The Slow Build Up To the Mystical Eschaton

A good day for tea.

Well any day could be a good day for tea, what makes this one special? And what about what is going on while I drink? Protests are happening all around the world in order that some change may take place in terms of corruption, inequality, restricting freedoms, and pollution. I sip my tea. It actually doesn’t taste all that bad.

Still I confess it is still just another day. For I know, we have been on this road for many years, and every day we grow only just a little bit more in awareness of all the great strife we face as a collective on planet Earth. Deep down, I know, it is an inevitability that positive change will be enacted in the near future. The much spoken about Shadow Self, (also known as the “ego”, “devil” or any negative connotation you can think of) is the other side of me. This side of me is constantly bored and unamused with the world. It tends to see everything as a dragged out and dull endeavor, if or when I briefly place my attention on it.

It is often better for me to quiet that voice in my head that desires to grow its venom of dullness across to the unsuspected, but the Phoenix Tomes help me feel out a more integrated path towards Enlightenment by sometimes being comfortable with being out of tune. Especially one, in expression. Whereas, often we hold onto our negativity without expressing it, which leads to more volatile emotions later on. It is when we are alone or not able to speak to anyone, where the quieting can happen in a more suitable environment.

So this self does not enjoy the moment. Instead, it rather reminiscence of the past and project happiness towards the future. There is nothing out of alignment with this, unless the thoughts take over our destiny. It was once said, “‘We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” So from these thoughts follow our actions, from actions the habits, from the habits are born are character, and out of character arises our destiny.

Thus, how easy it is to allow the shadow self to overtake our destiny by simply choosing to believe the negative thoughts as real and not taking the time to look for the positive ones. This is what is known as “raising your vibration” in hermetic terms. Better yet, would be raising vibration beyond positive and negative thinking altogether into the neutral balancing point between the two. This would be a complete objective observing of your subjective experience. I believe this is what they call Enlightenment? And it is easy to get a glimpse of that in meditation. It feels really good.

In my life, I have decided to take it upon myself to only do that which I desire to do in any given moment. So long as my mind isn’t blocked by any negative beliefs about the situation, I take the action and proceed from there. Sometimes I have to decide what it is I really desire. Sometimes it is to expand my love for others by participating with them when they ask, and other times it is to expand the love for myself by spending time alone in either quiet meditation, artistic expression or entertainment.

But, what about what is going on with the world? How can we drudge through the day with all that is going on? Well, it is the same. We are always doing our best to choose what we desire. This is why more and more people are choosing to take the streets, to strike, and record number of people are quitting their jobs. People are tired of the same boring grind that is our society. The tide is shifting towards a change. Though, as exciting as that may sound, I still have to take a sip of tea.

Because this is a slow process, and will probably take many more years to have a full effect on our society. The grind continues which causes the depression rates and suicidal rates to increase as more restrictions are introduced and more of the same boring work environments are continued as though to put up a plastic face that nothing unusual is going on and everything will soon return back to “normal”.

As for me, I sit by my computer. About to release my new game “World Tree” to the public! Normally, this would be rather exciting. A new thing I am doing. Yet, as the energies are as they are, I feel as though it is not enough. The interest in it, is like the interest of lima beans at a meat market. Certainly, there are individuals that like the art or the idea, but they will not be acquiring it. I expect less than 15 sells for this game that I have worked thousands upon thousands of hours on. My shadow self feels as though this is important information to relay. It is not a good idea to assume we need to do have any particular effect on the world, than the one we already provide for it.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what is happening, or what occurs in the circumstances of the individual life. It is the state of being that matters. This is adherence to the higher self. So what if my game doesn’t sell? I did it for me. All I do is for me. Others may share in it, but the amount that is shared is up to our higher agreement. Remembering this, allows me to seep into the divine energies of God and forgo the concerns of the world.

Always the world ticks on though, and soon quietly doing the same boring art will seem rather meaningless. How does one shake off the growing inequality and political (now medical) divide between us? Our passion will soon direct us towards more meaningful endeavors in the way we do our art. Love will more realistically shine through in the form of what we can do to help the situation at hand while at the same time helping each other maintain sanity and love throughout the process.

Terence Mckenna (the psychedelic explorer and linguistic artist) came up with the completely insane (and awesome) idea of the Timewave Zero Theory. Which predicted that on precisely the year 2012 everything would change. This account actually mirrors what I have heard from apparent “insiders” within deep black operations. They spoke of a machine that could predict the future called “Looking Glass”. This machine was probably given to them by… “other beings”.

Project Looking Glass apparently was used to circumvent events in real time. However, when they went to look at what would happen in the year 2012, they were hit with what they called an “energetic wall”. Where nothing seemed predictable and nothing could be done to change the effect of this wall. This implies that we are at the cusp of that apparent wall right now. Mckenna was right! Everything did change in 2012. Channeled information also gave us the hint that 2012 marked the beginning where positive energy overtook negativity in percentage of what was expressed by our collective as a whole.The Mayans studied the stars enough to know that this would be inevitable and so to include it in the cycles of our world via their calendar.

Still more information provided for us in various ancient scriptures talk about a “Golden Age” where humanity would rise out of the darkness to align to a more loving Earth. It has been spoken about in the Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Egyptian, Zoroastrian texts, and obviously the Bible in only slightly differing use of verbage. This to me, is what my soul apparently lives for. It is easily the single most exciting thing to look out for in the future. The Mystical Eschaton of all the ages. For it predicts an end to the boring way of things forever!

It is therefore why so many sources like to speak about “the event” or some kind of breakthrough revolution that will occur in the future. There are always dates given (which always pass as non-events) about the possibility of this happening. And indeed, our energy determines the probability of this occurring, which is why so many people enjoy focusing on it and discussing it. It could mean that we edge closer to some kind of event by doing things that are unpredictable for our nature (i.e. joining protests, quitting our jobs, becoming ecstatic over nothing in particular, creating a new society).

This has been sublimated into a variety of differing thoughts including Ascension, NESARA (apparently free gifts of money to everyone), Positive Military (if such a statement can even be uttered sincerely), and the growing permaculture movement, which may have beautiful forest cities for us to build towards when we throw away the shackles of the boring old greyface of society and take up the immaculate reigns of a bright new future!!

Ah, that was fun to say. Oh look, almost bed time. In the morning the energy of that may leave me. It is up to you to carry it on. Or not. But, the point is that there will be another day, and that day will be filled with bills, potential miscommunications , various restrictions of various kinds and whatever state of being you currently have that day because of your decision (or if you wish, because Uranus is in retrograde).

Equally a good idea, is to not have this in mind for some people. So many have been let down by prediction after prediction that they just assume nothing will happen until we get angry and start breaking things. Or they simply concede to the lesser flow of energy that is the acceptance of increasingly greyer and greyer external restrictions and inequalities. If these people are let down by the energy of Eschaton, then perhaps it is because they are use to the energy of the normal, and need not have anything else to supplement the way they ascend in consciousness.

Perhaps more creative work is needed, or it may be meditation, reading, exercise or something. Speaking with people or spending time engaged in moving picture and audio. Either way keep strong friend. Our endeavor on Earth is reaching that still slow boiling point of global participating and you are invited to bring in “the vibes”. When we are ready, we will be able to wake up anywhere on Earth and know that it will be a day of adventure and freedom.

Maybe you are already there and have reached the perpetual blissful endpoint of an Earthly existence? If so, reach out to me, I have something very important to discuss with you… haha!

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