Bamboozled by Yourself, Enlightened by Yourself

Communicating is enjoyable, to me. Once the communication is over, it always feels like I left something very very important out of the entire equation of the dialogue.

I always endeavor to be authentic with people, though I understand that at the same time I have to will myself into a more preferable state of being and not fall prey to the old objective view of the world that allows the circumstances to overcome the subject (The subject being me also known as I, which is the same I that you know of in your reality, only differing in the slight).

This means that if I recognize myself as being in a less preferable state of being (that of fear, anxiety, anger, misery) I have to meditate myself into a higher one (I actually don’t have to, it just is logical to do so, because happiness is more fun than suffering).

The situation of this though, could very well indicate to others of my dishonesty in the moment. For the present moment is always tied to the actions I decide to make in the next moment because of the actions I made in previous moments.

There is a comedian by the name of Duncan Trussell who hosts a podcast that often discusses topics of a deeper nature. One guest was a channeler by the name of Paul Selig who somewhat reluctantly though lovingly, channels those by the name of “The Guides”, who appear to be apart of a higher density collective. During the interview, Duncan is met with the concept of the “upper room”. The upper room is basically claiming Enlightenment and acting as though it is true (because from the higher perspectives, it is as real as the device used to view this article).

This conversation was astounding to me because it was a topic I found both incredibly interesting and awful to know about. Interesting because it is obviously a path towards Enlightenment that has been expounded by the ancient mystics who speak about knowing God (Knowing God is said to be the experience of pure bliss where nothing negative can even think about looking at us funny). However, we know how our past has been, so why would we claim such an experience if we are not that? Would that not be dishonest? Or is the dishonesty within the shadow self, that desires to hold us back from that experience?

Duncan’s animated a cartoon, ‘Midnight Gospel’ (which I personally enjoyed because it was about a person with a podcast of apparently one listener), laid out another path, and another perspective on how to feel about all of this, “It is better to be you and out of tune than acting like someone else who has found Enlightenment.” This is a sending of love to the shadow self that we are, And so the shadow self can soften up and actually enjoy life. Yet, it is still enjoying life as the shadow self. Enlightenment has been forgotten because the distancing of our shadow would be too unbearable.

This is why the “Upper Room” perspective is awful to me. Because if I believe it works, and others do not, then it becomes “inauthentic” from a certain point of view. How can I know it works unless I actually express that state of being all the time? My present is not allowed immediate forgiveness by others, because it is still seen as the “past self” that I am doing my best to distance from. Whereas the other method is stifled by indulging in the luxury of not having to change, the Upper Room is stifled by any desire to change. Surrendering to the shadow self is death of change, and surrendering to God is deception that you really have changed.

(Paraphrased) “You are in accord to the reality you claim, ‘I am a wounded man’, makes you accord to that reality, how you know yourself is the issue, what you damn, damns you back; it is the claim of something new, to realize the divine that exists wherever you are” expressed the Guides. “I don’t think I am ready for that”, Duncan ultimately responded. It was echoed by a similar questioner in the “Power of Now” book by Eckhart Tolle. “I learned that it is ok to be angry, or moody. Whatever I am feeling, is fine.” which Eckhart Tolle responded with “Of course, it is ok to feel that way, but do you want to feel that way forever? Eventually, you will have to move beyond it.”

Moving beyond it, for me, is easy enough to do in a single moment. Yes, alright! I am beyond my negativity, what is for food?

But am I really beyond it? I could very well be lying to my future self, as I become forgetful of how to be enlightened, thus it is only a mere simulation of what is going to be. A higher density being will forgive any future action and tell us to keep embodying God, but these beings are not involved with human affairs.

Thus we can see this spiritual quandary mimicked in our political sphere. Many times people are brought before a court to testify about their involvement in possible criminal actions. It is obvious to anyone with an eye, that most of them attempt to deceive, in order to get off the hook from any “past self” that created the mess their present self has to face up to. Why can’t we simply love these out of tune people and forgive them as we forgive ourselves? It is the same situation as loving the wounds of the shadow self we may contain. How can we punish and love at the same time? What if these people really did disconnect from their past shadow versions of themselves and have truly reformed their state of being? How could we know the future of their actions? How could we trust that sentiment in the face of what they most recently did?

You can’t negotiate with these people! TRIGGER THE EVENT NOW!” – in response to a blog that told them the Pleiadians are making peace deals with the Cabal.

I would prefer complete forgiveness for my actions if even they happened just seconds ago. But, a sociopath would simply use that to increase the amount of love towards their shadow self then the amount of love they give to their true self, i.e. God. Or is this another bamboozling set of words in order that I avoid the shadow work and love all aspects of myself? I would distance myself from even writing that statement but, I want to sound honest. Or is this just allowing my past to have control over my present state of being? Haha! The answer I will leave with you! I am done considering it. Or am I!? (This is why Huang Po said “stop all conceptual thought and be enlightened”)

We appear to be tired of this division in ourselves, and against others, yet we still have not collectively decided to end it. I don’t want these words to be seen as looking down, or treading upon what anyone believes because it wouldn’t serve the purpose of what spirituality is suppose to accomplish. I don’t want to even use words, in general. Words can be taken a number of ways, and are not a clear transmission of the divine reality. I use words now, because I love my shadow self!

Whatever you believe to be best for you, is what works for you. Despite these words, it makes no difference what path you are on, you are on that path and therefore you believe it serves you to do so. Nothing has to be done, unless you decide. Nothing has to be decided upon, unless you (and you alone) feel there is a need. This is simply what God (All That Is) provides as a choice for us.

So another magnanimous communication has been sent, I will probably go off and embody full Enlightenment. The other probability is that I find myself focused on trivial thoughts. “You left this out, you know?” “Why did you not speak about your own reality?”

I know, shadow self!, just let me be! I am enlightened, RE-MEM-BER? I don’t have their problems!
And it will respond, “You don’t sound enlightened to me…”

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