The Great Work

Work is a word I never enjoyed using. The world as it is, tends to see work as a good thing, though oddly they also recognize it as an insufferable daily chore. However, the receiving of a reward for suffering, is a contradiction within an enlightened state of bliss. Where the reward and the work become one and the same. This is where it can be useful to talk about the idea of “The Great Work”.

Earth is one of the few places within the universe that contains an idea of needing to work a laborious job in order to satisfy the various physical needs we require. Though, that isn’t exactly the intention of a loving universe. It is only how we have created it to be. The universe is better known for having a playful design. If life is seen as a cosmic dance, a game, or a joke, it is closer to the higher reality than if life is seen as a struggle, a job, or a surviving apparatus. Despite, what we might see reflected by our current collective vibrational stature.

The way we have structured our society makes it very challenging indeed to actualize a playful environment for all. Perhaps, while under certain conditions such as psychedelic use, meditation, or brief moments of pure passion and joy, we can begin to believe that life is meant to be ecstatic and fun. Instead, the usual state of consciousness reinforces itself with a strong cultural and linguistic foothold that I can barely find the words that could ever possibly break-free of these limitations.

“The Great Work” is the collective effort of spiritually wise humans everywhere to spread a more playful and elevated consciousness to the rest of humanity. A contradiction. For what effort can be done in the direction of play? Play is effortless. One assumes a role with no doubt, no fear, and no bias, because it has no meaning to begin with and is self-created. The ebb and flow of constant leisure, peace, and excitement becomes the meaning. Therefore, if any spiritual work becomes a burden or a task that we believe serves the greater good in an “eventual time”, then it can becomes a dull ritual, where we assume a better tomorrow by sacrificing the current moment. In this way, it is no different from people who we suppose, only chase after material things in order to advance their life. This endeavor can never create the love required for world peace, and equanimity across nations.

Work still remains as a near inevitability for physical consciousness. However, most of the work we do isn’t required. It is only that we have elevated work to a pedestal of divinity because of its promise for a better tomorrow in sacrifice of one’s energetic capacity and well being of the day. So the politicians go on promising the creation of more jobs, desiring for everyone to be working as much as possible, so that they can earn money and stimulate the economy. Our “economy”, which is far removed from the actual definition. Economy use to be translated as a type of “saving” (such as saving enough supplies for everyone, thus saving the time needed to work), instead it now operates by continually expanding the need for consumption, work, and the growth of an illusory symbol of wealth known as “money”. This combination of factors has made humanity stuck on a hamster wheel with no real purpose except to lower our sense of bliss and wonder.

As I write this, I don’t feel as though I am working. I feel, as though, I am playing. As I would a board game. Certain strategy is needed in how I choose my words, because the holistic reality contains myriads of differing perspectives and conclusions wherein only mentioning one side of things can lead someone to believing in a half-truth. This is fun, and at the same time can be very challenging. Just as when someone outscores you in a video game, the words I use sometimes don’t land in someones mind as being insightful and can seem rather useless or boring. Though, if it ever becomes too challenging to the point of frustration, I simply stop my “work”. Nothing is ever worth the sensation of anger, stress or frustration within any field of work. I write because that is what my spirit currently desires to do. Just as one would desire to eat food or sleep, I find myself doing a variety of things that only seem to have a very minimal effect on the greater whole. However, in actuality, every single minute thing we do can be seen to have profound effects on a multitude of cosmic layers, dimensions, and consciousnesses.

“The Great Work” leads individuals into spirituality, and those in spirituality into a deeper one. Yet, if one struggles, it isn’t necessarily in vain like what could be assumed by reading the introduction to these words. The struggle has to be made the point as well, because in the struggle we can learn how to transcend it and move beyond it. While we are in a struggle, a depression of some kind, or any frustrating situation, we may feel as though we are moving away from our purpose, and if we are spiritual we may feel the deeper trauma of moving away from “The Great Work”. This is not a bad thing, because in moving away from our work, we can move towards our play.

