Tears To Cleanse, Expressing the Inexpressible

I am writing now before the words are even present in my mind. I know something has to be said to the world, and yet every time I come to say it, I am met with a great amount of resistance.

Yesterday, I found that this resistance was building up in me as a type of sad energy that needed to be expelled like some kind of demon taking hold of my usually pleasant state of being. My friend was able to take apart my experience of which allowed me to send the energy to Gaia for transmutation. Usually, I am able to identify my pain and transmute it myself via methods of my meditation. So for some reason it felt like I was defeated. This of course, is never the case when dealing with any experience. Experience is always there to show us the way. It is there to be embraced.

The negative energy remained the next day, and so in ritualistic fashion, I found myself going to the nearby park and wading off into a hiking trail with no visitors. As I was walking to the park, I realized why the energy was in my body. It was a belief in lack of self-worth. The very same core belief that can bar any human from the bliss central of a dazzling Enlightenment. Holding onto such a belief can never lead to anything good.

The usual affirmations were of no use. A simple shifting of energy, or that of meditation did no good this time. I found my favorite set of pine trees and sat down below them. I took off my shoes and started to think. Now usually I never like to play with fire, in such a way. Because this was me going into negative thoughts and allowing them to be correct. Allowing negativity to be correct, is giving negativity permission to be correct in the future. Thus, could lead me into enjoying my pain and therefore never wanting to actually transmute it.

What I say here isn’t exact to what is taking place, I am just doing my best to translate. Follow along though!

I started to think about how worthless my creative work was and how my expression of the greater reality was almost always in vain when I spoke to others. I started crying “I just want to help others, I just want to help others, why can’t I?” The crying was actually not painful at all. Holding on to the emotion was far more painful. Which is why the ritual is so necessary.

Expressing the tears allowed my pineal gland to vibrate, as it usually does, which temporarily dispels the effect of sadness. Afterwards, I am completely comfortable with whatever I was crying about (I am like a baby). I felt the greater purpose in holding a high vibration. I realized that holding a high vibration is actually different for everyone.

There are so many teachings that are laid out by spiritual masters, philosophers, artists, writers, and otherwise, that it usually makes individuals completely daunted with what is truth. This makes them assume most information that they are provided with must therefore be wrong as only one thing can be right at any given time. This would be like casting a small net out to sea and only considering whatever the net caught, as being the true reality of the ocean.

From a higher perspective, all truth is true. Everything is subjective to whatever it is the consciousness desires to focus attention on. This means that everyone is equally correct in their approach, it is just that some approaches may not work for a particular consciousness at a particular time, because they moved onto other ideas.

Thus, all work, and all consumption by anyone who is simply passing by, has its use as a great synthesis to all information that has been channeled by the various humans to the Earth plane (past, present and future). For some work is used to dissolve negative ideas to a select esoteric few. While, other work may be used to reinforce positive ideas for a vast majority of the population. Of course, ultimately truth cannot be conveyed through mere words. It is a direct experience and “direct experience” doesn’t quite relay the magnitude of what is in store, for the one who transcends the multitude of ever increasing (and usually still useful) information.

For it is equally true that there is only one reality, one objective universe that we reside within and compete against, in order to function within a paradigm of other humans that also require it to be true. In this reality, is the baseline of all vibration. Indeed, many can only fulfill their mechanical needs of materialism from which the society offers plenty of opportunity to fulfill. Yet, once anything challenges their acquisition of pleasure, they have not the wisdom to bounce quickly back to a state of pleasure. For the pleasure is obtained objectively and not subjectively.

When I cry, there are never any roots. There is never an attachment to the energy where I make it into a homunculus of pain as an “energetic identity body”. This would be awful, because then I wouldn’t know what was me and what was the pain and it would be more challenging to release it. Yet, the fact that I can still be bamboozled by any negative belief at all, is still an indicator that certainly I have some way to go before I can be on the level of those who have reached true enlightenment or ascension in perpetuity. It isn’t a question of belief for them, it is a knowing.

There seems to be a constant build up of this energy over time with my interactions with people online and in the world. Every time I offer my perspective to others (of which I know works for me) and it is ignored, it often feels as though a spiritual score card is tallying up the negative points to my “spiritual endeavor of more enlightenment to humanity.”

For I have yet to find that super special spiritual bridge of words that integrates with any given perspective one may have about the world, in order that they could expand their current view of it and therefore allow them to climb out of any subjective mire they have created for themselves. Thus, I often opt towards positive-reinforcement, or silence. Basically, allowing them to know that their opinion matters. Ultimately, I know something goes beyond it, but! Experientially and subjectively, it most certainly does matter for that person— for you to tell them that they are correct in their understanding. It is a channeling of your self-worth to their self-worth. Equal in its fundamental existence.

This loving experience is rare to see. I have not seen much of it in my life, except for when I discovered the various enlightened masters lectures, or writings. In their work, I wonder if anything else could ever possibly “top” what they said? It makes me feel as though I require more effort to be as articulate and profound as they. As though they automatically exude some kind of mysterious and blissful love or light (wisdom/knowledge) energy to others by simply channeling an aspect of the universe that is veiled from my astral sight.

Of course most of these individuals are dead and so it requires the living present that is the humanity of 2021 (and onward) to join in collective telempathy and focus our energies towards the spiritual guidance of tomorrow. The flow of bliss on this planet is entirely up to the individual reading these words. How quickly you accelerate your energy and therefore how much love you give through example of being your true self, will determine how quickly heaven finally reaches Earth.

I appreciate that you have found my quaint work. Perhaps it is only meant for a few anyways? How you use the energy of what I told you is up to you.

So, I write this verse:

When ones cries into an ocean and there is no one around to care.
Would it not be better to laugh out loud? Ha! Ha!
I have returned back its salt.

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