The Kraken Within The Darkest Depths Of The Soul

I was surrounded by water. I began racing for the high ground. Near me was a man in a dark purple hood, with strange sigils, chanting an unholy mantra of some sort. The water soon rose to cover all the land, there was no where to turn to. Below the water, I could feel a dark presence. It was a monstrous elder god of some sort and I didn’t want to be anywhere near it, but I had no choice. I began to sink into the vast ocean. I felt a tremendous amount of fear. Then I woke up from the dream.

This was one encounter with this particular entity. It has gone by many names, and is often depicted as a monstrous beast with many tentacles. There is a Lovecraftian version, a folk lore tale, and a Gnostic depiction as well. The Gnostic portrayal of this beast goes by the name of the “Demiurge” a kind of evil god who has created the material realm for the purposes of trapping souls and devouring their life essence.

I have seen this monster quite often, and to me, it feels like the main antagonist of my story and very well, the story of humanity as a collective. Whether, it is simply an archetypal energy, or an actual entity that I am connecting with, makes no difference. This is because, that either way, it has a dark manifest influence that is quite real in our modern world.

As an actual entity, it usually comes to me in a familiar cultural form. It often contains a head with tentacles for a mouth and a massive size, usually with wings like in the Lovecraftian version. I have seen it in times of distress during visions and in astral dream states. Though, in other ways, it shows up as a monstrous octopus that has its tentacles latched onto the Earth.

A military badge of some kind

This Kraken beast is not just a (subjectively) frightening image. It is also the outward creation of our shadow selves. As Eckhart Tolle has stated in his book “Power of Now”, our ego (shadow self or incessant thought) can be likened unto itself as a separate entity. And indeed, when we start to look at it through this way, we are coming closer to the truth of the matter.

Our pain, fear, and negativity have their origin within the energy of the Kraken. It can show up as an entity that seems impossible to defy, especially if one can see the depth of the corruption in our society. In order for that corruption to be rectified, the individual has to transmute it within themselves. The more light one sheds on their predicament, the less ability the Demiurge has to create more control, suffering, and destruction in our world.

The easiest method towards more light is to focus on the energy of bliss and love within the body. So instead, of burning up your divine energy in the limitations of thought, you generate more light by awareness alone. However, this technique (used by mystics new and old) can be too difficult an idea to realize all at once. Which is why there are myriads of spiritual and philosophical teachings for any and every individual (no matter their level of conscious) to conquer the Kraken and help bring peace and happiness to Earth.

Conquering may be too strong of a word. Often it is convenient to react towards any struggle with a ‘fire against fire’ strategy. This usually only creates more destruction. In one of my astral experiences I decided to confront the Kraken through fearlessness. My boldness was able to reduce its size to that of a large firefly. It landed on my hand and was content with my approach. Yet, this did not stop my visions. For the Demiurge is a collective energy and therefore will take a monumentous amount of light to fully dissolve.

I received many more haunting visions of this monstrosity. Each time revealing how my fear could easily take me over. For if there was no fear within me, then the visions wouldn’t be seen as haunting (even though the image was the same). If my fear could take me over, how much more so, for individuals who dwell within the system from a high position? The corruption has to be faced from within first, before it can mean anything at all in the external world, as we know it. Too many times individuals will call for restoration and expulsion of corruption, only to find themselves amidst a hydra (another beast akin to the Kraken). They may cut off a head or two but soon find that several more take its place. It is the system that is fueled by human fear, anxiety, and worry. If a true self wants any real change, they have to detach themselves from the beast entirely. They have to aim towards the root of the problem. Then it withers away on its own accord.

The Kraken is within us and therefore expresses itself through us. Anytime we fall in vibration and act in controlling or blindly furious ways, the dark energy gets another feed from our woe. All the same, if we allow too many thoughts of shame or powerlessness the entity grows in strength and has more fuel to control us.

While meditation can help us see through the disguise of this darkness, we may find ourselves eye to eye with it, in various dream states. One such astral dream had me at a diner looking out the window towards the clouds. There I could make out a silhouette of a large entity. It then formed into the familiar Lovecraftian elder god and its massive (and very gross) foot stepped right next to me. When met with an image like this, it is very challenging to assume that we are more powerful, because the size and strength of this beast is always exaggerated to make a point in our unconscious. I quickly looked away from the scene and withdrew into a darkness where I began to listen to a podcast (the relevance of the podcast may be revealed later).

