Reality Cannot Be Censored

It always feels like something needs to be said. There is an awful lot of information which is deceptively dis-empowering to human potential. This makes it way more cozy (and often flat out easier) to kinda just go along with the normal paradigm and assume that it is natural to do so.

On the absolute level of existence, everything is good and nothing needs to be said. Meaning, that all we see that is negative, is but an illusion of play, that we decided to experience for various reasons. This level is very challenging for anyone to see within our current level of average human awareness. Even for me! I can’t say that I abide in this state of being in perpetuity. Though, it is there for anyone to grasp at any time.

An integrative idea, that I like to state often, is that all perspectives are equally true. Not that all perspectives are equally preferable within an unconditionally loving universe, but that all perspectives are equally true within an unconditionally loving universe. Otherwise, it would not be unconditional. This idea is actually more challenging to convey then it seems, because of how objectively most humans see the reality they reside as. Objectively, meaning that the world is seen as static, existing as only one entity sees it as (and anyone who happens to agree with the way it is seen).

Since all perspectives are true, seeing the world as “objective” is also true. The situation, as it is now, is that seeing reality as only “objective” is a very limited way of understanding reality and has created division within everyone who has accepted it as fact.

Many who believe in this objective paradigm, are now ramping up the censorship of many individuals for simply expressing a viewpoint that can be either seen as useful for the individual or useful for the person expressing the viewpoint. This censorship can only create more segregation among our collective. It is does not serve anyone to allow others to essentially “think” for them by removing videos, audio, or books, even if a viewpoint is seen as dangerous. The only solution is to provide alternative perspectives. The perspective that is more preferable will always eventually be adopted. This has been shown in the way our society has evolved a variety of our habits from negative to positive.

The way we interact with ourselves is the way we will interact with others. We are all like mirrors that reflect our true insights of each other. If someone makes you angry, they are, in reality, just doing things that is making yourself angry through that particular individual. Realizing this in every moment is also not always perceivable. But, if anyone can make the effort in heading into the direction of seeing it, they do a great service to the collective.

The amount of subjectivity someone takes upon themself, is the amount of enlightenment they give to the rest of humanity. A most promising and benevolent gift to all. Complete subjectivity means that one is responsible for every emotion, thought and belief that one creates in their reality. It is so very easy to blame others for our own anger, fear, jealousy or cringe. But, that only shifts the responsibility outside ourselves and solves nothing.

When we interact with other perspectives, it is easy to converse in a way where we see the perspective as “useless” or “dangerous”. However, it is possible to acknowledge it as well as offer an alternative at the same time. This honors our intelligence. For now we are not coddled by an outside authority that is determining what is safe for us to consider or not consider, but we realize that in the most real sense, we can only guide our own individual selves, and trust that other individuals do the same.

Speaking to others about perspectives you know are more accurate or relevant to their spiritual journey can often seem like a fruitless endeavor. Yet, the seed can only be given, and therefore, the fruit is often unseen for many years, perhaps never to be seen in one life. If one feels they need to speak, it is good to speak. If one feels they need to remain silent, it is good to remain silent. Second guessing whether you should have spoken or should have remained silent is not a great dwelling place either. The decisions one makes can only create more insight, if only for the individual taking the action.

It is often I see interactions of others where it is obvious that the message won’t be well received. It mainly stems from the idea that there is only one way of approaching a dialogue. Sometimes it is good to step down from up high, to provide someone with an integrative positive reinforcement. This can easily be done, because they are as you are, a God being with a perspective that currently works for their sentiments. As the All unconditionally loves us by allowing us to essentially do as our free will pleases (within the confines of our belief systems), so too can you coincide with their view. Leaving them with a feeling that their intuition and benevolent intention is correct, can further empower their insight at later stages within their journey. As well, one can agree with a perspective while offering what they believe to be a greater perspective to consider. “Yes, yes, it is true of what you speak, and also humbly remember, that your awareness will grow”.

A zen story has an individual pleading assistance from a great master. He cries out “I am in hell, what can I do?”, the master steps down from his seat and the individual responds, “Why have you come down?” To which the master replies “If I do not go to hell, who will?”

No one has to go to literal hell, of course. The idea here, is that the way we respond is up to our level of involvement. Being more integrative can prove more useful in spreading the light. Equally true, is anyway other way you choose to respond. However, note how you would personally prefer to receive the information, for in that perception is the key that unlocks many doors. I have said before, that it is good to practice how you would desire to be talked to. For many, the reaction of negativity is often met by striking at an eye because of a one’s own stricken eye. It is a negating of the negative, which leaves both parties half-blind.

This approach is, of course, still useful, but there are better ones. When someone speaks with an ill tongue, realize that the alchemical transmutation of the energy they just spewed, would be some type of positive reinforcement. This looks as though you are not effected by the words at all, and thus you actually do wish that individual well, so that the negativity can cease with you and not continue to flow from person to person in perpetuity. Truly, it is breaking the cycles of our pain which stems from our energy body. The words are just here to help someone come to that realization. Within the sensing of our own energy to greater bliss, I have found, no need for anything else. All problems stop at their source.

Your opinion matters. If you say your opinion “doesn’t matter”, I can also understand that.

With censorship becoming a ubiquitous thing, I was urged to write just this much. I understand that, soon (relatively speaking), we will come to higher thought in the manner. Many things are becoming known with a more subjective sense. And therefore, many things are becoming known in a more preferable sense. We will see people becoming more sincere and honest to themselves and thus more integral to the greater whole. Institutions that have offered us dis-empowerment, will change hands in the correct timing and we will be able to trust each other at a higher level. It is unknown territory for humanity as a collective. Levels of unconditional love never before seen. Though it all happens sooner or later. It can happen much quicker for anyone that desires to take on the power of the All (God) energy that is available to us now.

I wish you well in this endeavor.

– Jaron

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