and attempted to blast the demon with light rays, but light rays were not coming out of my hand. I was leading people to safety when I decided to enter a tunnel full of toxicity of some kind. The dream just ended there.

Dreams always indicate some kind of energy that is being integrated into our consciousness. Demons representing our shadow self. The unbearable aspect of our self that creates all of our misery. It always reminds me of the game Legend of Zelda where the player has to fight their shadow self— one that mirrors their movements and matches their abilities.

This shadow self has been called many things, “the ego”, “childhood trauma”, “the world”, “the devil”, “the mind” and so on. It is the struggle we face as a human collective for various reasons triggered from our past. On one level, a very base human level, we can indeed fight it and win— come out on top, so to speak; and be fearless while staring into the eyes of evil itself. This is why, we have dreams that scare us. Not to create fear and hopelessness in our universe, but to see if we can transmute the situation.

If I was able to stare that dream demon in the eyes, instead of running, the entire dream would have changed. I probably would have been able to blast light out of my hands, I probably would have been able to save the people around me. Yet, I didn’t believe I had the power in me, and part of that is my lack of lucidity within the dream, as well as in the waking world. Both worlds bleed into each other in many ways.

This is not the pinnacle of perspectives though. Good, evil, shadow, light? These terms are rather dualistic. A taoist sage or zen master would tell you to remove the whole notion. For good reason, because the idea of good and evil creates all the evil we see in the world (for lack of better language translation). When we set up two opposites and say one is better than the other, it means that we believe either one could have the power over the other, when in reality only the light is real, and the shadow is simply the illusion we continually create out of societal habit.

So if I wanted to transmute the energy of my dream situation even further, I would face the demon with love. I would smile at them because I know they are my illusion and my creation. This usually allows the demon to change from a frightening appearance into a more gentle form. However, let it be known! Any ounce of fear or shadow that is still within you (and hasn’t been shed light upon) will be highlighted by this strange force. Which simply means, if you allow any possibility of fear to creep in, the shadow self will seemingly overtake the dream. Luckily, all that is needed is this insight for you to change. All is met with time.

The Good vs Evil game is being played more heavily upon us at this time. I see many are still falling for the same old trite snare that has been perpetuated for thousands of years. Though this time we are becoming more aware of where to direct our Evil. Not with each other (which is what any demonic entity would desire) but at the shadow self itself. This is usually directed at corrupted individuals who use the media to divide us by language parameters alone. People are seeing through this and are able to join together in opposition.

Yet, opposition itself is always used by those same corrupted individuals to create more opposition. They can justify a dystopian society by showing us the mirror of our hatred towards them and then convince the collective that is for our “best interest” to have more restrictions on our lives, to keep everyone under control.

This is why seeing through the opposites with love is the greatest realization. Good vs Evil, is just a single Good. The shadow self, is you. Therefore, love yourself and you heal the entire collective. Loving yourself is all that need be done in order to reflect to others how they can also be given that love that is free as the air we breathe. Loving others then will be natural. It won’t feel like you are being forced to out of necessity, and instead, will be given out of the overflowing cup that you have become.

I don’t know how to say this to people though. In the world, or on the internet, it is nearly an unacceptable proposition. Evil is the most challenging thing to love because they always invoke anger and in anger our mind becomes clouded and hazy. But, love is what stands resolute and strong while all other things fade in time.

I was watching a documentary of a Tibetan monk who made a pilgrimage to all the sacred sites around Tibet with westerners and easterners. The documentary must have been shot around the time of 2001, because the monk would always say “Love every sentient being, even Bin Laden”.

This made me know, that one who is truly in a state of unconditional love cannot be controlled. They will not accept any kind of war, censorship or restrictions on them, because they have the inner knowing already contained. Like the yogis of India who resisted foreign invasion of their land because they were “too connected with their body”. Meaning they could feel the love within themselves to need anything else.

So I write this. And I am not a very popular figure. Though perhaps one of them will come along and be able to relay the age old message to more and more individuals. That would be nice, then I could just sit back and drink my tea. I feel like more needs to be said and yet I have no words to say it at the moment. I heard that language is just a way to hide true feelings. Perhaps less needs to be said on the matter. All of these books and scriptures of unconditional love and we still haven’t been able to quite get it. Words seem to always trick us into believing what we need not, and doing what we need not do.

The other side of course, is that they give a way for the mind to meditate and that is when they become useful. Sometimes confounding words are better than words that directly point. These confounding words can directly point. Where are they pointing to? How many words have to be written before we return to the source? Source energy is all around us! It is God. It is not God. But, it is definitely God.

A zen master once said, “Let there be a mutual implicit understanding, and leave it at that!”

I am glad we understand each other so well.

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