The Mystery of Spiritual Advancement

Recently, I have been interested in the idea of being “renown“. A curious aspect that lead me into desiring to start a twitch stream, playing video games as a way to earn a living doing something that seemed enjoyable. However, after several hours of sitting alone in an empty twitch stream room, I quickly realized my error.

Video games are a fascinating thing to me, because they seem to provide a small simulacrum of adventure in a world that is seemingly deprived of that desirable magic. However, most games today are highly addictive and happen to glorify violence.

This usually means that they are less than preferable for someone who desires to rise to the higher realms in the actual reality (Then again, what in this world isn’t less than preferable?). There is indeed an actual reality of expanding consciousness to such a degree, that ones creates magic for themselves (if only one can first believe of the possibility). After creating a few video games myself, and playing video games for the great majority of my life, I was starting to consider whether my exploration into the possibility for a real adventure, could happen right now.

Though, I have always done my best to make more contact with the greater reality. I make it an integral part of my life to meditate everyday, log my dreams, take notice of synchronicity, and be aware of the thought/emotional patterns in my life. This is a rather typical spirituality, that is greatly helpful for the collective energy of the planet. It is these types of actions that can be integrated into anyone’s life. No matter if you are one who still performs actions that are not exactly the most refined in terms of how highly evolved beings would act. Nevertheless, just being aware of one’s own consciousness, creates an exponential leap in the individual’s personal evolution.

While awakening in this way, many times we will come upon mystical experiences that give us a profound energy of bliss or grant us a sense of greater purpose than we ever had before. These experiences are often had in dream states. Sometimes we can even spontaneously leave our body and travel anywhere in the world, anywhere in space, or across dimensional planes altogether. While, this is not the ultimate bliss, it indeed can be seen as a type of progression in spirit into a more expanded reality.

Lucid dreaming, and astral visions are something I experience quite a bit of, but I usually leave it up to my subconscious as to whether or not they need to occur. I felt as though things had to be done more consciously in the Earthly life to concern myself with learning how to properly astral project or learning any other form of psychic ability (such as developing my telepathy). Only lightly touching on the subjects, I was lead to believe that the material life had to be focused on. My attention was into various projects of podcasts, games, videos and books. Anything that would help me earn a living and become self-sufficient. Yet, after many years I have still not made a profit in any of these endeavors.

No time is ever lost, because what we do can always show us what we would rather be doing. I always desired to bring some kind of mysterious magic light back into the world. Our digital age is filled with lackluster concrete buildings and a stale sense of work ethic. We do the things we do, because we believe they are necessary for a good life.

However, the way I brought this mysterious light into the world was also lackluster. Partly because I am lazy in the way I create, and partly because I was not meant to create in this way. I have said this before, but for some of us, we are meant to be invisible to the world. Perhaps for most of our life, or perhaps for all of it. In this way we can focus on our own sense of spiritual connection with the All.

Connecting to this greater source is one of the most challenging tasks that we are faced. Mainly, because our world demands that we take part in a job, of some sort, in order to survive.

However, our fantasy films, books, television shows, movies and video games depict a world that is beyond that veil. A world where we can interact with higher realm beings, gain knowledge, insight, abilities and bring that energy from the astral plane to the material plane. We can begin to upgrade our life to that of the hero. As portrayed in Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” . We too, can realize that we are the hero of our story, and not some lifeless, by-standing NPC.

It is definitely an epic prospect, if it can be believed. A type of conscious astral travel is one way we can interact with extra-dimensional beings, extraterrestrials, or ascended masters. From there we can gain insight and healing and spread that light to individuals that require it on a subconscious level. We can adventure to places that have been shrouded in secrecy such as certain areas within the pyramids, inner Earth, ancient sacred sites. Or look towards the stars and see what possibilities await us there.

All this, of course, takes a type of stability within the mind that not many have. Especially since, we can easily find ourselves enjoying the simulacrums within our entertainment, instead of taking our focus to endeavors of the spirit. It is far more convenient to send a message to someone through the computer instead of attempting to send the very same message through telepathic means, for example. This is because we know, without doubt, that our message will be sent through the computer, whereas if we attempted to develop our psychic abilities through the same means, we could be met with no results at all.

It these lack of results that have made many believe that psychic ability is an impossibility and for those that believe it is possible, they don’t often believe it is possible for them to do at will, because of lack of faith in their abilities to accomplish such outlandish tasks. (And thus, a self-fulfilling prophecy is created)

I can intuit that once we open up to the door to the spiritual reality within us, we come across these various psychic abilities in a very natural way. Developing them is not always necessary as it would appear to spontaneously evolve out of our own spiritual progression. For me, every time I experienced astral projection it was always unexpected and never pre-meditated.

Like many, I first experienced an astral projection after delving into the topic. I went to sleep one night and woke up around 3am. After staring at the ceiling for awhile, I went back to sleep. My body felt half-asleep and half-awake because of this and I found my body floating slightly above itself in a pitch black void. Out of nowhere, a blue spirit energy entity zipped around me and said “If you have any questions please feel free”. But, the experience was too extraordinary to uphold for very long and I quickly shifted right back into my body.

I could name numerous other examples, but perhaps for another entry. The point is that every time I came across a mystical experience that seemed to stretch the limitations of physical reality, it came by surprise. This effortless type of expanding into consciousness is definitely how I prefer to grow into the psychic phenomena of astral projection. Yet, certainly there are individuals who also come about these mystical abilities through a lot of practice within mostly secluded monasteries.

I desire strongly to enter these realms at conscious will, but I also know that sometimes attempting to speed up one’s spiritual progress can actually slow it down. Being present to whatever we are doing is the only way to allow our spiritual energy to build into what it needs to be for us to continue doing what we do. If I were to go to these monasteries and study how to project my consciousness further, I would find myself exactly where I was when I attempted to study it at home.

There is a story of a student coming to a master. He asks the master, “If I train and meditate as hard as possible, how long will it take for me to become enlightened?” The master responds “20 years”. The student is not pleased with this response and so he asks him again “What if I meditate longer and with more conviction than that?” And the master replies “Oh… well then 50 years.”.

We are where we are at, because that is where we are supposed to be. In time, we will come across these psychic abilities or synchronicity that allow us to move in other directions or let go of certain habits that hold us back. But, at the same time, there is no harm in learning, practicing, or meditating more than usual. It is just that we can’t expect for it to evolve us anymore than what we can already perceive.

Though, I strongly wish I could spiritually advance to help humanity more. I need to remind myself that I am exactly where I need to be (as are you). The work I have done (the work you have done) is all relevant in our quest for bringing more enlightenment to our world. It is also so, that we may find ourselves relieved of having to do anything at all. The nature of our spirituality is individual to us, very unique. It has a multiplicity of roads that we can take, because of the way we express or compress to our true self, is dependent on how our consciousness fully embodies this Earth realm. We may be confused as to which path to take, but the self-discovery is the point. It is what creates the humility within us to endure each other’s careless mishaps.

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