Leaping Across the Abyss In a Single Bound

Some time ago I had a dream of sitting peacefully on a green hill. In then near distance I saw a well known American politician talking with some people and then walking passed me without acknowledging my presence. His demeanor seemed to be blank and lacked any tint of liveliness within a still yet determined face.

Politics has always been interesting to me, and yet it always appears to me in the form of one of the most disgusting aspects of our world. (So why the heck am I so interested in it!?) Even the mere mentioning of the word will drive the more well meaning people into a slump of discontent and aversion (Be smart and stop reading here!).

The politician in my dream was none other than Andrew Yang, who recently announced the creation of a new third-party called the “Forward Party”. (Remembering this dream shocked me as it happened days before this announcement). What was my dream indicating?

After the year of 2020, I was hooked in by the harpoons of voting and civic “duty”, even while necessarily believing that the whole idea would do better by being transcended then by being utilized as a proper method of societal ascendance.

I first learned about politics mainly through friends and television. Becoming aware of the overall situation straight away as I saw people in constant ridicule and opposition of the other side just forโ€” well, having a difference of opinion. Foyan, a famous Zen master, use to say “drop all opinions”. When society always frames everything as an ‘us vs them’ scenario, you are better suited dropping dead then trying to explain a non-opinion to anyone. And of course, most opinions are not really in our interest to hold onto, they simply benefit a small group of people in institutions or government groups.

Thanks to the glory of the internet, I found that politics didn’t have to be left or right, it very well could go a number of ways. Though being spirituality involved, the whole idea seemed as useless as dead wood. Yet, this magical dead wood always appears to renew its liveliness right around the time of an election cycle.

After researching many different philosophical, spiritual, and political ideas I discovered this one website that seemed to piece together everything I was learning very nicely, and included just about all the leading fringe figures I already knew about from documentaries and lectures. The fringe to me, is the cusp of our knowledge and it is therefore, very obvious to me, that it is the direction our future will inevitably be heading towards; once the dam of wisdom breaks through to more people.

The problem is that this information, just the awareness of it, seemed to break my mind because of the magnitude and fear that would have to be threaded through just to grasp the reality of it. And the reality of it could easily be dismissed so that no heavy lifting had to be done by my soul.

The idea that this website essentially broke down, was that of mind control. And not the good and cool kind of mind control called Meditation (which I highly recommend to anyone!) But, the sinister and external kind, that is perpetrated by those who desire control. On an individual level, most of us probably do this out of the programming of our upbringing. Saying words like “should”, “bad” “wrong”, commands of any kind, and the action of “gossip” will lead people astray from their true self (The light self, knowing self, or enlightened self).

Which brings me back to politics, as it essentially is no different from a high school popularity contest. We simply go on the “feeling” of which leader would be less corrupt then the other. We then scrutinize and peer into their whole life (or the life of their opposition) instead of shedding the light on ourselves, the only ones that could truly bring the change we say we desire. So on a collective level, mind control was simply the lock-step corruption in all sectors of society that preyed on our innocence and trust with other humans while showcasing our shadow self as the idol upon which demands worship in the form of money, an overindulgence, or overachievement.

There was a man by the name of Jiddu Krishnamurti. One could call him an “expert human” (which are rare to find on planet Earth). He would often ask people in his talks questions such as “Why don’t you understand it right away?” As a response to people’s bewilderment on how to transform themselves and therefore the whole society. Is it possible to leap across this abyss in a single bound?

In 2020, I was urged by channeled information, to vote. Because this information saw 2020 as being a “defining election year” for all of us. Knowing everything I knew, this seemed absurd. “Why take a step backwards when one could leap across?” I kept telling myself. I very much enjoyed the idea of “getting it” within the span of a snap between two fingers. The idea of Enlightenment was readily in my grasp, all I had to do was just understand. Upon “understanding”, all my problems would be solved, and therefore I would be a model citizen to my society, and a model human to the world. My actions perfect (political or otherwise), my knowledge complete. This understanding kept its silence.

Krishnamurti’s confounding words were talked about by a pop mystic by the name of Sadhguru. Sadhguru explained how Krishnamurti’s path was that of the intellect and the complete dissection of it. Words like a knife for razor sharp intellects. However, in our world, the intellect is often caught up in myriads of thought forms, many of which are trivial. That is why no one seemed to understand anything he was saying (though they were quite aware that there was something to his understanding).

Like the ancient Zen masters before him, they too were examples of “instant enlightenment” getting it before you get it. A method that couldn’t be considered a method, because methods would dull the knife. And so, there were only some Zen masters that were ever verified as “getting it” (seen as having enlightenment by those who had it).

And as such, politics was completely out of the question of enlightenment. Because it was a method of which, would suggest to anyone, that they were not “getting it” if they still participated (as war, poverty, corruption, and power dynamics seemed to continue despite anyone’s effort to participate within the paradigm).

Strangely, I was struck by how this channeled information (which I was listening to excess at the time) that guided me to vote, also mentioned how being part of a democracy was not ideal, and a republic was what our higher self was telling us we wanted. This made sense as a republic was a system that protected individual rights over a democracy, which was simply mob rule. A type of enlightened republic discussed by our collective since the ancient days of Greece.

Of course the anarchist would point out the higher principle is that of “natural law” that determines our inherent rights by nature of our human existence. Thereby, making the highest action, the inaction of voting (since that would legitimize the state as an authority over myself), and thereby having no hierarchy at all. This idea is part and parcel of leaping across the abyss in a single bound. For that which we involve ourselves in society, body, mind, and spirit cannot be separated in our journey towards Enlightenment. And as a collective, I realized that this would not work, unless I was able to do it myself.

I knew that the integration point was possible (as Krishnamurti and others have demonstrated by never showing an ounce of discontent with themselves). I found that I still contained discontent for myself. That discontent was largely because I knew I wasn’t enlightened! (though I did, and still often act as I am, as to get an idea of how challenging it will be) I assumed that the root of this discontent was my love for non-doing (because western occultists, philosophers and spiritualists would often push the importance of work and action, this created cognitive dissonance in my holistic view of the multiplicity of realities I was currently absorbing into my field).

So on one hand there are those that believe change is possible through enacting a leader with good will to create the change that is desired by the people and on the other hand is an actual revolution of consciousness, an absolute and profound realization on the deepest level. It is obvious which one is more preferable, and yet the formation of such willpower to that ideal is met with too much confusion and apathy when spoken about on any level.

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