Transcendence Irrelevance Manifest, When Empathy Is Hijacked

Awareness is the key to a more peaceful, more blissful, and more equal world. A simple shift of conscious of every individual from negativity to positivity is what will allow us to master our emotions and our thought so that we may see world peace in our lifetime.

However, is it not strange that there is always some sort of new event which draws us away from that peace of mind? Something that tends to invoke fear— of which, separates us into what we believe to be “right vs wrong”, “Truth vs Untruth”, “Morality vs Immorality”?

I lightly touched on politics before, where I was curious as to the nature of our spirituality in context to the engines that shape our external world.

The definition of politics (that I see when anyone talks about it) is this:
“Intrigue or maneuvering within a political unit or a group in order to gain control or power.”

It is therefore inherent within its action to be a tool of division, as government is a tool of controlling a population’s actions through law. This is not to say, that I am invalidating the individual’s free will to participate in the arena of politics! I am only pointing out that it is far from a preferable situation for anyone to act in a way where one side wins power over the other.

Does this mean that it is a good idea to ignore what is occurring in our world in favor of focusing solely on spiritual advancement? It does not. And yet, it is still a good idea to focus solely on spiritual advancement. Paradoxical a statement just made, everything remains useful in enlightening our shadow self.

Going deeper into any subject, is a very good idea for the overall vibration of planet. This is because bamboozling happens within every aspect of our society. Most individuals, at this point, would find that information to be some-what believable. They have a vague sense that something is off about the world, but they feel it only stems from the ignorance of one side within the political divide (that is coincidentally the side they are not a part of). And that on the whole, our institutions have our best interests at heart.

For sure, there are many people who have humanity’s best interest at heart. But, they too our bamboozled by the affliction of “irrelevant realities”. As all realities are true, an irrelevant reality is simply a perspective that has no relevance to our spiritual well-being. It only has relevance in our spiritual growth. For these irrelevant realities are also known by the more common phrase “a lie”.

If you tell someone they are being lied to, it hurts the ego to the core. Often because they assume you are challenging the relevance of their entity as a whole, and not simply the view that they are only temporarily focusing upon. Which is why I used the term “irrelevant reality”. It is the closest phrase I could use to describe what is going on in a less distorted sense, because it is integrative and empowering to the truth of the individual. Because yes, there are as many truths as there is consciousness on the planet, and for me to say that someone is “wrong” would not be an accurate description of their divinity as a God-being.

When one becomes fixed into a view, it is often that they will think and discuss their opinions whenever the opportunity opens up. This in turn, can make the opinion seem as though it is part of the individual physical body that is thinks and talks about the opinion. Any declaration to the contrary will be met with actual pain to the body of anyone who believes that their opinion is who they are. Even if one is into meditation, self-inquiry, consciousness expansion and compassion for all, they are not immune to confusing an irrelevant reality for a relevant one.

And what makes it even more daunting is the relative ease of those who desire to hold onto their illusory power (in the form of money/laws we collectively accept), can manipulate our empathy for others to reinforce their irrelevant reality. All they have to do is say words and have those words repeated on all the platforms they have ownership of (which is a lot of platforms when you have billions of dollars and work with other billionaires to keep your billions of dollars). They can say whatever they want, and make it sound as though they are being of assistance to humanity when their actions tell a completely different story.

Many individuals or groups that have solutions or report relevant information to the inequality we face, are often labeled with unpreferable labels (that are also irrelevant to the objective of the individual or group) as to hijack the natural human empathy, with irrelevant reasons why things are the way they are. So that, in relaying a more relevant reality— to our fellow humanity, usually results in stigmatization of those who are attempting to be more authentic, from those who genuinely believe they are being more compassionate by listening to those that generally have no desire to solve anything.

In this way, do we really have the empathy we claim to have? As I have said before, true empathy is compassion for all view points. So that, we can come into harmony by acknowledging the differences and choosing the preferred path instead of the path that social engineers would desire us to take. Even those that have obtained to a high level of spiritual wisdom, can still fall for narratives that serve the needs of a few instead of the needs for all. This is because, despite all their meditation and insight, they don’t acknowledge the depths of negativity that is potential within humanity.

Many in the spiritual community, for example, know that war is not preferred, know that all races are of equal worth, know that pollution is not healthy for the Earth and our physiology, know that corruption has embedded itself in our institutions and yet can easily assume the opposite position within any new event just because an article used the word “fact” or because a viewpoint has been accused of something that is not relevant to what that viewpoint actually is.

This may seem like too much to grasp at once, and you are right. One can only find a healthy agnosticism when it comes to any new piece of information until they can fully sense the relevance and usefulness of that information. The more we listen to as many perspectives as possible and garner a more holistic view within the pure subjectivity that is “the world” the more we will be able to be immune to anyone that wants to trick us. Keeping our spiritual light in the forefront of all endeavors so that we may come to this state more easily. I have found that when I learn about anything new, I have to cut it off completely that this knowledge is “mine”. If I don’t, I can find myself involved in thought of opinions and attitudes of others that espouse the opposite. This leads to disturbance, and disturbance leads to division with each other. Not only that, but it becomes more challenging to accept the more relevant reality when one comes across it.

Being right, often feels good, but being right is a trap when discussing these matters with others. No one wants to be wrong, and no one wants to miss an opportunity of being right, but this is also besides the point. State of being is the only thing that need matter for any individual. Therefore, why play around with who is right and who is wrong? Truly, truly, it does not matter! We want humanity to more quickly realize their own freedom through relevant information, not be stuck in scoring points of praise or contempt.

Luckily, we are within the awakening age and this is the process of the awakening. For some it will feel like a slow drag and for others, like burning plasma. No matter where you stand, it will be painful. Unbelievably enough, this pain is the form of unimaginable bliss we have yet to handle. All in time, to move us to a more immaculate reality, one where we are telempathically linked and deception is a concept of the past.

A phrase I often remind myself is that “All Will Be Revealed”. Either in life by way of synchronicity or in death by way of reviewing every event in our life from all perspectives involved. This message given, so that you can trust yourself to change your mind when the more relevant reality appears. And also so that when you are faced with an irrelevant one, you may find the words to integrate with the shadow of that individual or yourself. Bringing wisdom into the situation and accelerating our Enlightenment on all levels of our society, and our individual being. May you find peace in this process and Enlightenment in anything.

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