What Does A Mirror See In Another Mirror?

In my life, I keep spirituality as the essential focus of all my endeavors. This has allowed me to stay in a positive state when going about the usually mundane activities that is currently expressed in our world. However, it is probably best to make no distinctions at all, between what is spiritual and what isn’t.

I was listening to someone speak about their life on a youtube video. It was someone who expresses spiritual wisdom to thousands of people, mainly through channeling. While listening to him authentically speak about the challenges and frustrations he had to deal with in his life, my shadow self came to a strange sense of pleasure in believing that it had something “spiritual” over this individual by way of some sort of happiness metric that it concocted.

Perhaps, you have read the second line in this article and created a thought of envy or disapproval. “This has allowed me to stay in a positive state.”

This statement is only half-true. I could have wrote “mostly” positive state and it would be more accurate to what I experience on a daily basis (through the modalities of wisdom I have been able to absorb from the myriad of mystical explorers in this realm and elsewhere). Yet, it would be just as misleading to state it as “mostly” positive as well. Any individual’s experience can’t be so easily described or presumed.

When I experience negativity, it is usually brief and my focus shifts to something I can grasp as good, since anything else feels as though I am wasting my time. However, in many dreams I experience, the depth of the negativity is extremely intense. No matter how brief it may be, it always leaves me stirred up, or perhaps more accurately (dare I say) very disturbed.

To say I am disturbed seems like a misnomer in dialogue, because certainly that energy leaves me as soon as the day begins, but the idea that I can be disturbed to begin with, is an indicator of missing something very important. Some have termed this “missing quality” as a 4th density state of consciousness (seeing through one’s self completely). It is also more famously known as Enlightenment.

After listening to this person speak about their life on youtube, I went to sleep and had a very intense dream of my own inner turmoil. It was that still humble reminder, that I have ways to go myself, to master my emotions and physical reality.

Listening in on certain people, we can assume what we can come to know about their state of consciousness. But, we only get a reflection of ourselves. It may seem as though someone is complaining, or that they are enveloped in misery and suffering, but there is no way of knowing this. The only knowledge there is, is self-knowledge.

Often, we may misinterpret single slices of another’s experience as the entire experience of their present life. But, just because something is being expressed in the moment as being a certain way, does not necessarily mean that it is that way all the time. It can crop up in many different moments as just a shallow sense of negativity. While for others, it may be a long-drawn out emotional sickness that is experienced only once over the course of many months.

The point here is that I was unconsciously lording something over someone and was swiftly met with a mirror of my own inadequacies.

It is interesting how eager I can become in finding the words to express how spiritually evolved I have become. For certain, I have been able to find an astonishing degree of positivity in my life. And for sure, there are people out there who have just gone numb towards anything that could shine a more blissful light on their situation. They would read words of enlightened mystics or rather joyful modern spiritual teachers of today, and completely gloss over at any sense of self-integration with their aspects. Just rolling their eyes with contempt, yawning with indifference to any growth towards a deeper love, and making statements along the lines of them being “fraudulent”, “inauthentic”, or containing “toxic positivity”.

Of course the funny thing is, when spiritually minded individuals get called out as such, they always seem to fall for the unconscious bait. In turn, they become offended and frustrated with themselves and blame the trolls for their anger. What is being reflected to us, is always an opportunity to see whether we desire to take our words in the same way or not.

In those dream states I described earlier, I always find myself meeting with a true inadequacy of potential. This always seems to manifest itself as a powerful negative belief of being worthless. This is actually, the central idea that all of humanity is attempting to alchemize. It becomes rather difficult when we are met with reflections of ourselves that use words in a way that appear to disempower us. Though, it is best not to blame anyone. Because it is definitely the case, that these individuals really truly desire to empower us, but they don’t yet have the tools of expressing it.

For example, when some of us use words like “you’re stupid, you’re a cancer on society, you are useless” so on so forth. They are coming from a place of love to that which is believed to be intelligent, healing, and useful to society. So in the way they express themselves, they are attempting to do good, but they are not aware that the words they are using is having the opposite overall effect. (As it not only effects those that the words are directed too, but to everyone who may see the words and whom said them).

Fortunately, nothing has to negatively effect anyone’s consciousness so long as they are aware of the infinite reflectivity that is reverberating throughout the mirror of our souls. In exploring my intense astral dream experiences, I gain more insight about this predicament. It can only be said that it has to remain central only to my own self-knowledge (there is no one else). So that, the demons and monstrosities that I see and have to face up to, are quite real in the sense of entities on other planes, but perhaps more real as the energy we have to transmute when we are met with a single complaint in our lives.

This energy is sharp and can strike at any time. Which is why I suggest a perpetual meditation of the energy body, in order to better align with a more blissful experience.

The greatest weakness lies in our sense of worthiness as an individual; it is where trolls of the astral or worldly kind can more easily strike at our temperaments. For me specifically, I know it has a lot to do with my inability to create wealth for myself. For you it could be any number of things. Appearance, Relationships, Speech, Skills, Health, Intelligence— all are intertwined with the core idea of self-worth.

It may be assumed by this, that one has to force their will to achieve more in life as a result of these shortcomings, but that is a rather limited way of looking at this situation.

Certainly, we can find ways of improving our situation in the external world, and there is no reason not to fulfill any desire that we may have; equally though, is going deeper into our self-realization and coming to the conclusion that our fundamental well-being is not based in any of these ideals.

Freeing ourselves from these restraints can allow us to obtain our desire with less frustration. However, we will always be challenged and tested by the universe to see if we really have made the internal change we say we have. Time is also a very defining factor in the way we go about fulfilling desire. We may be able to internalize our situation for a very long time and then find ourselves many years later, longing for what we potentially missed out on— like a monk who returns to the world after a lifetime meditating in a monastery.

What still remains more powerful than anything I have said, is what the subject believes and knows about what is true in their own life. Since the reader has the ability to feel good or bad about what has been said, then it be incumbent upon that individual to seek their own realization of what is preferable and what is not. What words need to be used and what does not. What actions need to be taken, and what actions are best left for others to deal with.

Perhaps, it is what some mystics have known all along. Nothing needs to be said, and nothing needs to be done.

Sitting quietly by the lake,
I see myself reflected in the water.
I can’t yet change the atoms of the water,
But when I smile,
The water helps to reflect back

It all plays itself out anyways.

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