The universe as play, is a useful perspective to keep in mind. It allows us to be present with an invisible and greater reality that goes beyond the mundane materialism found on our Earthly plane.

Imagine, if you will, that you are simply an entity of energy. In this way, you have a subtle effect on everyone around you. This subtle effect can be either positive or negative. However, anyone can use the negative and create a greater more sustainable positive as a result. Therefore, all that you do is a performance of grand importance. Yet, the performance has inherently no meaning so as to not to pressure the individual to do anything, and as well, has a profoundly significant meaning when the individual does decide to transcend their limitations.

Everyone we interact with, every action we do or don’t do, every word we choose to say or not say, has an effect on the area around us. In turn, this area has an effect on all who pass by it, and all the individuals who were effected within it during the time your were there. As such, these individuals will take the effect you gave them, and spread it to still more individuals within their own sphere of influence. This idea will eventually extend to cover the entire planet. Your energy is everywhere.

We each have a unique signature vibration, and an aura that also extends as an energy field that surrounds us. So, even if we are simply observing the world from our point of view, and walking amidst the various characters and creatures of the land, we are still having this subtle effect on how “The Great Work” unfolds. No hard work is necessary. Our bodies hold electromagnetic light for the Earth and other beings to bask in whenever we are nearby or are thought up in anyone’s imagination. Only our existence is required.

So from one point of view, “The Great Work” can be seen as various projects, community gatherings, and coordination of a spiritual nature. But, this is only a part of what is involved. For most, the greater effort is that of energy work. And when one becomes adept at energy work, it is not seen as work. Neither is anything else.

We can learn to use our energy in either a positive, neutral, or negative way. All useful in creating desired effects within our reality. When we learn to find safe outlets for our negative energy, neutralize energy we don’t prefer, and spread our positivity, we begin to become masters of our limited physical realm in the highest sense. Energy can be transmuted into more refined bliss, it can be sensed by other individuals or creatures to discover more about what energy is needed in the moment, and as well, it can be sent or received in variety of ways.

This is ultimately play. Energy that we play with to explore more of ourselves and more of what we would rather be experiencing on our great planet Earth. We can learn to hold a very blissful quality about ourselves at all times, even in situations that we may feel it is impossible to be conscious in that way. In time, our society will evolve out of this play and we will be doing more and more of what we prefer to do instead of what we believe is necessary for the upkeep of our current “economy”.

“The Great Work” will transform into “The Great Play”, where now everything is made for what we enjoy doing, and not wasted by sacrificing itself on the altar of money or “economic” growth. The organizing principle is our energy. Our energy will determine in which direction we go. As we feel into our energy more, we will find ourselves exactly where we need to be in the world, to meet the individuals we need to meet, in order to receive what materials or energy we need to receive to advance the play further into more individual or collective bliss and love. This is called synchronicity.

Trusting synchronicity is the first step of leaving behind our old ways of living. Most of the time, we believe we have to utilize the thought of future in order to wind up in a preferable position. However, the only thing that is needed is an awareness of light and sound. Interaction follows from seeing, not thinking. In this we can sense our energy field more intimately and more synchronicity will happen in our lives. It is good to note, that there is nothing negative about thought, as many will still find use in utilizing it in their current tasks. It is just, that if one desires more light into the body, they will have to find a way to use thought only as a tool for more enlightenment, and not as a way to distract oneself from the greater reality at play.

If we see ourselves as nodes of light, that are functioning with the purpose of breaking the limitations of our society into greater forms of ecstasy, wisdom, peace and love. We will be able to succeed in “The Great Work”. It is the on-going invisible massively multiplayer game that we can all join. While, our mundane work can provide us a great deal of meaning, we can also adapt it with this energetic quality, so that is provides even more meaning, and we have even more energy to utilize within our daily tasks. At some point, the daily mundane tasks that are still required, as a part of the way we structured society, will be fun to do as we sense the energy within us. At this point the universe will know we are ready to move beyond. Once a certain amount of positive energy is upheld on our planet, we will be able to go beyond what our imagination currently knows. And at that point anything will be made possible.

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