Energy From the Astral to the Material

I once again planned to quit writing as it seemed to become a barrier in my focus of attention on my energy. A common thing that trips me up is the idea of being known in the social-symbolic world of language and attention. A higher way of dealing with this, would be the transmutation of the thought-energy into whole-body energy. If you can intuit what this means, you are ahead of the great majority of the population, in terms of providing what humanity needs most of all. The flow of Unconditional Love and Enlightenment.

Nevertheless, our spiritual journey finds us with a huge freedom convoy happening up north that is creating copycat versions all around the world. Including one that will be happening in America. These show an alternative way for our collective intention to manifest, that has nothing to do with voting. Which to me, is a good sign of things to come.

Though, it is so easy to fall to the wayside when considering things of politics. There is so much bamboozling around the topic that it can make anyone focused on it, get lost in concepts and opinion that make it very hard to focus on the greater endeavor of Enlightenment (which would make every other endeavor connected into a purity that would solve all perception of problem).

Though, I have found that we can’t judge any patterns as “less useful” than Enlightenment itself. Everything serves a purpose. And so I found that the best way to express myself is within the present moment, and not within the future thoughts of my mind. A lot of content we consume creates a paradigm of “Us vs Them”. A LOT, LOT of content does this! Games, movies, podcasts, television shows and all, have this idea that there are people that are to be judged as “less than” (because of their views) and people that are judge to be “greater than” (also because they have thoughts about stuff). In steady meditation, this falls away as just another distortion within the All.

Of course, when writing my words, I fall into the same idea. Why do I have to judge those that judge? I could easily say, I am not doing that, I am in fact, just highlighting the fact that it occurs. But, I cannot control the way my words are perceived, even if my intention is only the integration within the greater whole. However, I also consider that I am responsible for every word that I write. Some words just sound better (with the idea of negativity or lower vibes) than other words. If you look back at some of the words you say to people online, as an example, it is an interesting practice to see if you, yourself, would like to hear the words you just said to someone (assuming you also believed the same thing they believed). If you read back your words, often times it will sound very judgemental! Which is not the best, because the perception of judgement can lead others to shame. How does one get out of this trap?

It would be better to say that no trap exists at all. That way, Enlightenment can be realized. However! Noting also of the situation we find ourselves within, we can find a better response to anything that happens to trigger our sentiments (In other words, just don’t feel the shame!).

More accurate and relevant information, for instance, will definitely create more Enlightenment for the future. But, if you are like me, you know you can’t always provide a whole lot of this information except as a sense of knowing (e.g. You may know some information is inaccurate, but you can’t adequately explain in detail to anyone why, because that is not how you process information).

This is why not everyone is obliged to express things in the same way as others. Be not down on yourself if you can’t remember the peer-reviewed scientific paper on the negative effects of GMO’s or Mental health effects on lock-downs, or whatever the thing is that is good for others to know. It doesn’t need to concern you to tell everyone everything that is going on in the world, so long as you know that everyone will be provided what they need to know when they are ready. Like the analogy in the “Matrix” movie. Some are not ready to be unplugged yet.

Sometimes we find ourselves engaged in conversations we wished we would have just avoided. They seem so fruitless and uninspiring to the human potential. This is why I write. Because also, we can’t judge ourselves for expressing whatever we believe will help humanity rise to our true form. All interactions have the purpose of creating more Enlightenment. No matter if we find ourselves ashamed, or vitalized from having them.

The strange and mysterious thing I would like to relay is that despite the obvious collective responsibility we have to act according to the highest principles of virtue and goodness. We more closely dwell within a completely subjective reality. That is to say, the subject comes before all else. And that is you. More accurately, it needs to be said as “me”. “Me” of course, means you as well, but it makes more sense (though not immediately) to write it out as “Me” or “I”.

This subjective reality, I have found, is best focused on at all times. Some mystics have called this focusing on God. Allowing God to be realized through you, so that your impact can be the utmost upon all cosmic spheres (but especially planet Earth, because we desperately need more of this type of energy). All the more powerful it will be made if you are aware of what is going on in the world too! (So lucky for you, if you have been paying attention to all sides of the dice as it has been rolling across the game board).

I am listening to an audio book called the “Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. It is good spiritual food for me at this time. Because I know, not all of us will be provided a high platform for our light to be seen. It is good to know, that energy is not all letter symbols and tone of voice. It is along an infinite spectrum of patterns and abilities that we all perform every time we go to sleep. And those who are awakened (like you! dear reader) provide a greater spread of this, to any given entity at any given time during sleep. While also, of course providing whatever energy is needed to others, during the day.

In this book, it talked about one particular master somewhere hidden in the Himalayas. This master was alone in a hidden sanctuary and was able to astral travel to other locations to spread teachings, healing or anything else to the people that needed it on Earth. The story struck me as (excuse my slur) fugging amazing. The idea, that no computer is needed, no book or article needs to be written, no vote needs to be taken and no kind of machinery is required for one to provide the utmost assistance to the collective. This is the ideal countenance of all experience!

It inspired me to continue my spiritual quest with more concentration then ever before. I have heard that energy needs to be built up slowly in order for more expansion into consciousness. Of course, we are all unique entities and all have differing levels of abilities. Some are more grounded and are better suited for dealing with material matters, conversing with others, learning and spreading material knowledge, facilitating synchronicity and so on. Others are better in the astral worlds dealing with their psychic abilities, healing capabilities, interacting with cosmic entities or intuitive foresight. And of course, it is likely a mix of the two.

Knowing this has given me great spiritual strength in the last few months. I have been visited by a variety of entities that are often too high of a vibration for me to last in their presence for very long. I often create fear in myself because I don’t know what to make of the energetic experience. Though, I am told that they arrive for the sole purpose of acclimating their energy with that of humanity so that one day we can rise to their heights. It is an epic thought to focus on. (Because it is indeed closest to God, and therefore closer to a non-thought).

Of course, we are all at where we are at. Some people might feel some kind of spiritual shame if they do not exhibit some kind of psychic powers or whatever, and that does nothing but delay the gifts that could be unlocked and surpassed at any time. I for one, find myself having to transmute the energy of envy anytime I hear people speak of their astral travels and meeting of entities face to face. For me, it is usually very brief lucid dreams or astral visions during meditation.

So mysterious reader! I am glad you are with me on this journey. Know that you are always connected with everything, so that you will join me in perhaps refraining from thinking about what would be neato to post to a social media board, and instead think about an indescribable infinity of prismatic wonder within non-thought. An enjoyable prospect that doesn’t need me to advertise, yet I do so anyways! (Also, it is ok to think about what to post to social media, I don’t want to seem as though I am judging that action).

The Earth plane is definitely set to hard-mode, so always know you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and set your sights to the blissful salvation that awaits us all. As more of this energy comes in, we will have obtain more greatness and will be able to guide many more, that are just now waking up.

– Jaron

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