Upholding the Dignity of the Human Spirit

My adventure time to the magical isle is coming to an end for me. I am now back in my old home in Kansas and will continue my spiritual endeavors by myself.

Often my soul yearns to travel somewhere away from my home to see new architecture, landscapes and people. Once I was told that those of mystic quality from Kansas often travel to spread their energy to far away places so that they can return to the center of the landmass, withdraw into themselves, and begin the cycle anew. I really liked the idea. However, I consider those who are unable to travel due to the circumstances in our society. Passports, licenses, money, time, planning and everything else can be something very challenging to deal with in our current society structure. Yet, if one really desires to be in a specific location, they can find a way to be there and the universe will aid their quest.

The restrictions of travel is but one aspect of our society that (for the purpose of this particular insight) is very degrading to the nature of humanity. Through poverty, draconian laws, bureaucracy and long thankless work hours, we have created (and been blindly lead) into a civilization that does not honor the light within us all. If we did, it would be an entirely different experience that would make everyone feel as they were in the highest truth, God-beings.

Within my travels, I was able to experience a reality that is very distant from how I usually interact with others. It started with the various medical mandates that were being enforced by the airline companies. Perhaps, readers will see no harm in this and believe it is in humanity’s best interest to work as a team in an apparent effort to save lives. But, from another view, it is simply more restrictions with no purpose. If life needs saving, we will find none of it by choosing to limit ourselves further. This is killing life, not saving it. It degrades us all. Taking drugs, and wearing a mask is not a concerted effort in helping humanity if one takes no other precautions in aiding their immune system. Only if an individual is ready to change their lifestyle towards a healthier, more meditative and integrated way of life, can they make real effort to save life. However, this is not written to enforce a view on anyone, it is only said so that a horrifyingly dystopian attitude of mandating one’s lifestyle is never implemented again. A better way to go about it, would be to disseminate more accurate information and leave individuals to choose.

The increase in red tape, rules and societal abandonment is an undignified way for us to live, as soon as we admit it. If we don’t admit it, we live in a reality that will only be comfortable on the surface, as it will seem very benevolent and global-community oriented, but then continue to provide nothing of value to the nature of our freedom loving souls.

Dignity or honor is a virtue we don’t want to lose, but it is not always easy to recognize when we are losing it.

My past had been loaded with instances where I allowed myself to be degraded. Of course from one spiritual perspective, this matters not. A good story has a monk and a Zen master walking peacefully on the road when suddenly a man jumped out of nowhere and hit the master on the head and ran off. The monk asked the master “A man has hit you, why did you not rebuke him?” The master replied, “It is his problem”. This story points to a truth of many situations. When someone, for example, cuts you off while driving, it can be rather offensive, but it hasn’t reached the point of disrespectful. The path of least resistance is to let go of the emotion as though it never occurred.

Nonetheless, when offenses pile up, it can pass the point of an offense and become disrespectful. This is best met with an action of equal energy towards the positive. The famous story of Jesus pulling out a whip and driving out money changers from the temple is a great way of showing how to uphold humanity’s honor. To some, this may seem like too viscous of an approach to be considered an enlightened positive action. But, there is often little alternative when facing certain situations that require a more forceful approach.

The difference of course has to be understood situation by situation. Violence is never justified, but a peaceful force can easily be justified to balance the negative energy of any situation. Believe me, I know how confusing this may seem to those who believe that being passive is the only way forward. I too, was often on that path.

My father recently passed into the spirit realm. When he was raising me, he was often very violent in his responses to my unpreferable actions. So much so, that he would whip me with his belt and yell at the top of his lungs in anger. This made me always feel that any kind of action that even remotely looked like the actions of my late father, were not justified just because of their semi-similar outward appearance.

However, that idea would have been a naive approach to spirituality. Disrespect is abundant in a world dominated by corporate/government interests of profit and power. We are often dehumanized in the way we have to interact with society by the ever piling rules and regulations that make us all seem equally as prisoners on Earth.

So it is the case, that peaceful force can be utilized through protests, activism, speech and other actions that make it known to all how severe the situation is for the consciousness of everyone with the eyes and ears to be aware. This is all meant to empower the spirit of humanity into the highest honor and dignity that is our birthright. There is never any reason anyone needs to compromise with their innate value and freedom as a soul. You may not even be able to have your desires met, but that may not matter, so long as you make the communication known to everyone involved by way of your unique energetic presence, it can make the subtle difference necessary to breakthrough to the centers of conscience that lies dormant in the individual that happens to be unconsciously repressing or dehumanizing you in the moment.

With this recognized, it has to be noted that the amount of force needed for any situation is dependent on the individual and event taking place, and needs to be balanced with the understanding that peace and bliss is the main goal of any endeavor. For instance, the story of Jesus driving out the money-changers is just about the only time Jesus used forceful action to make a point. It is rare to actually need to interact with people in this way, and is often the case that a type of humble inner alchemy is needed much more.

There are many circumstances in life that are simply not for one to control, but for one to flow within calm abiding. If one is not careful in accepting this, they may become unhinged and fall into the regular combative state of consciousness that is ubiquitous and convenient for the ego to dwell within. As well, if you embody a forceful state of being all the time, it will lose its power to shape the positive and become a trite appearance of the shadow self. Not only that, but our bodies are just not meant to focus on this state of being for very long. We are meant to be in joy, singing, dancing, playing, or in peaceful meditation. Being forceful all the time, is the same thing as being violent to others. If you can find a way to not be forceful in a situation, do that first. It is only the last resort, that you must become forceful to have your spiritual desire be made clear to all.

In this way, it is good to know that forceful action is a mystical trait that anyone can be made aware of and utilize for higher consciousness. Know when to delineate preferences to others, so that you can be fulfilled and so that society can evolve quicker! Indeed, it is very likely, that you will rarely need to act in this way, but if the circumstance should arise, in this way, it will be most good that you act.

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