This is not the highest way to act. Perhaps, better would be more courage. For example, in some dreams I face this beast with swords and magic. Using several attacks to see if it can be defeated. This can work on some lowly demonic entities to prove your worth, but this is not a valid strategy for the Kraken. This is because, it uses that energy of resistance to fuel its purpose. The purpose of which, is more control and fear (similar to something like undercover cops infiltrating a protest to make it seem more violent and therefore justify the lockdown of said protest). I recently had a dream where I was fighting this great dark entity as a final boss within a video game. Yet, the strategy of constant battle did nothing to harm it, no matter how many blows I gave it. What made the dream worse, was the idea that I was within a video game. Since most of the time in video games with violence, you are often stuck with only the choice of violence.

As one of my previous visions has proven to me, the only way to transmute is to transcend. This comes naturally through the idea of love. In loving the dark energy, the energy changes. For indeed, the energy is a part of our soul and has to be understood in a loving way so that we can reach self-realization. Doing so more and more, can soften the darkness and make it easier to manage. In dreams it can then become your friend and reveal to you its true nature within the divine plan. However, this is way freaking harder than I am making it out to be. The pain within us can be so deep that powerlessness will overtake, or any other negativity that is difficult to let go of. Nonetheless, if the pain can be transmuted into bliss, an entirely new dimension of experience can be born.

In these lofty astral and dream states, the challenge is quite clear. Loving embrace. So to is the same challenge asked of us within the waking realm. The Kraken will be entirely invisible in this case, but ultimately manifests itself, on the world stage, as the manipulative social engineers of our society, who have only apparent power through symbols of wealth (money) and information dissemination (media). The idea though is that we never see who these people are. Just like the darkness in our unconscious, they play around in our blind spots and the tentacles lash around through a variety of their puppets. Even further, we interact with the people who are close to us, that happen to express the trauma of the Demiurge through the nature of how we currently structure society.

This means that every interaction is an opportunity to enlighten yourself or others and transcend the nature of the Kraken, which embodies the matrix (also known as “the system” or “the world”). This by, allowing more bliss in the body and therefore more love and light that can spread to others through example or expression. For myself, I find expression to be nearly impossible to spread any kind of enlightenment. This perhaps, is only unique to my energy which demands more solitude and a whole lot less website visitors than others. Maybe that will change in the future, but the point is that for everyone it is different. Some actually enlighten themselves and others the more they speak, despite being a jagged sword that cuts anyone’s peace in two. Some may use words that deprogram the scientifically minded, by speaking with that very specific terminology, or the religiously minded by speaking in terms of scripture and prophecies. Wherever the case, and wherever you find yourself, you are capable of challenging the beast by being true to yourself and true to love.

If you are able to lay down your sword, I highly suggest it as the highest way forward (see the final episode of “The Last Airbender”). For me, I see that more people require a reflection of positive reinforcement, and mutual understanding than the opposite. This is usually my method of spreading light. Though it varies from individual to individual. If you are able to bring more awareness and love to any situation at hand, you will be able to ease the Earth energies into a higher consciousness. Insults, ridicule and fights are abundant, and are easily accessible as an experience by anyone who needs it, however love, understanding, and sincerity are becoming the healing balm that is mending the wounds of our trauma and starving the Kraken from its usual source of existence.

The main reason why it is so challenging to love, is that we remain in fear as a collective. Any action you take that can remedy fear is a good action to take in the transcendence of this beast.

I was once given a channeling session by Rob Gauthier, who channeled a benevolent 4th dimensional reptillian by the name of TReb-Bor-Yit-Ne. This entity told me that I had a strong past life connection to someone who lived in Italy during the brutal era of the Inquisitors. Apparently, this individual witnessed their family and friends being tortured because they taught them the metaphysical nature of reality. This, I believe, was the reason I feared to speak about spirituality and the greater reality for so long. I also had an extreme aversion to any kind of pain. Yet, I realized that these things had to be faced or I would live in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear. So, I created my podcast in order to assist in my expression. As well, I decided to workout more, take cold showers and use the hot sauna, in order to understand the nature of pain. These kinds of gauntlets can really transform our relationship with the Kraken energy, which strongly desires for us to never move out of the small box we have created for ourselves.

Our fearlessness seems to be the key to overcoming all suffering, and sending this dark energy off to the central sun (or wherever the heck it needs to go, to be recycled back into a more sane existence). So that, when we see a titanic monstrosity in our dreams, we can know our compassion makes us much more powerful. And even more so, when we face every day situations, we can have the boldness to take the action least taken. To provide love and good will to all we come in contact with (so long as we look at and move pass any fear or negativity that bars our way). With this, the Kraken ceases to become a monstrosity, but just another aspect of ourselves that we can re-create. In time, this entity will be collectively transcended, and the dark tentacles that once sucked our soul dry, will become utterly magnanimous and life-giving.

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