Everything Is Good! Beyond Positive and Negative: Finding the “Greater Light”

Everything is awesome. But, also everything is really awful.

Though if you had to choose one, of course, there is no question to what would be more preferable to experience.

Spirituality is the term used for those who are balancing the insane dichotomy of the malevolent, dark, gross abomination of pain, suffering and deception; we see abundantly in our world. With the blissful, love filled, rainbows and sunshine reality that is far more enjoyable to experience.

When I first decided to inject my verbal vibrations and written squiggles into the cyberspace, I was very much vocal about only focusing on that which is positive and barely giving any time at all, to that which is negative. So very often I would be completely bypassing huge swaths of reality and not being very inclusive to those that could barely focus on the light at all. Not only that, but I was hiding a lot of my more real emotions by spiritual bypassing the situation and holding back my pain to show off an appearance of accelerated spiritual enlightenment. This was pretty bad to display, because it wasn’t entirely authentic. However, it did serve a purpose in my study of the light.

With all that said I have noticed that most of my writings, thus far, have been an exploration of the depths of the shadow with the varying brutal and deceptive ways that we manipulate ourselves, and in turn, society manipulates us. This is great to be aware of and all but it is still the case that focusing on the light is actually how one can learn to embody it. It is what the mystics and spiritual leaders have been attempting to stir within us, exhaustively. Far too many times as I scour the internet, I see individuals who only focus on the negative. Yet, this can create a mindset that everything in the universe is a facade. While much of Earth society is that way, it only does one good if they are aware of it. Then once aware, there is no need to expend energy within concentrating on it. If one does, they fall for the dark magic they say they are avoiding by focusing on it.

The positive focus of course can lead to stagnation. It is a state where one entrances themselves towards the various pleasures that our society contains regardless of their anxiety that call them to a deeper experience. Without going deeper, one pushes away the negative like a jagged stone. Hitting it with contempt and bleeding from the resulting blow. Focusing on the positive only can never lead to meaningful growth.

Since there is light and dark. Positive and Negative. One has to find the balance point in between the two, which is what I call the “Greater Light”. This is an acceptance of both polarities on a very high level of awareness. For in truth, there is only the “Greater Light” within reality. This “Greater Light” is the refraction of the myriad forms and perspectives we interact with. A focus on the “Greater Light” is all one needs.

Yet, the negative seems a bit more sticky than the positive. The negative is rather poor teacher in most cases. Our society feeds us news, and media that makes it seem as though there is a battle of opposites going on in the world. That of the ills within humanity vs that of goodness. But, of course, they only ever spend time highlighting the bad by showing us a plethora of criminal activity, rude/corrupt behaviors or natural disasters and barely enough time on the good. Which is super unfortunate, because the good makes up all of reality.

It is an excellent idea, therefore, that we are always reminded about the higher existence that we take part in. In this higher existence, there are no problems, there are no battles, and only love and bliss is known. It is what some call “God” or “Source” connection. An absolute samadhi state where the known human reality is seen as something like a movie that isn’t worth getting upset over at all. Because in the grand scheme of things, it is pointless to, if all returns to the bliss of the Source.

Perhaps, you have found this awareness in your life. You will soon find it fades away. Why is it so difficult to hold onto it? It is because we fragment it into sections of information, perspectives, and thought which in turn gives us experience in fractions. Thus, all the confusing mis-understandings, turmoil, violence and imbalance we see in the world.

One integrating force to reverse this in the energy field is to realize that all perspectives, opinions, beliefs, and information come from the one unified holistic Source. That is to say, that any individual who holds onto a view, is actually correct from their stand point. They have created their own self-reinforcing logic to make it correct in their mind. This is the beginning of balancing the negative pole, using positive reinforcement, through the “Greater Light”. If you can see that anyone is right, who cares what is said? Our petty squabbles could be seen right through at once, and a focus on love and bliss would be paramount towards a more spiritual interaction with each other.

In the idea that everyone is right (from a certain point of view), there is no reason to be upset when they talk or behave differently than you. In fact, everyone is free to do as they please. Anything you want to do, you can do. The reason is because the universe gave you free will, so in essence, God has allowed you to express yourself anyway you like. This knowledge can be very liberating for those who felt they have to act a certain way, in society, to gain favor with others. Not the case in an unconditionally loving universe. You are always loved, no matter what you choose to explore in creation.

Of course, certainly, there is a difference between preferable actions and what is not preferable. Behaviors and actions that you discover that are not preferable is also the journey of the soul. We have beings that guide us towards higher ways as we all gravitate towards similar wisdom, but by no means are we enforced to do so. Unconditional love always reigns as the supreme beacon of light.

This kind of knowledge was very useful for me to understand. It is because I use to see the world as a dark matrix of consumerism and life-sucking traditions. After some realization with the “Greater Light”, I could walk into malls and not care about the negative of advertisements, tired workers, and a general sense of meaninglessness, nor did I get sucked into the positive of entertainment, food, fun and fashion. No! I saw the essence of reality reflected within it all. Everything felt good as I was walking by, like it was a slice of the universe that I was briefly visiting for my enjoyment. I did not have to purchase anything or be cynical about anything. To this day, I still walk through malls to simply sit down and treat everything around me, in the human realm, as I would in nature.

The “Greater Light” is the realization of all the ages that have come before us. It is why they appear to talk only in positive. However, they are often talking from the higher vantage point of the positive and the negative. At that point, one cannot be manipulated into a lesser state of being. The idea is to be aware of it all, and then focus on the absolute. In this way, the energy field dances with brilliant light and we feel the bliss that can be embodied at any moment during the day. Vitality will replace fatigue, and joy will replace cynicism and fear. It is the ideal state to dwell within, no matter where you are.

For me, it seems as though I find this “Greater Light” most often while walking by myself in the mall, on the streets, within nature, or by meditating. However, you may find it yourself in any passion or endeavor you currently focus upon. It always feels good and is the direct translation of the higher self into the Earthly plane, that lets one know they are on the right path.

For some, they may take the focus of love and light as being “new age bullcrap”. They may be individuals that have to always be disseminating awareness of corruption and negativity in order for others to integrate that into the “Greater Light”. This is good as well, even if it appears that the “Greater Light” is slighted by name or ridicule, it doesn’t actually change one’s connection with it (and besides they are probably just speaking about the imbalance of only focusing on the positive anyways). But, it is good to keep in mind, that a constant focus on negativity will lead towards a negative experience which is exactly the lesser state that those who speak of negativity all the time, desire to be free from.

Therefore, it is a good idea to indulge in the possibility of a fantastic dreamlike wonder-realm. You have nothing to lose, but the obstructions towards a more blissful state of being. It is true that our world is filled with an overpush of darkness or an entrancement of positivity. There is little information that likes to cover everything in 1080 degrees (I can’t even figure out how to do it). So that, when someone says “surrender to bliss, focus on love and light” it is often taken as some sort of entrapment or that the individual will lose their soul as a result of not being guarded enough.

This concern can only hold one back. Protection is an invitation for attack. Letting go to the higher spheres of natural auto-attunement is how one flows with the Tao (Greater Light) and finds self-realization of all sentient beings in the moment.

Awareness always seems to know exactly when to speak up, and exactly when to chill out (Or exactly when to kinda do both!). It is never the fragmented portions of our consciousness that can adequately dictate a better path forward for ourselves, because they do not have the entire picture. They can only see in parts and must be joined together to have the full panoramic view.

Wisdom has to be gained by allowing experiences to happen. If one avoids an experience it will tend to repeat itself until the necessary actions (or inner response) is taken. Why be afraid of something your awareness has never been challenged with before? If it is something that you had no awareness of, then you are not at fault, and if it is something you do truly have awareness of, then there will be no problem because your awareness will handle it. If your awareness does not handle it, it just means you were obviously missing something about the situation after all!

Relax into the lofty realms of unicorns, fairies, rainbows, love and light. They will take you to sensations never dreamed of before. Then you can take it down to Earth and spread it to others in anyway necessary. Having both feet on the ground is a good practice but it is still limiting. Once enough of the “Greater Light” is embodied, one can stand six inches from the ground, and integrate with the heavens and the Earth.

Beyond that? Who knows. Perhaps, this will allow my writings to achieve a 1080 degree view of reality. And perhaps, that will also only be scratching the surface.

So I write this verse:

Being yourself, loving who you are, and the entire universe loves you back.
A rainbow in the darkness.
A unicorn flying through hell.
All becomes illumined.

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